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21st Century Pillar Presentation: Language Acquisition

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21st Century Pillar Presentation: Language Acquisition

  1. 1. LANGUAGE ACQUISITION Abigail Holleron Samantha Smith Kristin Hayes
  2. 2. DEFINITION Language acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate First-language acquisition studies infants' achievement of their native language. Second-language acquisition deals with the achievement (in children and adults) of additional languages.
  3. 3. IMPORTANCE OF LANGUAGE  Language is how we communicate and connect with other people  It enriches and enhances mental development  It strengthens the understanding of one’s own language and culture when they compare their language to another culture’s language  It helps students understand another country’s culture, traditions, and history  Language learning can be executed through stories, speech, and technology  Language will advance leadership skills and expand career opportunities by making one more versatile
  4. 4. HOW LANGUAGE APPLIES TO 21ST CENTURY EDUCATION Students use language to learn and communicate with cultures and share their own culture Students understand how media influence language and culture Students use appropriate technologies when interpreting, interacting, and producing language Students understand diverse cultural perspectives and use appropriate skills to communicate in diverse cultures
  5. 5. EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION Podcasts…  Help students work on pronunciation and fluency skills  Can be both scripted or improvised  Can be used as a form of evaluation as students demonstrate what they have learned  Provide students with feedback that can be listened to over and over Two popular podcast programs: Audacity and iTunes.
  6. 6. EXAMPLE OF APPLICATION You are a member of a German news reporting agency! You will first be assigned a holiday that citizens of Germany celebrate to complete research on in groups. This will not be a holiday celebrated in the United States. Next, you will organize a short newscast in German where each person will report on a different aspect of the holiday. The final step is to record your newscast on Audacity and upload it to the class blog. Viel Glück!
  7. 7. ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY Previous approach to Language Acquisition Minimal uses of technology causes:  More opportunities for rote learning which creates passive learners  Meaningful connections to less likely to be made  Outdated learning materials 21st Century Education approach to Language Acquisition Utilization of technology causes:  Positive learning attitudes  Less anxiety that comes from learning a new language (i.e. message boards)  Learning materials to be used that are constantly being updated and consequently more relevant to learners
  8. 8. WORKS CITED   