50 reasons to write a blog


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50 reasons to write a blog is a presentation on 50 reasons to write a blog containing many topical, relevant, inspirational, creative ways to come up with blog topics and reasos to write a blog.

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50 reasons to write a blog

  1. 1. 50 Blogging Ideas,suggestions, and topicsfor what to blog about http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk © Fraser J. Hay, 2012
  2. 2. Who’s done an excellent job for you – write a positive case study for them.http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  3. 3. Customer CASE STUDIES – Remind readers of your successeshttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  4. 4. Common MISTAKES that people make, and how to avoid them.http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  5. 5. Daily Topical Newshttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  6. 6. Share some interesting FACTS about your INDUSTRYhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  7. 7. A relevant HUMOUROUS story to show you have a sense of humourhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  8. 8. Search YOUTUBE for relevant topics and embed videos into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  9. 9. Embed your own POWERPOINTS from slideshare.net into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  10. 10. Debunk a Myth about your industryhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  11. 11. Write about something you’re PASSIONATE about.http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  12. 12. Embed your own .PDF documents from docstoc.com into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  13. 13. Customer PAIN Remind your readers of the problems you solvehttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  14. 14. Embed your own WORD documents from scribd.com into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  15. 15. Share some interesting FACTS about your PRODUCTS & SERVICEShttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  16. 16. Share the PROBLEMS of your INDUSTRY and some potential SOLUTIONShttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  17. 17. Do you have some amazing facts that you want to share with visitors?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  18. 18. Invite GUEST BLOGGERS to post relevant content into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  19. 19. Is there a CAUSE or CHARITY that you care about?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  20. 20. Create a top 10 TIPS outlining some hints and tips for blog readershttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  21. 21. Include a wee poll or survey in your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  22. 22. Share your views of the WORLDhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  23. 23. Write a list of FAQs of potential objections for your services & address each onehttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  24. 24. Ask a question in your headline to draw people into your bloghttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  25. 25. Industry TRENDS – What are the emerging markets/opportunities?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  26. 26. Include your own info graphics in your blogshttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  27. 27. If you don’t have any, goto google images & search for “keyword infographic”http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  28. 28. Explain how a particular PROCESS works – Break it down for peoplehttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  29. 29. Debunk a Myth about your products and serviceshttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  30. 30. Is there a local CAUSE or COMMUNITY project that you feel strongly about?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  31. 31. Copy an article from ezinearticles.comhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  32. 32. Industry NEWS – What’s happening in your Niche?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  33. 33. Do a software walk thru using screengrabs in your blogs using capturewizprohttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  34. 34. Include a screengrab of a product in a product reviewhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  35. 35. Share the FRUSTRATIONS of your INDUSTRYhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  36. 36. Whose book have you read lately? Write a reviewhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  37. 37. Embed someone else’s presentation from slideshare.nethttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  38. 38. Do you have some excellent market research findings you want to share?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  39. 39. Have someone interview you, and record it?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  40. 40. Why not interview someone else and record it?http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  41. 41. Share an experience about a RISK you took, and the REWARD you gothttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  42. 42. Ask for OPINIONS on a particular topic or Issuehttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  43. 43. Ask Questions Seek Answershttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  44. 44. Share some interesting FACTS about YOUhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  45. 45. Share a solution to a specific, RELEVANT problemhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  46. 46. Embed a PHOTO from Flickr or Photo bucket (funny, strange, topical etc)http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  47. 47. Embed a VIDEO testimonialhttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  48. 48. Write an upbeat INSPIRATIONAL post to give your readers a mental boosthttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  49. 49. AUDIO Record your Blog and upload to iTUNES (or similar.)http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  50. 50. BONUShttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  51. 51. Use Pingler.com or Bulkping.com to “Ping” your blog url, your Forum posts & your VIDEOS on YOUTUBE & drive traffichttp://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk
  52. 52. What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve? http://www.theventurecatalyst.co.uk © Fraser J. Hay, 2012