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Lost legendsclinic:oc


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A flyer for an equine obstacle clinic and obstacle challenge.

Published in: Education
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Lost legendsclinic:oc

  1. 1. OBSTACLES OBSTACLE & TRAIL SKILLS WITH KIMBERLY DUNN CLINIC & OBSTACLE CHALLENGE HOSTED BY LOST LEGENDS TRAIL COURSE Working Obstacles With Your Horse. * Learn to Set Up For Success * Develop Thinking and Problem Solving. Minimize Flight Brain Behavior. * Learn Responsible Leadership & Principles of Mutual Trust * Increase Awareness, Fine Tune Cues and Communication. * Improve Manners & Safety * Gain Understanding of Technical Maneuvering and Body Mechanics * Learn How To Train at Home with Objects Around Your Barn Build rapport and understanding with your horse through structured time. Kimberly will show you ways to effectively work with your horse to accomplish challenging tasks, solve problems, and safely navigate the world of obstacles. Clinic & OC Details SEPTEMBER 27, 2014 starts at 9:00am Combined Clinic and OHANA Obstacle Challenge Lost Legends Trail Course 24822 Ervin Rd., Philomath, OR For Information and sign up: Fee $85 (Includes clinic, OC, and membership to the Obstacle Horse Association of North America, OHANA) Limited to 10 Participants BUILD CONFIDENCE LEARN TO TRUST DEVELOP WILLINGNESS