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This is my storyboard of the scene from my move.

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Presentation Of Storyboard

  1. 1. Shot 1 Establishing shot of park Cut to
  2. 2. shot 2 the shot will last 4seconds. the camera will start with a wide shot and then will follow ‘’the Victim’’ up the hill. this will be the first shot that you see ‘’The Victim’’. He is walking up a concrete road alone. He is wearing a hooded coat with his hood up to give the sense of him being a shady character. Tracks the ‘’The Victim’’ up the hill on a dolly. Cars heard in the background and Sound of wind can be heard.
  3. 3. Shot 3 shot lasts 2.5 seconds. Camera will follow ‘’the victim’’ up the hill on dolly with a long shot. Cars and wind can still be heard.
  4. 4. Shot 4 shot lasts 4 seconds. Camera still following ‘’The Victim’’ up the hill on a dolly still using long shot going into extreme long shots. Still cars are heard in the distance and wind can be heard. Camera cuts to next shot.
  5. 5. Shot 5 shot lasts 3 seconds. Camera cuts to long shot of ‘’The Victim’’ walking further up the hill away from well populated areas. Car and wind can still be heard wind is slightly louder than before cars are slightly quieter. Cuts to the next shot.
  6. 6. Shot 6 shot last 3 seconds the camera tracks ‘’The Victim’’ even further up the hill. Cars can faintly be heard in the background and wind is still getting louder as ‘’The Victim’’ travels further up the hill.
  7. 7. Shot 7 2 seconds Camera still tracking ‘’The Victim’’ further up the hill. Cars can no longer be heard in the distance to show he is to far away to be heard by other people.
  8. 8. Shot 8 3 seconds camera tracking ‘’The Victim’’ up hill. Wind is now no longer getting louder and is set to one volume which is quite loud but not too loud. Camera cuts to next shot.
  9. 9. Shot 9 3 Seconds Camera continues to track ‘’The Victim’’ Wind can be heard Rising And lowering in Noise to show ‘’The Victim’’ is in a high place. Camera cuts to next shot.
  10. 10. Shot 10 4 Seconds Shot starts with just a hill then ‘’The Victim’’ walking up the hill. Camera stays Focused on hill as ‘’The Victim’’ walks past then slowly moves up to him. Wind can still be heard.
  11. 11. Shot 11 6 Seconds Shot shows ‘’The Victim’’ waiting to get his breath back. Wind can be heard loud and ‘’The Victim’s’’ Heavy breathing can be heard. Camera moves left slightly as ‘’The Victim’’ walks past.
  12. 12. Shot 12 4 seconds Camera Tracks ‘’The Victim’’ but moves to his foot as he walks past. ‘’The Victim’s’’ footsteps and the noise of his jacket can be heard wind can also be heard.
  13. 13. Shot 13 3 Seconds Camera tracks ‘’The Victim’s’’ foot following all the way round till he's walking off. ‘’The Victim’s’’ Jacket can be heard as he walks and one loud footstep as his foot hits the ground and many quieter footsteps as he walks past. The wind can still be heard.
  14. 14. Shot 14 4 Seconds Camera is still Tracking ‘’The Victim’’ as he walks away from the camera. The Sound of ‘’The Victim’s’’ Jacket and footsteps can be heard as he walks away. Wind can also be heard.
  15. 15. Shot 15 5 Seconds Camera continues tracking ‘’The Victim’’ up the hill. Sound of wind can still be heard. Cuts to next shot.
  16. 16. Shot 16 2 second Over the shoulder shot from ‘’Attacker’’ looking at ‘’The Victim’’ tracking him round the ‘’Attacker’s’’ shoulder. Wind is a lot Quieter now.
  17. 17. Shot 17 Seconds 3 Continues Over the Shoulder shot from last shot still tracking ‘’The Victim’’ Wind is a lower volume than before. Cuts to next shot.
  18. 18. Shot 18 3 Seconds Camera tracks ‘’The Victim’’ slightly down hill on a dolly. Wind can heard on ‘’The Victim’s’’ coat. Camera turns to watch ‘’The Victim’’ down the kill on dolly.
  19. 19. Shot 19 4 Seconds Camera still Filming the ‘’The Victim’’ from in front on a dolly. Wind can still be heard on his coat.
  20. 20. Shot 20 3 Seconds in this shot the ‘’Attacker’’ can be seen as an attacker for the first time letting the audience know that his intentions are of an evil nature. Camera Still Tracking ‘’The victim’’ but with the ‘’Attacker’’ now in the shot. Wind can no longer be heard only the footsteps of ‘’The Victim’’ can be heard.
  21. 21. Shot 21 3 Seconds Camera Continues to Watch ‘’The Victim’’ on a dolly as he walks down the hill the ‘’Attacker’’ can still be seen in shot. Only the footsteps of ‘’The Victim’’ can be heard still.
  22. 22. Shot 22 2 Seconds Camera is tracking ‘’The Victim’’ Through trees. A loud snap can be heard behind ‘’The Victim’’ Camera cuts to next shot. SNAP!
  23. 23. Shot 23 2 seconds Camera Films ‘’The Victim’’ Turning around quickly to see what the noise was. No noise can be heard. Camera cuts to next shot.
  24. 24. Shot 24 3 seconds Point of view shot as if you are ‘’The Victim’s’’ eyes looking to see what made the noise. Camera will move as if it is a persons eyes. nothing can be heard. Camera Cuts to next shot.
  25. 25. Shot 25 2 seconds Camera tracks ‘’The Victim’’ as he walk off. Only the footsteps can be heard.
  26. 26. Shot 26 3 seconds ‘’The Victim’’ can be seen walking further down the hill. The ‘’Attacker’’ can now also be seen crawling up a hill unseen to ‘’the Victim’’ Nothing can be heard. Camera Cuts to next shot.
