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Patriots playbook

  1. 1. Patriots Playbook 2011-2012
  2. 2. Base Defense DE CB CB DE LB S S CB – lock on to a WR. If there isn’t a WR for you, stand in your normal spot and watch for a pass. S – Lock on to a slot man or RB. If RB stays in the backfield, blitz. If you do not have a man, blitz. Man to man on slot. DE – Rush the QB on pass plays, contain on run plays. If you have a safety blitzing next to you, play like a DT. LB – QB spy and flows with the ball.
  3. 3. SQUIRTLE C TE TE QB Z Y X Spread. TE’s pretend to block and release as soon as DE’s are behind them. WR’s get downfield. QB invites the blitz to come.
  4. 4. BULBASAUR C TE TE QB Y Z X QB Sweep. Backside TE pulls and QB follows.
  5. 5. CHARMANDER C TE TE QB Z Y X XY Cross. Backside TE pulls and QB rolls out. Y does an in and X does a post.
  6. 6. PIKACHU C TE X RB Y TE QB Triple Option. RB does a dive and then sprints it outside. TE pulls around for an end-around. QB can keep it for himself and pass. WR’s run slants.
  7. 7. GENGAR C TE X Y RB TE QB Red Robin. X goes in motion for read-option. If QB keeps it, runs option with the RB.
  8. 8. NIDOKING C G T T RB G QB Line bunches up really close. RB crouches down behind so as not to be seen. When Center snaps the ball, leaves it in the air for RB to take. Everyone blocks in other direction.
  9. 9. MEWTWO C TE TE QB Y X Z Double Reverse.
  10. 10. SCYTHER C TE TE QB Y X Z Y and Z run slants.
  11. 11. TANGELA C TE Z Y X TE QB WR’s line up right behind each other.
  12. 12. PIDGEOTTO C TE TE QB Z Y X Run XY Cross, but pulling TE lineman peels back around for a screen.
  13. 13. WEEZING C TE TE QB X RB Y Wraparound Draw.
  14. 14. GEODUDE C TE TE QB RB Y X Fake screen to X and then Statue of Liberty.
  15. 15. ALAKAZAM C TE TE QB X RB Y Center snaps it sideways to the RB. QB acts like it went over his head.
  16. 16. POLIWHIRL C TE RB QB TE X Y As soon as ball is snapped, both TE’s and RB huddle around QB. One player is given the ball and everyone runs out in different directions acting like they have the ball.
  17. 17. BUTTERFREE C TE X QB TE Z Y When ball is snapped, everyone stands up except lone receiver who runs a jet.
  18. 18. HYPNO C TE X QB TE Z Y Hook and Ladder.
  19. 19. DUGTRIO C TE X QB TE Z Y X and Z run curls. Y runs a stop-and-go.