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Rac pray bd 20120804

  1. 1. OUR PRAISES &PRAYER REQUESTS RiverView SDA Church August 4, 2012
  2. 2. The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest…with needed equipment, more resources & effective implementation to bring fruition of ministries in Media, Health, Education, Prayer, Friendship, Evangelism, Disaster Relief & Outreach Programs of RiverView Church and its Affiliate Ministries. Matthew 9:38
  3. 3. HCBN SATELLITE TVLet’s continue to pray for dates speakers can record withHCBN:• Dr. Mary Ann McNeilus - 2012• Bro. Stephen Dickie - 2012• Dr. & Walter Veith - 2012• Hargreaves Family – 2012• Pr Ted Wilson - 2014• Pr Raffy & Pr Blaza - 2012 onwards• Sebastian Teh - 2012• Christopher Hudson - 2012•David Asscherick - 2012•Ivor Myers - 2013
  4. 4. HCBN SATELLITE TVLet’s continue to pray for dates speakers can record withHCBN:•Mrs. Lim – 2012•Pr. Jeremiah Davis Nov 2012•Pr. Taj Pacleb 2012•Pr. Emmanuel Baek 2012•Pr. Stephen Bohr 2012•Martin Kim July 2012•Jasper Itturiaga 2012 onwards•HCBN Volunteers 2012 onwards
  5. 5. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN Low Power TVPraise God:• Timor-Leste Conference President Pr. Wesley Szamko applying for TV to go “on air” ASAP!• HCBN KK can as well do low power TV as per the guidelines of their government.Please Pray:• that Timor Leste conference can go “On Air” FM & TV in 2012.
  6. 6. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FMFM Radio Ministry throughout the Philippines–Please pray for:• “Radio DJ” Program and Songs will be installed at the uplink this weekend.• Funds needed for the National Franchise for Radio which has an amendment to carry TV.Praise God:• “Radio DJ” program is finished & being used in Iligan! HCBN FM 104.9 and also on internet [listentomyradio.com]• Legazpi HCBN FM 102.7 “On Air”.
  7. 7. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FMPlease pray for:• Romblon Mission to take on FM station project.• HCBN FM stations to switch to “Radio DJ” Program.• repair of antenna of FM transmitter set with Pr Mamac• More FM transmitters for ZPM.• Funds for CDO transmitter.Praise God:• Cabugao, Ilocos Sur “On Air” 104.7FM• Zamboanga City “On Air” 105.5FM
  8. 8. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FMHCBN FM Stations for:•Roxas City, c/o Pr. Ramil Capada•Bacolod City c/o Sergie Ferrer•Calinan, Davao c/o Alde Francisco•Valencia and San Fernando, Bukidnon c/o Pr. OscarBaragona.•Naga, Bicol•Cagayan de Oro, c/o Dave Sorreno•EVAA at Leyte•Quezon Province, c/o Pr FofueSindangan, Zamboangadel Norte, Philippine Adventist College•Semirara Island c/o Glenn Maypa WVC .
  9. 9. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FM• Tagbilaran & Sablayan, Bohol• Digos, Davao church c/o Atty. Navales• Koronadal, South Cotabato c/o Sir Eric Barnuevo• Puerto Princesa City & Santiago Isabela c/o PAMAS• Sibalom, Antique c/o Bro. Carl Sobremisana, Engr Heidy Morillo• Romblon Conference c/o Pr Faina.• Binalbagan & Cadiz, Negros Island• Cagayan Valley c/o Dr. Elvin TecsonBongao, Tawi-tawi c/o Alice Blanco/Exuan DagbusanRoxas, Palawan c/o Pr Jeff SerranoIgcocolo, Guimbal c/o Drapiza Family• San Jose Antique, c/o Atabay Church
  10. 10. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FMPlease Pray for:• Transfer of Talisay transmitter to CPAC• Anthony Frial’s travel to Mindanao installing FM installbooster of Libungan, & transmitter for Bongao.• Protection of Libungan transmitter from other parties.• Funds from transmitter donors to arrive as Anthony is inneed of funds.
