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2018 Hardware Investors Wish List


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More robots, enterprise, industry solutions. Less consumer gadgets.

Published in: Technology
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2018 Hardware Investors Wish List

  1. 1. What Hardware Investors Want For 2018 and what they Don’t
  2. 2. Today, hardware startups need less time and capital to build products, and valuable applications abound Old vs New Hardware Startups
  3. 3. Consumer Devices Finding a ‘10x advantage’ and making a consumer device a ‘must-have’ remains challenging Source: Black Mirror
  4. 4. To rid our world of inefficiencies and create new business models. B2B products are often ‘must-haves’ Enterprise And Industry IoT Source: RockMass Technologies Mining walls analysis
  5. 5. Devices Saving Lives Using body-sensing data, or even “digital therapies” DATA
  6. 6. The Health Value Chain Opening Eyes On Startup Hospitals / insurers / pharma companies seeing the value in consumer health hardware, including “digital therapies” Photo: Flow Neuroscience (depression treatment)
  7. 7. With the right economics, prototyping tools that double as production tools could speed up development, boost local manufacturing and open up the ‘long tail’ of hardware. Tools For Prototyping & Production Source: WAZER desktop water jet
  8. 8. Humanoid Robots Apologies to SciFi fans: a humanoid robot shape is rarely suitable and cost effective. ATMs and washing machines had no need for arms, legs or a face. The Atlas robot can perform backflips (Source: Boston Dynamics)
  9. 9. Robots that we barely notice, doing Dirty, Dull and Dangerous jobs. Some might grow as franchises across cities. RaaS (Robot-as- a-Service) Source: Avidbots (commercial cleaning robots)
  10. 10. Long-Lasting Batteries Or a breakthrough in energy harvesting. Power remains a bottleneck for mobile devices and IoT.
  11. 11. This would help transform huge sectors such as transport and health care. Easier & Faster Regulations Photo: Autonomous Bus In Shenzhen
  12. 12. Chinese Innovation Stop labeling it ‘copycat’, when so much is happening now, even if not always targeting Western users. Photo: Mobike dock-less bike for rental
  13. 13. ABOUT HAX HAX is the most active seed investor in hardware, part of the SOSV global fund. We invest in Consumer & Health devices, Robotics, Enterprise and Industrial IoT Source: Airbus