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Grow your business club - about us


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Grow your business club - about us is an overview of what offer

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Grow your business club - about us

  1. 1. About Us Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  2. 2. As founder, I’d like to introduce you to the club, but first…. Let me introduce myself Let me introduce myself… • Who Am I: • Fraser J. Hay • Founder of Grow Your Business® Club • Stay 60 miles north of Aberdeen in the highlands of Scotland • Author of: • 10 Kindle books on • Resilience (co-author) • 300+ videos on YouTube • Achievements • Former Scottish & UK Shell Livewire Winner • Former Royal Bank of Scotland & PSYBT Winner • Have helped business owners in over 22 countries • Over 400 testimonials on UK’s oldest social network ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  3. 3. To build sustainable businesses in sustainable communities – worldwide. Our Vision Our Vision As an organisation, it is our vision to revolutionise business support worldwide by empowering pre-start, start-up & existing business owners to action . Our goal is to help members & clients to build sustainable local businesses in sustainable communities around the globe. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  4. 4. To provide entrepreneurial skills to people worldwide Our Mission Our Mission We will enable entrepreneurs and business owners to identify skill gaps or shortages, and fill these gaps to build sustainable, dynamic enterprises in local communities. This will be achieved by collaboration, leveraging knowledge, skills, contacts and opportunities within our network. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  5. 5. Our Values • As an organisation and as individuals, we value: • honesty, tenacity, freedom • creativity, fun, openness • constructive criticism • continuous personal development and mutual accountability with our clients, members & stakeholders There Are 4 key factors & principles under pinning everything we do • Attention • Intention • Resistance • Timing Our Values We believe in mutual accountability, do you? ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  6. 6. Who We Help • We work with 3 types of client • Private Individuals • Business Owners • Policy & Decision Makers • At 4 different stages of Development: • Pre-Start • Start-Up • Survival • High Growth • Do you know what the next personal, professional or commercial goal IS that you want to achieve? Who We Help… We help 3 types of member at 4 different stages of business growth ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  7. 7. The 4 Stages The different stages: • pre start-up • start-up • Survival • Growth require a different balance of skills for self-employment: support between financial support and human capital support. Equally the precise nature of any support (e.g. formal training, or mentoring, or other kinds of advice and guidance) needs to be designed flexibly to accommodate this variation. Catering for the 4 stages of Growth... …from idea to exit ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  8. 8. The 4 stages of Business Growth explained  Are you at a crossroads, wondering what to do next with your life?  We can assist you in achieving clarity, vision and purpose.  Do you have vision and want to grow or exit?  We can assist you to grow or exit even faster.  Do you want to document your model, vision & strategy?  We can also assist you with planning, creating and executing a practical plan of action.  Do you own, run or manage an existing business?  We assist you to generate awareness, connections, leads, sales and referrals for your products and services. We can help you progress to the next stage of your entrepreneurial journey ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  9. 9. We believe that to grow your business® from idea to exit, you need 3 things… Need Help to Grow Your Business®? KNOWLEDGE CONTACTS OPPORTUNITY ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  10. 10. We believe that to grow your business® from idea to exit, you need 3 things… Grow Your Business® OPPORTUNITY LIFE SKILLS SOFT SKILLS BUSINESS SKILLS IT SKILLS SUPPLIERS STAFF & CONTRACTORS JV PARTNERS ADVOCATES KNOWLEDGE CONTACTS EXPOSURE LEADS SALES & REVENUE REFERRALS ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  11. 11. Training Needs Analysis/Skills Gap Analysis Study Guide & WorkbookProgramme Content Tools & Resources On Demand Tutor Support Post Assessment & Course Certificate Knowledge is NOT power… …but applied Knowledge is power. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  12. 12. Situation Analysis for your stage of growth Practical Marketing Training & CoachingAssistance in Setting New Objectives Access to Useful Tools & Resources Introductions & Referrals Monthly Progress Evaluation Seek first to understand …then to be understood ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  13. 13. A Market For The “Product” Marketing SupportA Unique Range of Solutions Training & Education Multiple Revenue Streams An EXIT Strategy Luck occurs when.. …preparation meets opportunity ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  14. 14. …Training & Coaching to help you Grow Your Business® We offer a unique range of solutions ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Acquire NEW or sell your own Some examples of the type of courses & programmes we offer • Life Coaching • Business Start-Up and Self-Employment • Marketing • Digital Publishing • Social Media Marketing • Sales & Selling Our Members have the opportunity to • Make money and create additional revenue streams by… • Monetising & Productising their own skills & knowledge then share and sell it via our Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  15. 15. ..and the additional offer to help you execute and implement your new practical plan of action. . … the offer of knowledge, contacts and opportunity to help you achieve your goals and objectives… …real practical help to identify what’s holding you back and preventing you from achieving your personal, professional and commercial objectives… Managing Your Expectation What can you expect from Grow Your Business® Club if we can both see a “fit”? A quick reminder • It’s your business. • You make the decisions. • You decide what skills, contacts & opportunities that you want or wish to share. Progress IS Guaranteed ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015 Stop Struggling. Start Growing.
  16. 16. …It’s a simple 4 step process. Ready to Grow Your Business®? What are you waiting for? Sign up for FREE (Before your competitors do.) Stop Struggling. Start Growing. ©CopyrightFraserJ.Hay2015