  11. 11. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FM / FRIAL FAMILYPlease pray for:• Anthony Frial who continues to work on FM transmitters for HCBN & affiliates.• Frial family to receive Bible studies.• Transmitters under HCBN will be fully paid ASAP.• Attendees of Radio Programming Seminar will put up stations in their respective areas.
  12. 12. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FM / HOPE 101.9 FMPraise God for: volunteers who will be doing translation to Bisaya. recording for Bisaya & TagalogPlease pray for:• The Holy Spirit to guide us with more sermons & higher standards of music.• A 12- hour UPS for Hope 101.9 FM Transmitter.• Taker of the 200watt FM set of Partido Mission Academy• Taker of the 5watt FM transmitter set from Tibiao
  13. 13. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN FMPlease pray for:– Sum-ag FM to install Radio DJ and record with PrFortaleza.–antennas that can reach 100Km with 5 watts transmitterc/o Bro Maurie from Tasmania, guidance & funds for Neil ashe orders this from Australia.– First Light Broadcasting in New Zealand to helpfind & send the antenna–Protection of funds sent for FM Transmitters
  14. 14. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TV PHILIPPINES• Please pray for Guidance and blessing on HCBN Iloilo: Pr. David & Aunt Becky, Jon & Natalie Wood, Boyz & Bing, Sir Van & Maam Emz, Neil Panes, Ron, Vincent & May Ann Baragona, Mark, Jonalyn & Neil Martino (in Cavite), Kirby Miasco, Tony Atienza, JR Fuentes, Chris Binas, FC Ladines, Gaelle & Ralph Rubrico, Joan Buncad, Jayce, Ken Guillem, Gem Castor, Eden Guarnes (1K MM Campus), Jennifer Gulle, Pia Gandullas, Bro. Erwin Tan (in Mla.), Sir Paul Penaranda (in L.A.), Romelyn, Jeff Godines, Adam Flores, Elmond Mondigo (Musuan), Jerry Karundeng (Jakarta), Roxanne Rabino, Rade Delgra, Pr. Ranny, Anthony Frial, Rex Sincero, Bro Benji Sulit, Grace De Asis, Engr. Protacio, Dr’s. Wetz & Jeng De la Cruz, Dr’s. Teody & Najla Flores, Rogen and Jane, Paul & Brian Penaranda, Connie & Edward Vito, Dr. & Mrs. Panes, Jance Perlas, Bro Gunawan, Dave & Dr. Blessy Varona, Weng Sandot, JB Sta. Romana, Jus Jamandre, Sir Torts & Maam Neng, Pr Chris & Sir Win (AUP), Raymer Modillas, Madi Sabelina, Ian, Rendel, Pr. Oscar & Mrs. Lydia Baragona, Ong Family, Jus & Jil Jamandre, Jasper Ituriaga, Jezreel Napirre, Shepard Ectin, Rose Ann Martos, Ling Parrenas, Joven Abendido, Joy Tagle & Winelfred Pasamba… as they continue to carry out the work of operating a satellite TV network on meager resources.
  15. 15. HCBN SATELLITE TVSPECIAL PRAYERS NEEDED FOR: HCBN ASIA (PHILIPPINES)SATELLITE UPLINK FEES $23,000.00(June & July 2012 needed ASAP!), $11,000monthly.PRAISE GOD! that HE is in control..PRAISE GOD! that HE owns all the resourcesPRAISE GOD! that HE is going to do anothermiracle, &PRAISE GOD! For what HE will do...
  16. 16. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPraise God!• Immediate arrival of funds for the needed media centers, OB Van, Independent power source, advance uplink fees. uplink facilities.Please Pray for:• God’s choice of local volunteers & talents for Filipino/Asian Music Videos.• More people for the Philanthropic Board• Donor from Cebu c/o Tito Joel• Funds needed for the monthly operational expenses.
