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Science alpha beta gamma


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I did this while I was doing my science research hope its what you were looking for @sara129

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Science alpha beta gamma

  1. 1. •To explain whationisation is.•To understand theionising properties.
  2. 2. WHAT IS IONISATION Ionisation has abilities that allow it to change a atom or a molecule (beta, gamma & alpha) into a ionising material. There are some cases where we are likely to find non ionising radiation (only in some objects for e.g.-)  Ionizing radiation can consist of high speed subatomic (means smaller than or occurring with in an atom.)
  3. 3. It consists of 2 protons (+) 2 neutron s (-) Properties of alpha•Alpha particlesare relatively slow.•They have a lowpenetrating power•You can stop themwith just a sheet ofpaper. Alpha particles are•Alpha Particles relatively slow and heavyare heavier they are not much of a threat to the human body as it penetrates low power. As you can see here alpha is stopped by a sheet of paper
  4. 4. Beta is a free electron It also consists of fast movingProperties of Beta electrons• A positivelycharged betaparticle differsfrom an electron byhaving equal butopposite electricalproperties. A streamof beta particles iscalled a beta ray.•Beta rays are usedin equipment formeasuring andcontrolling thethickness of plasticfilms.•beta has themedium penetratingpower and themedium ionising•Beta can bestopped byaluminium.
  5. 5. Gamma consists of a very highProperties of Gamma electromagne tic radiation.•Gamma waves arewhat scientists useto keep food longer.•Gamma can causecancer•It can be anadvantage for ushowever it can alsobe a disadvantagein terms of theeffects it has on us.•They give out ahigh amount ofenergy it isextremelydangerous.•it can be stoppedby lead.
  6. 6. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALPHABETA AND GAMMA Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between alpha, beta and gamma radiation in terms of their ability. Alpha particle ionised more gas molecule in the cloud chamber than beta particles, producing more alcohol and water. A gamma ray is a packet of electromagnetic energy. Alpha, beta and gamma are all different (they are all ionising) however this is the only similarity that they differ.
  7. 7. DEMONSTRATE ANUNDERSTANDING THAT THEFOLLOWING ARE NON-IONISING Visible light Infar red Microwaves Radio waves I can demonstrate an understanding that the following at the top are non-ionising simply because they are all low energy waves that do not consist enough energy to knock of an electron.