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E portfolio final career

  1. 1. Denise HawkesApril 19, 2012 SLS - 1001 Career Project
  2. 2. I learned that I am a more of a Social person who is also known as “the helper.” Iam very verbal. I love to express myself very well. I do get along when I’m ingroups with others. I love to solve problems when it comes to others. I always findmyself offering my help because I want to solve everything.Yes I was only interested in Hospitalist, lawyer and principal job offers. I think Iwould be very good at any of those three jobs. Yes I researched them all. Thosepositions are very demanding positions that I can see myself working without anyproblems. I like challenging jobs.I looked up the Surgical Technician career. I found out that their job is very busythey make an ok salary but they are really going to be on their feet a lot assistingdoctors during surgeries. They will basically be the doctor’s right hand man so tosay in the operation room. They too have to hold equipment feel around in apatient’s body when asked to by the doctor. It’s a very interesting job.I didn’t check out any of the websites but I did learn a lot about my personalityand how I am also fit for jobs that I never even considered looking into. Ifanything were to change with me going to school to be a doctor I would considertrying out of the careers that were picked for me to work on this project. All threeoptions make nice salaries.My educational Career goal is to finish the RN program in spring 2013 graduate,then transfer to Nova and Graduate from the PA program graduate with mybachelors and continue my education in medical school. Finally I will graduatefrom medical school and specialize in the orthopedic field. This project didn’tmake me change my current plans, but if something was to change in my plan andI’m unable to do what I planned then yes I would definitely look into one of thethree career choices from this project.
  3. 3. Denise Hawkes SLSPart One: Your work interests in the order you selected can be described as:Social People in the social category prefer to work with others. They tend to be highly verbal, express"the helpers" themselves well, and get along well in groups. Social types typically prefer the team approach to problem solving. People in the social category often describe themselves as cooperative, friendly, and understanding. They generally enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups.Artistic People in the artistic category prefer to be expressive. They like the opportunity to create new"the creators" things and be innovative. They typically do not like structure or conformity. They prefer to use their imagination and be creative. People in this category generally enjoy activities such as: writing, poetry, photography, designing, singing, acting, dancing, painting, attending theaters and exhibits, and reading.Enterprising People in the enterprising category often prefer activities selling and promoting. They enjoy"the persuaders" influencing others and being in a leadership position. They often use their skills to influence others. They often like competitive activities and are often self-confident, talkative and energetic. They generally enjoy discussing politics, selling and promoting, having power and status, giving talks and speeches, and leading groups.Conventional People in the conventional category often prefer orderly, systematic work. Work tasks often include"the organizers" keeping records, and organizing written and numerical materials according to a plan. They like to see things run efficiently and smoothly, which means they will pay attention to administrative details. They generally enjoy keeping accurate records, organizing, working with numbers, and using a computer.Investigative People in the investigative category often have a strong desire to understand cause and effect, and"the thinkers" solve puzzles and problems. They often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. Their work often involves the analysis of data, using formulas, graphs and numbers. Investigative types typically prefer to work independently, and with minimum supervision. People in this category generally enjoy using computers, solving math problems, interpreting formulas, and thinking abstractly.Realistic People in the realistic category often prefer to work with objects and things. They are likely to enjoy"the doers" creating things with their hands and using tools and machines. Some prefer large, powerful machines like tractors, while others prefer precision machinery such as X-ray or electronic equipment. People in this category generally enjoy being physically active, repairing equipment, rebuilding cars, fixing electrical things, solving mechanical problems, playing sports, working outdoors, and using their hands.
  4. 4. Best Matches -16 careers match both of your 2 top work values Aircraft Pilot/Flight Engineer Flies airplanes and helicopters to carry out a wide variety of tasks, such as transporting passengers and cargo,dusting crops, spreading seed for reforestation, testing aircraft, tracking criminals, monitoring traffic, and rescuing and evacuating injured persons. Biochemist/Biophysicist Researches and studies the chemistry of living organisms, the chemical actions that affect vital processes such as growth and aging, and the reaction of these processes to foods, drugs, or other substances. Computer System Engineer/Architect Designs and develops solutions to complex application problems, system administration issues or network concerns. EpidemiologistInvestigates and describes the determinants and distribution of disease, disability, and other health outcomes and develop the means for prevention and control. Financial Manager Plans, directs and coordinates accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities and other financial activities of a branch, office or department of an establishment. Geoscientist Studies the composition, structure, and other physical aspects of the earth, such as rocks and minerals. Hospitalist Provides inpatient care, predominantly in settings such as medical wards; acute care units; intensive care units; rehabilitation centers; or emergency rooms. LawyerConducts criminal and civil lawsuits, prepares legal documents, advises clients on legal rights, and practices other phases of law. Logistics Analyst Analyzes product delivery or supply chain processes to identify or recommend changes. Network Designer Determines user requirements and design specifications for computer networks. Optometrist Diagnoses and treats conditions and diseases of the human eye and visual system. Photonics Engineer Applies knowledge of engineering and mathematical theory and methods, to design technologies specializing in light information and light energy. Principal Plans, directs or coordinates the academic, clerical or auxiliary activities of public or private elementary or secondary level schools.Private InvestigatorProtects property, money, and merchandise in a store for similar establishment by detecting theft, shoplifting, and otherunlawful practices by the public or employees. Remote Sensing Scientist and Technologist Applies remote sensing principles and methods to analyze data and solve problems in areas such as natural resource management, urban planning, and homeland security.
  5. 5. Best Matches -16 careers match both of your 2 top work values Zoologist/Wildlife BiologistStudies the origins, behavior, diseases, genetics, and life processes of animals and wildlife.