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starting a coaching business checklist


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starting a coaching business checklist is a basic checklist to get you thinking about all the things you need to think about when starting your own coaching business.

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starting a coaching business checklist
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start your own business checklist
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starting a coaching business checklist

  1. 1. Start your own coaching business checklist Confidence Progress Results What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve?
  2. 2. Want to start your own coaching business? Need help, guidance and support? Want to generate leads & sales? Want to build up your practice? Are You Ready to Start Your New Coaching Business? Complete the following checklist then get in touch via Mindset True False I am very clear of the reservations I have in wanting to start my business. I am very clear to the reasons why I want to start my coaching business. I have written vision for my business and life that I refer to on a regular basis. I have specific talents, skills and experience I can share with others. I am currently investing in my own personal development. Operations True False I have a name for my business, and have registered it. I have selected my business start-up coach and other advisers. I have my ideal client profile, ethos & guidelines, client accountability created. I have my phone number, mobile number & linkedin profile on my biz cards. I have a logo, tagline and business stationery, website and email address. I have chosen my business structure (Ltd, Plc, Partnership, Sole Pop etc.). I have all the appropriate insurances in place. I have a CRM and client database in place. I have my terms of business, proposal format, course programme created What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve?
  3. 3. Financial True False I have my business bank account set up. I have a paypal account or merchant account to process credit cards. I have an accounting/bookkeeping system in place. I have determined all my revenue streams and pricing strategy. I have a personal net worth statement, budget & know my start-up costs Niche True False I have identified my area of expertise and my target audience. I am qualified in my area of expertise or have over 5 years, experience. I have a thorough understanding of my marketplace & the players within it. I offer specific solutions for specific problems at specific price points. Prospective Clients True False I understand the pains, needs, problems & frustrations of my target audience. I know where my target audience “hang out” and how to find them. I have a completed prospect profile containing criteria I want them to meet. Your Process True False I am confident in my coaching skills and my ability to coach clients to achieve the specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound results they desire. I have a clearly defined process, that enables clients to quantify their progress at the end of each session, & conduct an assignment before each new session. My content, advice, beliefs, principles and values are clear, concise and aligned to those of my target audience.
  4. 4. Your Marketing True False I am very much aware that new leads are the lifeblood of my business I’ve visited and connected with Fraser. I use a number of proactive marketing tactics in various online channels I use a number of responsive marketing tactics in various online channels I have a written marketing plan document incorporating online & offline tactics I know my current cost per sale and current cost per lead I am satisfied with the results I get from my social media marketing I am satisfied with the results I get from my offline marketing I am satisfied with the current life time value of a customer I am satisfied with the quality of the referrals I am receiving from my network I believe in my clients holding me accountable, and me – them. I have created a number of digital assets to help build my list. I know how many leads I need to give me the revenue I need or want I know how many referrals I need to give me the revenue I need or want I have written a book, ebook and/or whitepaper to position me as an expert. I know which interactive engagement tactics to use online to embrace others I regularly get asked to speak at events on my topic of expertise. I have an autoresponder set up on my website and blog regularly. I am currently meeting or exceeding the targets I set in my current plan Prospecting True False I have a clearly defined and effective elevator pitch I have a clearly defined unique selling proposition & commercial advantage I have several testimonials and case study examples of my coaching success I have a value based pricing policy and can demonstrate my value easily I have a means of pre-qualifying prospects before having to meet them I have a positive response if clients ask if I am qualified or certified coach
  5. 5. Sales & Selling True False I have a written sales plan in place I am trained in, or follow a specific selling system I always control the agenda on sales appointments My Closing Ratio is 1:3 or better I have no problem in discussing money or asking for the order I am able to articulate a business case for using my services I have a specific proposal template that I can personalise for each client I have an automated followup process, and encourage prospects to contact me I have a list of FAQs that deal with each of the potential objections I could get What IS the next goal or objective that you want to achieve?