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Campus scavenger hunt


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Campus scavenger hunt

  1. 1. SCAVENGER HUNT: SLS 1001 Ref. #423849 - INSTRUCTOR: Leith Mazzochi GROUP: Denise HawkesName of Office on Your Campus Building and Room Number Office Phone Number Office Hours Email/Web AddressCareer Placement Office 85 954-201-8423 954-201-4357 6:30-10:30pm m-thur www.broward.eduCampus Safety/Security m-thur 8:30-7pm 68 /100 954-201-8865Student Center/Student Services fri 8:30-4pm 67 954-201-8805 7:45-6pm pambrois@broward.eduBookstore m-thur-7:30-8 81 954-201-8825 www.broward.eduLibrary fri 7:30-4 68/213 954-201-8875 m-thur 8-7 fri 8-4pm pshaw@broward.eduAcademic Advising 68/117 954-201-8835 m-thur 8-7pm fri 8-4pm www.broward.eduRegistration m-thur 8-4:30pm fri 8-4 68/206 954-201-8903 jstubbs@broward.eduDean of Student Affairs M,tue,w,thur 8-7pm 68/118 954-201-8846 jhersh@broward.eduFinancial Aid Fri8-4pm Mon-thur 8-7pm 72 954-201-8909 www.broward.eduLearning Resource Center/Labs Fri8-4pm