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Chapter seven memory & studying


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Chapter seven memory & studying

  1. 1. Denise HawkesEvery student experiences the frustration of working hard to remember something that seemsirrelevant.• How do you handle this?I just knuckle down and do what I have to do in order to get the work done.• How should you handle it?By keeping a calm attitude and just over look what you don’t want to do and just do it becauseyou have to.• What memorization techniques do you resist trying?Photographic memory.• Is it because they seem too unrelated to the information, or too goofy?They seem too unrelated to the information.• What would you be willing to try? I would be willing to try different ways to stay interested inthe course and different studying skills to help me grasp the information.• What does Norton’s story mean for you? In college we will be faced with a lot of differentthings. We will change our course of study probably five or ten times. As long as we findsomething that we are interested we will accomplish every goal we have and get our degree.• What effects can take you beyond your world? Distractions in my personal life, which willcause me to lose focus on what I’m trying to accomplish.• What can you learn from Norton’s case about memory and study strategies?It’s reallyimportant that we all find memory and study strategies which will really help us when it’s time tostudy or remember important information.• What can you learn from Norton about analytical, creative, and practical thinking?I can use information I already know to associate with the new information I’ve learned.