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Grow your business library of marketing kindle books


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Grow your business library of marketing kindle books is an overview of Grow Your Business Club Founder Fraser Hay's Kindle Books on Amazon.

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Grow your business library of marketing kindle books

  1. 1. Our Small Business Library
  2. 2. “ The book dealt with online and offline ideas. The offline ideas are very good for those involved in direct sales, network marketing or selling professional services. “
  3. 3. “it is the interrogative questions that find the readers pushing themselves. Since reading them, it has inspired me to keep working towards increased sales and profitability.“
  4. 4. “ Rather than the book telling you exactly what to write, it coaxes it out of you, which is the perfect approach with a business plan that must be individual to you, your skills and your business. “
  5. 5. “ One Question: Do you have a written marketing plan for your business? If not, then create one in 90 minutes or less.“
  6. 6. “I learned a lot about what type of personality I have and how to capitalize on my strengths and weaknesses. I’m actually putting in less effort to pressure people to buy my products, and more time focusing on making me stand out as an expert. “
  7. 7. “Very good practical book to help you evaluate your marketing strategy. It gives you lots of ideas that you probably won't have tried and allows you to assess the ones you're already using. “
  8. 8. “ The book takes a spiritual perspective on marketing and is very practical. The book is very inspirational. I could not stop reading this book, got addicted to learning more about marketing from Fraser's viewpoint. “
  9. 9. “ Save time and man hours by automating vital keyword research to find SEO opportunities. It provided a step by step approach to building your website and maintaining your presence using various platforms.“
  10. 10. “ This book is very well crafted, it starts with basics and then guides you on creating a proper online marketing campaign using top social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and many others. “
  11. 11. “ This book is really helpful. You will learn how to identify your self worth and start growing into the things you love. If you don't want to be just over broke check this out and start thinking and then take action. “
  12. 12. “ What I love is how practical they are and how Fraser gets you thinking and applying what he shares, quickly. He cuts to the chase and speaks a lot of common sense, that many of us know but don't put into action. I really enjoyed it. “
  13. 13. “ In this book you can find information how to use social media marketing effectively, how to attract tourists with video marketing, how to create unique experience"for your customers and much more. “
  14. 14. “ I'm thankful to the author for teaching me new techniques when I thought I had learned them all. I'm predicting my bad luck will never return and I'll continue to see positive results! “
  15. 15. “ I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to become self employed, or who is already. This book gives you ideas and tools to approach your business in a practical & holistic way. “
  16. 16. What is the next marketing goal or objective that you would like to achieve?
  17. 17. Stop Struggling. Start Growing.