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Listening and notes taking


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Listening and notes taking

  1. 1. DENISE HAWKES SLS 1001Chapter 6: Listening and Note Taking:When you have no interest in class material, how does it affect you – your behavior, yourgrades, your connection to others, your commitment? When I have no interest in class material, I find myself wondering off in class. I don’t try to doall of the class assignments. I show up for class and take notes but when it’s time for me toleave I go home and I don’t pick up my book or look over any notes unless I have a test. Thatmeans I’m really not interested because the class isn’t required for my major and I feel like I’mwasting my time. If I feel something isn’t really important to me or its waste of time, I don’t tryto put fourth effort to get anything done. I have a nonchalant attitude. My grades will come outto a low “C”. I don’t try to interact with other students I just sit in the back of class and I don’tparticipate in any class discussion. I really don’t have a big commitment to the class I just showup enough not to fail and do enough assignments so I won’t get dropped by the professor, havea “W” on my transcript or have a “D OR F”.Next, come up with a positive course of action for Maya that might help her get something out ofher class. Maya doesn’t really know if this whole course is a waste of her time or if she wants to continuejust to get it over with because it’s required for her degree. My advice to her would be to pushherself to find something interested in the course, even if she feels like nothing grabs herattention. She may want to speak to other classmates and get their opinion on the class whatthey think of the course what makes them stay focus and interested without getting distracted.After Maya has gathered enough information, this should help her realized that the course isn’tso bad after all. She just has to keep doing good, finish all her assignments on time and she willhave a positive outcome when the course is over.