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Audience feedback


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Published in: Education
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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience Feedback The Documentary, The Radio Trailer, The Print Advert.
  2. 2. The Documentary • I asked a friend through Direct Message on Twitter her thoughts and feedback on the documentary. Here is the feedback. You can see from the feedback given, it is positive. Not only do they mention the sinister tone of the documentary, but the camera angles and the zooming techniques we have used.
  3. 3. The Radio Trailer • I asked an older member of our target audience for their thoughts and their feedback on our Radio Trailer. I asked for both positive and negative feedback. • I received only positive feedback from this person from my target audience. They described our work as ‘informative’ which was a something we wanted our products to be.
  4. 4. The Print Advert • I put the Documentary print advert on Tumblr for anybody to give their feedback. Below shows myself asking for both positive and negative. • The replier gives very positive feedback on the sinister aspect of its appearance, and also bringing in the Channel 4 logo makes it professional looking. Only negative is our font.