  17. 17. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN ASIA SATELLITE TV• Please pray for funds for needed eqpt. for HCBN Iloilo:– hxr-fmu128 flash memory units & tripods for the 3-NX5 HD cameras.– 3 HD MC 50 Sony camcorders w/ SDI out– Replace HDD for 3 yr old computer units.– Replace DVD direct printers.– Assembly of the 3rd IWAC.– Software needed for editing of HD materials.– 4 units MacPro 12 core with Solid State Drives– ATEM 1 & recorder for RMA, ATEM 2nd set acquisition– MBP 17 Quad core with Solid State Drive.
  18. 18. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for:1. The Youth PLUS using Messages to Young People with:Jessa Bolivar, Amazing Parreno, Jasper Itturiaga, Pastor Maquirang, Pr. Sualog.2. Cooking Show Show with Mrs Josephine Maypa3. Production Training with Chris HudsonAugust 30 - September 8
  19. 19. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for:4. HCBN "Hymns and Praises" Musical productionFeaturing Local Talents (vocals and with instruments)with Maam Emz and Vits5. Paglaum Sang Kabuhi this July 2012.6. "Health Nuggets" with Med Students from Riverview7. Spirit of Prophecy programs with Jasper Ituriaga
  20. 20. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for Production Plans:1. provide 1-hour slot for different ministries monthly(Promotion, field reports)- 1000MM, PFM, Sulads, etc..2. Daily Devotionals3. Childrens Show with Lorrenne & Ma’am VirgieBaloyo-August/Septemberfor "HCBN Pulpit"
  21. 21. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for Production plans:4. "Abys Corner" - Trivia fillers5. Livelihood (seaweeds) with Doc Ann6. Heath Fillers Doc Doris7. WVC Pastors for "HCBN Pulpit"8. Recording of Events with Pr David Asscherick / Pr IvorMyers. 2012 & 2013.
  22. 22. HCBN SATELLITE TV Please pray for more musicians:–Bro. Victor Agdalapis–Iloilo City Church Choirs (Jaro Adventist, ICC,RiverView)–WVC talents–HCBN Iloilo Volunteers–Programs and Volunteers from Japan & SouthKorea–Thomas Humphreys & Raya from England toRecord and share testimonies at HCBN.–A Grand Piano and location we can use to record theirmusic.
  23. 23. HCBN SATELLITE TV• Please pray for more recordings of programs:–Local Pastors of WVC in Philippine Languages–Pr. Ivan Remocal to record Tagalog Central Study Hour_ Maam Karthy Aguillon – to do more Kids ministry at MVC 2012._ HCBN Production & Edit Team to produce minimum of 10 Hours of “Air-able” materials weekly to start July.• Completion of AF Revelation Seminar Tibiao for “Airing”• Use of Tibiao Videos to qualify Mikee as one of CPUC youth speakers to work with Ted Wilson in New York USA.
  24. 24. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for:• AMR daily programs for the peoples of the ZPM & Visayan Islands un-entered by SDA’s• Audio team for production, edit & multi-track record using N12 audio mixer.• Music Talents for recording Audio Materials• Talents for translation of videos, tracts, & lyrics• maximize Studio Production output.
  25. 25. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for:• Big funds coming for Humanitarian work.• the right people for the Advisory Board & Creative Team (Producers) & Video Editors for HCBN.• more writers needed for the newsletter updates of the websites & donor care.• Daily Prduction of 1 Hour program for the Youth!Praise God for the:• Commitments from Promo Team to come up with 1 hour of “Air-able” material weekly.
  26. 26. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease pray for needs of HCBN Iloilo:•Arrival of More Uplink fees to pay in advance.•Equipment for media center & OB van.•Funds for Repair of Sony NX cam 1.•Arrival of Camera Set & switcher for Libungan•Sale of Properties to build Media Center.Praise God for: • Financial Assistance coming from West Visayan Conference.
  27. 27. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TV PHILIPPINESPRAISE GOD!•Funds that arrived this week for operations.•Funds for advance uplink fees that will arrivePLEASE PRAY FOR:•Gods choice of incoming HCBN volunteers/ vegan cook•Blessing & Protection on outgoing HCBN Volunteers.•Guidance on the Training at HCBN.
