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Chapter 2

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  2. 2. Matter breakdown
  3. 3. Awesome words to knowPure substanceElementCompoundAtomHeterogenous mixtureHomogenous mixture
  4. 4. Awesome words to know (count.)SolutionSuspensionColloid
  5. 5. Letters are important in science too!To tell if something is one thing or another(CAPITAL)Au- compound or element?Sand- heterogenous or homogenous mixture?H2O- compound or element?Oxygen-what is it?Pool water- heterogenous or homogenous mixture?
  6. 6. PropertyWhat are all the properties that something can have?How do you test each one?
  7. 7. PropertiesViscosityConductivityMalleabilityHardnessMelting/freezing pointDensity
  8. 8. Properties (count.)Boiling/condensingOdorSolubility
  9. 9. Separation TechniquesDistillationFiltrationEvaporation
  10. 10. FiltrationPour mixture into funnel that is over flask/beaker(funnel paper in funnel)
  11. 11. DistillationPut the liquid in a test tube attached to a wooden labstation, and put an alcohol burner under it. put adistillation apparatus in the top running to another testtube that is sitting in a 500 m L beaker of cold waterand wait.
  12. 12. EvaporationPut the mixture into an evaporating dish and place on amesh stand. Place an alcohol burner under mesh standand wait.
  13. 13. Chemical PropertiesChemical changePhysical changes
  14. 14. What Kind of Change? Can you get it back after the change? Yes No Physical Change Chemical Change
  15. 15. 2.3 Question Answers1.Chemical properties can be observed when asubstance in a sample of matter is changinginto a different substance.2.Change in color, production of a gas and theformation of a precipitate.3.In a chemical change the composition of the matterchanges, when matter undergoes a physical change, thecomposition remains the same.
  16. 16. 4.The rust will weaken the iron.5.It is a physical change because it is still butter, it wasjust melted then burned.6.A raw egg is liquid and a hard boiled egg is solid.7.I is a chemical change because the bleach breaks thechemical bonds that makes up the color.8.It is not very reactive.