  27. 27. Shot 27 4 seconds Camera watches ‘’The Victim’’ walking slowly down hill and the ‘’Attacker’’ can be seen reaching the top oh the hill behind ‘’the victim’’ over the should of ‘’The Victim’’ Only ‘’The Victim’s’’ footsteps can be heard very quiet.
  28. 28. Shot 28 3 Seconds Camera goes to an over the shoulder shot of ‘’Attacker’’ over the shoulder of ‘’The Victim’’ the ‘’Attacker’’ can be seen getting to the top of the hill and retrieving a weapon from in his jacket. Only the noise of ‘’The Victim’s’’ jacket can be heard. Cuts to next shot.
  29. 29. Shot 29 4 Seconds Over the shoulder shot of the ‘’Attacker’’ in the distance. The shot is over ‘’The Victim’s’’ shoulder’ ‘’The Victim’’ Finally sees the ‘’Attacker’’ and realises that he is being followed he also sees the ‘’Attacker’s’’ weapon. no noise can be heard. Cuts to next shot.
  30. 30. Shot 30 4 Seconds Extreme Long shot of ‘’the Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker. Instead of running away ‘’The Victim’’ decides to fight back and tries to surprise the ‘’Attacker’’ but fails as he misjudges where the ‘’Attacker’’ will come from. Only the noise of ‘’The Victim’s’’ jacket can be heard.
  31. 31. Shot 31 3 Seconds and extreme long shot. The ‘’Attacker’’ Swings his bat towards ‘’The Victims’’ head. Only the noise of the ‘’Attacker’s’’ jacket can be heard as he swings his bat. Still only the noise of the jacket.
  32. 32. Shot 32 2 seconds Extreme long shot. ‘’The Victim’’ Sees the ‘’Attacker’’ Swinging the bat towards his face. Only the noise of ‘’Attacker’s’’ jacket is heard.
  33. 33. Shot 33 2 Seconds Extreme long shot Here you see ‘’The Victim’’ being hit in the face with a bat by the ‘’Attacker’’ In this shot you can hear the noise of the ‘’Attacker’s’’ jacket as he swings. Cuts to next shot.
  34. 34. Shot 34 3 Seconds Close up of ‘’The Victim’s’’ face being hit by the ‘’Attacker’’ Slow motion effect to show the blood being spat by ‘’The Victim’’ as the ‘’Attacker’’ hits him. In this shot you hear a loud Thud as the ‘’Attacker’’ hits ‘’The Victim’’ Cuts to next shot.
  35. 35. Shot 35 2.5 Seconds In this Shot the ‘’Attacker’’ sets himself up to head butt ‘’The Victim’’ No noise is heard in this shot. Extreme long shot.
  36. 36. Shot 36 2 Seconds In this shot you can see the ‘’Attacker’’ head butting ‘’The Victim’’ in the face. Extreme long shot. In this shot you can only hear the ‘’Attacker’s’’ head butt. Cuts to next shot.
  37. 37. Shot 37 2.5 Seconds In this shot the ‘’Attacker’’ goes to hit ‘’The Victim’’ in the face with the bat again. In this shot you can still only hear the noise of their jackets. Extreme long shot.
  38. 38. Shot 38 2 seconds In this shot ‘’The Victim’’ Punches the ‘’Attacker’’ in the face before the ‘’Attacker’’ gets a chance a chance to hit ‘’The Victim’’ with the bat. Extreme long shot. In this shot you hear the noise of ‘’The Victim’’ hitting the ‘’Attacker’’ Cuts to next shot.
  39. 39. Shot 39 3 Seconds In this shot. In this shot you see ‘’The Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker’’ both set them selves up to hit each other. You see them both pause and look at each other. In this shot nothing can be heard. long shot.
  40. 40. Shot 40 2 Seconds in this shot both ‘’The Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker’’ hit each other. the camera Spin round ‘’The Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker’’ frozen in motion. No noise is heard.
  41. 41. Shot 41 2 seconds Camera continues to spin around ‘’the Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker’’ who are still frozen. Still no noise is heard.
  42. 42. Shot 42 2 seconds Camera s still circling ‘’The Victim’’ and the ‘’Attacker’’ No noise is still heard. Cuts to next shot.
  43. 43. Shot 43 3 seconds Extreme long shot of both ‘’The Victim’’ and ‘’Attacker’’ dazed. Fades to next shot. No noise is heard.
  44. 44. Shot 44 3 Seconds Long shot of ‘’The Victim’’ falling to the ground and the ‘’Attacker’’ stand over him to give him the sense of menace. Cuts to next shot. Only the ‘’Attacker’s’’ breath is heard. Fades in
  45. 45. Shot 45 3 seconds reaction shot of ‘’The Victim’’ on floor. The ‘’Attacker’s’’ bat is at the front of the shot to gives the feeling that the Attackers is going to do something evil. Only the noise of the ‘’Attacker’s’’ breath is heard. Cuts to next shot.
  46. 46. Shot 46 2.5 seconds Mid shot of the ‘’Attacker’’ starting a kick to ‘’The Victim’s’’ face.
  47. 47. Shot 47 2.5 seconds Mid shot of the ‘’Attacker’’ killing ‘’The Victim’’ Only the noise of the ‘’Attacker’’ kicking ‘’the Victim’’ can be heard. Cuts to next shot.
  48. 48. Shot 48 4 seconds In this shot the camera Slowly zoom out from ‘’The Victim’s’’ face showing that he has died. Cuts to the next shot.
  49. 49. Shot 49 this will be the last shot of the scene. 4.5 seconds In this shot you see the ‘’Attacker’’ walking away from ‘’The Victim’’ who he as killed The wind can now be heard again but nothing else.