Cheap Tweet Sales Overview


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Cheap Tweet Sales Overview

  1. 1. CheapTweet Reach targeted consumers with social media Prepared by Hayes Davis 919.539.3258
  2. 2. About CheapTweet The Twitter-focused social deals property @CheapTweet
  3. 3. How Works Official Deals Word-of-mouth Small Shops Search Engine CheapTweet Search, filter, categorize Loves jewelry Wants a netbook
  4. 4. About @CheapTweet Our voice on Twitter • Not a feed - all tweets by Jenn 21,000 Followers • Share interesting deals, links and personal responses • Promotions • Leverages CheapTweet Blog for longer-form content
  5. 5. Who Uses CheapTweet? Age 30-39 Gender 29% Male 27% 40-49 26% 25-29 18% Female 50+ < 25 73% 13% 13% >75,000 monthly uniques +1300% YTD
  6. 6. What We Offer Exposure to a growing shopping community • Basic Advertising Reach our users with unique ad units • CheapTweet Stores Our premium advertising offering. Engage buyers with a branded store and exposure across all CheapTweet properties. • Custom Opportunities Engage Twitter users to drive awareness and conversions
  7. 7. Basic Twitter-based Ad Units Reach shoppers by leveraging Twitter content Sponsored Tweet Sidebar Tweet pulled directly from your Twitter Twitter profile listed in sidebar with account shown at the top of tweet lists links to site and button to follow on on CheapTweet. Twitter.
  8. 8. Category Sponsorship • Prominent banner displays on category listing and on detail page for Tweets in that category • Highly targeted • Standard IAB 468x60 “Full Banner”
  9. 9. Basic Ad Pricing Unit Price (CPM) Sponsored Tweet $10 Sidebar 1 $10 Sidebar 2 $8 Sidebar 3 $6 Category Sponsorship $12
  10. 10. CheapTweet Stores Targeted social media exposure and a search engine optimized online store built around your tweets for less than a $6 CPM Our Premium Offering Multi-faceted exposure across CheapTweet. Reach Buyers, not Socializers Our users are actively searching for deals. Many of them aren’t even Twitter users. Example Store
  11. 11. How it works... Your tweets and assets are used to create a feature-rich, branded “store” within CheapTweet Example Store
  12. 12. ...We Give You Maximum Exposure... We share your deals with Text Buyers find your deals through organic search. @CheapTweet’s 20,700 followers Your deals show up in CheapTweet search and other lists of Tweets Get maximum exposure to deal seekers with ads on high-traffic areas
  13. 13. ...Users Reach Your Sites Home Page Offer Pages Twitter Profile
  14. 14. Exposure Details 40M-50M Monthly Impressions • 2 tweets per month of one of your Twitter deals • More than 5000 ad impressions on across our ad units • Listed in the Stores directory • Listed in rotating Store banner • Store launch blog post and tweet - FREE (>20M impressions)
  15. 15. Take a tour of your Store
  16. 16. Custom Branding Your brand at the forefront, our branding minimized
  17. 17. Custom Sidebar Make special offers, guide users to specific landing pages
  18. 18. Only Your Tweets No noise from other brands or sellers
  19. 19. Featured Tweet Highlight a deal to drive extra traffic
  20. 20. Store Search Users search through just your deals
  21. 21. Subscribe with RSS Users subscribe to your deal stream and get updates
  22. 22. Who’s using CheapTweet Stores?
  23. 23. CheapTweet Stores Pricing Effective Term Discount Price † CPM†† Monthly 0% $249 $5.53 3 Months 5% $710 $5.26 6 Months 10% $1345 $4.98 12 Months 15% $2540 $4.70 †Before sales tax • †† 45M impressions/month
  24. 24. Custom Advertising Campaigns • For larger advertising purchases we offer additional display advertising units • We welcome RFPs from media buyers or agents for advertising campaigns • Contact us for custom proposals
  25. 25. Custom Twitter Promotions • Retweets, contests, conversations and giveaways • Leverage our brand and deal-focused followers • Worked with Overstock, Best Buy Measurement and analytics with
  26. 26. Custom Opportunities Pricing • Pricing varies based on duration and type of opportunity • Contact for a custom proposal
  27. 27. Get Started Hayes Davis Your Contact Questions, RFPs, Purchase 919-539-3258 Stores Info Ad Info