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Hardware unicorns


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As early stage investors and hopeful hardware unicorn breeders, we looked into the situation of hardware unicorns and up-and-coming “ponies”.

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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Hardware unicorns

  1. 1. Robot Unicorns Attack! by HAXLR8R HARDWARE UNICORNS
  2. 2. 0" 1" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" Sonos" Roku"Xiaom i" GoPro"Square"Jawbone" Nest" Beats" M agic"Leap"Oculus" Razer" Kiva"System s"M akerbot"Dropcam " Boston"Dynam ics" Prim eSense" Fitbit" Parrot" Sm artThings"iHealth" Aldebaran"RoboTcs" Basis" TOP HARDWARE STARTUPS: RECENT VALUATIONS M&A Private IPO Source: Crunchbase Note: Valuation or acquisition price was found for 20 out of the 41 companies Sonos and Roku are likely to have a valuation over $1B ? ? $B UNICORNS PONIES
  3. 3. Comments • 7 out of 11 unicorns are from the USA. Except Xiaomi (CHI) and Razer (SIN). • Xiaomi is an amazing home run in a mere 4 years, rumored to be raising new funding at a $42B valuation. • M&As prevail overs IPOs.
  4. 4. Apple Beats PrimeSense Amazon Kiva Systems Facebook Oculus Google Nest Dropcam Boston Dynamics Intel Basis Samsung SmartThings SoftBank Aldebaran Robotics Stratasys Makerbot 3D Robotics Sifteo ACQUISITIONS
  5. 5. Comments • Software companies are buying hardware (Google, Facebook, Amazon). • Crowdfunding already generated large exits (Oculus, SmartThings). • The pace of acquisitions is accelerating. Two companies exited for over $1B in a mere 4 years.
  6. 6. 0" 100" 200" 300" 400" 500" 600" Magic"Leap" Square" Jawbone" Beats" Xiaomi" Sonos" GoPro" Roku" Anki" Oculus" Lytro" Nest" Fitbit" Razer" Dropcam" Leap"MoKon" Basis" Leeo" 3D"RoboKcs" Zepp"Labs" Withings" PrimeSense" Pebble" iHealth" Ouya" Misfit" FormLabs" Aldebaran"RoboKcs" LiRlebits" Tile" SmartThings" Osmo" SiTeo" Avegant" Whill" Kiva"Systems" August" Makerbot" Note: VC funding amount was found for 38 out of the 41 companies. Missing are: DJI, Boston Dynamics, Parrot (and Razer's latest round). M&A Private IPO TOP HARDWARE STARTUPS: VC FUNDING $M Source: Crunchbase
  7. 7. Comments • 8 out of 34 top hardware startups are from the USA. Other exceptions are iHealth (CHI), Parrot, Withings & Aldebaran Robotics (FRA), PrimeSense (ISR), Pebble (CAN). • It is not surprising as the USA enjoy the largest domestic market, entrepreneurial ecosystem and early adopter population. • Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China are trailing despite talent in consumer electronics, still locked into MNCs. • 7 out of the 41 top hardware startups leveraged crowdfunding. It is unlikely to be a fad.
  8. 8. 0" 2" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" Pebble" Ouya" Formlabs" Tile" Oculus" SmartThings" Misfit" TOP HARDWARE STARTUPS: CROWDFUNDING Selfstarter $M
  9. 9. 100# 1,000# 10,000# 2000# 2002# 2004# 2006# 2008# 2010# 2012# 2014# 10# 100# 1,000# 2000# 2002# 2004# 2006# 2008# 2010# 2012# 2014# VALUATION & FUNDING VS. FOUNDING DATE $M $M VALUATION VS. FOUNDING DATE VC FUNDING VS. FOUNDING DATE
  10. 10. Comments • 27 out of 41 are less than 5 years old • 10 out of the top 20 known valuations • 27 out of the top 38 by known VC funds raised • Scaling with hardware is faster than ever!
  11. 11. 3d Printing Makerbot FormLabs AR & VR Oculus Magic Leap Avegant AV Sonos Roku Drones DJI Parrot 3D Robotics Education / Toys LittleBits Osmo Sifteo Gaming Razer Ouya Health iHealth Whill Home & Security Nest Dropcam SmartThings Leeo August Lifestyle GoPro Beats Jawbone Withings Tile Payments Square Robotics Kiva Systems Boston Dynamics Aldebaran Robotics Anki Sensors & Interfaces PrimeSense Leap Motion Lytro Smartphones Xiaomi Sports Tech Zepp Labs Wearables Fitbit Pebble Misfit Basis TOP HARDWARE STARTUPS: CATEGORIES M&A Private IPO Unicorn
  12. 12. Comments • AR/VR and Lifestyle are the only categories with 2 unicorns so far. • Wearables and Lifestyle are the most visible as they are the most “consumer” products, but the category is far from dominating. • Home & Security and Robotics seem to be on the rise and attracting buyers.
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