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Get Grounded Clinic at SOMTO Horse Park


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Get Grounded Clinic at SOMTO Horse Park

  1. 1. Some Benefits of Working on the Ground. * Learn How to Set Your Horse Up For Success * Build Mutual Trust and Understanding * Learn & Establish Responsible Leadership * Increase Awareness of Communication & Body Language * Learn How to Clearly Articulate Your Expectations * Gain a better understanding of technical maneuvering and body mechanics. Learn to build rapport with your horse by spending structured time on the ground. Kimberly will show you ways to effectively work with your horse to accomplish challenging tasks, solve problems, and safely navigate the world of obstacles. Then, see how it carries up into the saddle. “For the most part, putting horses in our mental framework of ‘good horse’, ‘bad horse’ is not the best approach.  Horses either understand or they don’t.   Willingness comes with understanding and establishing rapport.”   Kimberly Dunn July 26, 2014 9:00am-1:00pm Cost: $78 SOMTO Horse Park, Roseburg,OR Register at: Obstacles In-Hand to Riding DRAWING CURIOSITY WILLINGNESS TO TRY SOMETHING NEW TEACHING CAREFULNESS GET GROUNDED WORKING AT EYE LEVEL WITH KIMBERLY DUNN CLINIC HOSTED BY SOMTO HORSE PARK