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ICT in The EFL classroom : Why and How


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Published in: Education
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ICT in The EFL classroom : Why and How

  1. 1. EFL Teacher, lifelong learner and an edtech enthusiast
  3. 3. language is defined as a system for communicating. As ELT we should :  increase students’ desire to express themselves effectively and appropriately.  develop their meta-cognitive strategies to help them organize, plan, and make decisions about their learning.  help them continue using the target language outside the classroom
  4. 4.
  5. 5. -the starting point matches the students existing expertise (Vygotsky 1962, Zone of Proximal Development) as well as the learners’ values and concerns.
  6. 6. -The students have a degree of control of what they learn and how they learn (different learning styles).
  7. 7. “ Today’s students are no longer the pupils our educational system was designed to teach” Prensky 2001 Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.
  8. 8. ICT integration in Education and in EFL teaching/learning in particular is the 1st step towards living up to the 21st century students need because “ the student is the heart of the matter”
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  10. 10. Computers, video games, e-mails, the Internet, mp3/4 players, tablets, cell phones, and instant messages are integral part of their lives.
  11. 11. The conclusion is that our students, Prensky holds, process information differently from their predecessors… Their thinking patterns have changed… And I believe that’s the case!
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  13. 13. They thrive in instant gratification and reward They prefer games to “serious” work
  14. 14. _archive.html 14T12_07_35-07_00 Roleplay: Family issues
  15. 15. A selection of some activities in which teachers and learners could integrate ICT in the EFL classroom.
  16. 16. Be inspired so that you inspire!
  17. 17. Photo source in slide 26 2012/12/iq-intelligence.jpg