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an event apart: five big #aeasea takeaways


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Published in: Technology, Business

an event apart: five big #aeasea takeaways

  1. an event apartfive big #aeasea takeaways
  2. a conference for peoplewho make event apart
  3. three days...
  4. twelve speakers...
  5. @zeldmanjeffrey zeldman
  6. @beepethan marcotte
  7. @jensimmonsjen simmons
  8. @aarronaarron walter
  9. @mulegirlerika hall
  10. @meyerweberic meyer
  11. @karenmcgranekaren mcgrane
  12. @jmspooljared spool
  13. @jasonsantamariajason santa maria
  14. @mike_ftwmike monteiro
  15. @globalmoxiejosh clark
  16. @lukewluke wroblewski
  17. ten sponsors...
  18. ...and a lunchbox.
  19. also, lots of provocative ideas.
  20. here are my five big takeaways:
  21. 1.
  22. there is no onetrue input.
  23. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  24. but there are comfort zones.
  25. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  26. consider this:
  27. 75% of phone interactionsare single-thumb
  28. controls for iOS apps are atscreen bottom
  29. controls for Android appsare at screen top
  30. controls for web are atpage bottom
  31. controls for tablets favorsides and corners
  32. voice and gesture are here,brain is on the way
  33. in other words:
  34. web experiences should betouch-friendly
  35. digital experiences shouldbe input-agnostic
  36. 2.
  37. there is no onetrue output.
  38. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  39. so things are getting ugly.
  40. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  41. let’s bring some order to chaos.
  42. consider this:
  43. 90% of media consumptionoccurs on a screen
  44. 90% of users move betweendevices to accomplish a task
  45. 55% of Americans use theirmobile devices to go online
  46. 31% of these Americans onlyor mostly use the internet ontheir mobile devices
  47. in other words:
  48. web media should bemobile-friendly
  49. digital media should becontext-agnostic
  50. 3.
  51. plan foreverything.
  52. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  53. you’ll either reach everyone...
  54. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  55. ...or reach your breaking point.
  56. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  57. but don’t assume it will break...
  58. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  59. ...and if it does, take it in stride.
  60. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  61. consider this:
  62. technology is transformativeby nature
  63. we can’t predict the changesthat are on the horizon
  64. we can be sure that newplatforms are on the way
  65. sure, we can continue tofork content across platforms
  66. but it’s expensive (and stupid)to do things that way
  67. in other words:
  68. web content should besyndication-friendly
  69. digital content should beplatform-agnostic
  70. 4.
  71. you can handleanything.
  72. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  73. so learn about everything.
  74. an event apart:seattlemy takeaways
  75. consider this:
  76. our clients don’t alwaysunderstand digital
  77. it’s our job to educate themabout what we do
  78. when it comes to educating,sometimes less is more
  79. we love what we do, and weget paid well to do it
  80. if we show our clients why welove it, they will too
  81. in other words:
  82. web professionals should beclient-friendly
  83. digital professionals should bebias-agnostic
  84. 5.
  85. look forward tolooking back.
  86. past. future. it’s all in your hands.
  87. consider this:
  88. we have to be fast
  89. we have to be smart
  90. we have to be strong
  91. we have to be flexible
  92. we have to be aware
  93. in other words:
  94. be friendly
  95. be agnostic
  96. we’re building systems, notjust deliverables
  97. what we build is thefoundation for the future
  98. build cool stuff for everyone,and have fun doing it
  99. thanks.