Research report 1


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Research report 1

  1. 1. Research Report Major Assignment
  2. 2. Due dateJanuary 9, 2013
  3. 3. Report RequirementsStep 1: Research questionStep 2: Write a questionnaireStep 3: Survey 20 peopleStep 4: Collect resultsStep 5: Write an introductionStep 6: Analyze the resultsStep 7: Write a discussion of the resultsStep 8: Write a conclusionStep 9: Write your reference page
  4. 4. Survey questionFirst, choose a topic or issue that you are interested in or concerns you.
  5. 5. Sample survey questions Major national issues.• Should voting be compulsory in Japan?• Should the legal age for drinking in Japan be lowered from 20 years to 18 years of age?• Should Japan continue to use nuclear power?
  6. 6. Sample survey questions Personal interest.• Should Reitaku be a smoke-free university?• Should English be compulsory for all Reitaku students?
  7. 7. Survey questionShould business communication teachers be required to wear a suit to class?
  8. 8. Let’s begin Choose a topic or issue you areinterested in or concerned about.
  9. 9. Questionnaire
  10. 10. You will use 2 types of questions Closed-ended Open-ended
  11. 11. Closed-ended Questions• You control the range of answers. What is your gender? Male or female or Alien Do you think Mr. Noda is a good Prime Minister? Yes or No Is smoking bad for your health? I agree or I disagree How much would pay for a haircut? (a)1,000 (b)2,000 (c)3,000 (d) more the 3,000
  12. 12. Open-ended Questions• You may receive a variety of responses. Why do you like sushi? The taste. I’m Japanese. It’s our national dish Why do you think sushi is popular overseas? It’s healthy. It’s trendy. People are interested in Japanese culture.
  13. 13. Designing your Questionnaire
  14. 14. Define your survey sampleAre you male Are you a first or female? 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th year student? Are you a business major?
  15. 15. Lead up Questions• Do you judge people by their clothes?• Do you think clothes affect the way people work?• Do teachers in Japan usually wear suits?• How would you feel if your BCP teacher wore a polo shirt and jeans to class?
  16. 16. Main Question Do you think your businesscommunication teacher should wear a suit to class?
  17. 17. Ask for reasons
  18. 18. Male Female Audience 1.Gender (Circle one) questions 1st Year 2nd Year 2. What is your grade? Business Not Business 3. What is your major? Yes No 4. Do you judge people by their clothes? Lead up Yes Noquestions 5. Do you think clothes affect the way people work? Yes No 6. Do teachers in Japan usually wear suits? More Less 7. If your BCP teacher wore casual clothes, comfortable comfortable such as jeans and a polo shirt to class, how would you feel? 8. Do you think your BCP teacher should wear Yes No Main a suit to class?question 9. If yes, why? Ask for a reason 10. If no, why?
  19. 19. Please start creating your questionnaire• A few audience questions• Some lead-up questions• Your main question• Ask for reasons
  20. 20. Collect your data• Approach 20 students (not your classmates)• Ask the questions (don’t just hand them a piece of paper)
  21. 21. Write-up your results
  22. 22. Tabulate your results for your closed-ended questionsTable 1. Male Respondents Table 2. Female Respondents Yes No Yes NoQuestion QuestionQ.4 6 4 Q.4 8 2Q.5 6 4 Q.5 7 3Q.6 9 1 Q.6 9 1Q.7 7 3 Q.7 4 6Q.8 10 0 Q.8 8 2
  23. 23. Choose 3 main responses to your open-ended questions Table 3. Reasons Don’t care Good for communication Definite line Respondent Male 8 2 0 Female 6 3 1