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Grow Your Business Club Virtual Incubator


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Grow Your Business Club Virtual Incubator is a virtual learning environment for pre-start, start-up, existing and high growth business owners and members of Grow Your Business Club.

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Grow Your Business Club Virtual Incubator

  1. 1. Virtual Incubator
  2. 2. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  3. 3. • Business Mastermind Group • Personalised Help & Support • For Serious Business Owners • Marketing Knowledge • Contacts & Opportunities • Ideal for Business Owners • Self-Directed Learning • On-Demand Webinars • Virtual Learning Environment ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  4. 4. Acquire New Soft Skills Online & Get Paid What You’re Really Worth Increase Your Value & Live The Lifestyle You Want ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  5. 5. Receive your training, coaching and “virtual” 121s – online. Use our technology platform ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Our Virtual Incubator Members, Clients, Attendees & Delegates can receive coaching, training and support via “vincubator”, our virtual incubator for pre-start entrepreneurs and small business owners in the early start-up phase of their new business. • No Travelling • No Overnight stay in hotels • Study when you want Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  6. 6. …for you and your business needs Practical, Relevant Content ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Interactive Sessions Members can access the “vincubator” in just a few seconds by clicking their confirmation link and (if using phone audio) dialling in to the conference call. Then, it's easy for them to participate by raising hands, typing in questions or chatting. • Easily join the webinar of your choice in seconds • Audio conferencing via phone and computer • Integrated freephone service also available • Attendees can raise hands • Mac and PC support Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  7. 7. To Help You Educate, WOW & Impress You, Your Staff, & Your Clients State of the Art Features ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  8. 8. Generate Market & Marketing Research Instantly Get LIVE, Real-time Feedback ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Respond To Market Needs During each session you can "see" your audience, including who's got their hand raised, how many are paying attention and what your presentation looks like on their screen. Launch polls (prepared in advance or on the fly) to involve your audience and use the Q & A pane to monitor and respond to questions. • Dashboard • Audience view (thumbnail of presentation) • Q & A • Polls • Attendees can raise hands Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  9. 9. Generate different types of reports immediately after your webinar Monitor Your Progress & ROI ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 After Your Sessions… Following each vincubator session, you can get feedback by asking attendees to complete a survey. Your reports will show all poll, Q & A and survey data, attendee interest levels and registration information. If you recorded the webinar, you can even post or email a link to watch it. • Post-session survey • Reports • Automatic follow-up emails • Archive webinar recording Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  10. 10. Increase your mobility and access our webinars and coaching from anywhere Can Be Accessed Via iPad, iPhone & Android ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Access From Anywhere • No travelling for delegates • No Expensive Room Hire • Attend our sessions of up to 250 attendees. (Plus see presenters on iPad.) • Participate in Q & A and polls. • Attend training & coaching sessions from anywhere. • View presentations, mock-ups and reports – via phones, tablets and their mobile devices. • Connect to audio through your device’s built-in mic and speakers or dial in over the phone. • Pinch to zoom meeting content. • Easily switch between portrait and landscape. • See who’s presenting, who’s talking and who’s attending. Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  11. 11. Training and Education • Webinars • Teleconferences • Half day training courses • One Day training courses • Three Day training courses • Five Day training courses • Coaching Programs • Mastermind Groups It gets better, for we also offer… …blended & instructor led training to help you grow your business ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  12. 12. All members, clients & delegates receive a study workbook Receive All The Resources You Need ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing. • Needs Analysis • Study Guide • Evaluation • Webinars • Coaching • Soft Skill Training
  13. 13. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Need help documenting (or executing) your model, vision or strategy? Considering self-employment or starting a business? Maybe you’re not aware of all the different ways the club can help you achieve your goals and objectives Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  14. 14. THREE ..and the additional offer to help you execute and implement your new practical plan of action. . TWO … the offer of assistance to help you document your model, vision & strategy… ONE …real practical help to identify what’s holding you back and preventing you from achieving your personal, professional and commercial objectives… Managing Your Expectation What can you expect from Grow Your Business® Club if we can both see a “fit”? A quick reminder • It’s your business. • You make the decisions. • You decide how much success you want. (Not Us) Progress IS Guaranteed ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  15. 15. What to do next • Let’s just confirm the next steps: • Sign up for a FREE membership • Please do sign up for a membership and complete our FREE Audit(s) to confirm whether you need our help • Decide what it is you want to achieve • Then get in touch, and we’ll try our best to help you in any way we, (or our members can), but no false promises. Fair? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Take Action Today Before Your Competitors Do. Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  16. 16. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2014 Stop Struggling. Start Growing. Just to confirm… Objectives are agreed. Strategy is discussed and documented. Progress and results are monitored and evaluated after every session. It couldn’t be easier, and best of all, Progress is guaranteed. Simply repeat powerful, proven, practical steps – every single day.. Prove to yourself that what we offer, works