  28. 28. HCBN Medical Mission• Praise God:–LaPaz Police Station officers want health lectures every Sabbath c/o Sir Alex.• Please Pray:-Vice Mayor Espinosa will embed health lectures for all barangays in iloilo City.-for the outreach for this Sabbath 4PM.- Safe Travels of HCBN Volunteers this weekend.
  29. 29. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TV INDONESIAPlease pray for: Guidance and blessing on HCBN Indonesia:• Sir Ramon & Maam Shandy, Maam Irene, Jerry Karundeng, CharlieTanara, Ivandy Areros, Bruce Kumaat, Alfrets Yunus, Marce Mambo, ElliaSingkoh, Rani Lisal, Joshua Sagala, Andre Tampubolon, Derryl, BudiDarmawan, Melissa Panggabean, Elvie Adung, Bryan Rompas, AgusTanuwidjaya, Bro. Ipon + other incoming volunteers.• as they continue to carry out the work of operating asatellite TV network in a Moslem country and village.• to move in Unity & continue to practice country living.Praise God: aircraft has been given to HCBN Indonesia.
  30. 30. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TV PHILIPPINESPRAISE GOD!•Opportunity for Youth Program is still available for 1Hr Daily for Mega Manila.•SKY Cable TV will be uplinked by TBN and will carryHCBN for free Nationwide.SPECIAL PRAYERS FOR:•HCBN Volunteers to pursue media work with realconviction and focus on work at hand to deliver minimum of10 hours “air-able” output weekly.•Possibility of 3ABN to be on Ch. 31 Mega Manila.
  31. 31. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TV MALAYSIAPlease pray for:• Guidance and blessing on HCBN Malaysia: Sir Patrick Choo, Dr. Saiman Sandah, Maam NoriaPalalum, and all other volunteers...as they continue to carryout the work of operating a media center for the Malaysianpopulation.•Media Volunteer needed.Praise God for:willingness to live their life in purity as they serve this mediaministry.internet radio! www.shoutcast.com
  32. 32. MEDIA INITIATIVES HCBN SATELLITE TVPlease Pray for:• Satellites to go on for HCBN Pacific (Australia), Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & India.• More CaTV companies to receive HCBN on KoreaSat 5• Training for volunteers to beam satellite receiver dishes.• Handel Smith to be able to feed HCBN in to South Korea.
  33. 33. MEDIA INITIATIVES CABLE TV MINISTRYLets Pray:• to get HCBN & other Adventist Satellite TV Programs on allmember CaTV companies of PCTA.That we locate more CaTV Co’s: • w/ Satellite Dishes on ThaiCom5 for 3ABN & KoreaSat5/ABS8 for HCBN in SSD & NSD territory. • more satellite dish & box set sources and suppliers in NSD territory.
  34. 34. MEDIA INITIATIVES RiverView Church Resource CenterPlease Pray for:•person to continue work of Ruby.•activities to be financially self-sustaining.Special Prayers for GOD’s guidance on Bro.Stephen Dickie for the DIDDE Press:* Possibly ship the press with container of Dr DavidStriefling from Canada.
  35. 35. EDUCATION MINISTRY RiverView Adventist AcademyProverbs 19:2: Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good; and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.Special Prayers for:• Resources to expand the school facilities to utilize 2,000 sq m donated.• The Holy Spirit and unity to guide each of our RAA Teachers, Staff & School Board on how to lead the RAA students, parents and families to Jesus.
  36. 36. EDUCATION MINISTRY RiverView Adventist Academy• Continue to Pray that:–Christian Values & Discipline will be upheld, taught & lived by the church & school board, teachers, staff, parents & students of RAA.–Succession Program to be implemented.–Home Schooling will be made available.–Education & Church manuals and procedures will be followed.
  37. 37. Let’s pray for our ongoing Harvest CampaignFor our RiverView Volunteer Bible Workers, as they continue to win souls for the Lord:Brothers: Ramil Brillo, Pablito De Asis, Philen Patriaca, Jowel Mercado, Walter Villamejor, Ferpeniples Apelo, Robert Baldoza, Jovan Valendez, Joefer Soliman, Hermie Jun Jumawan, Gerald “Ameng”Jinon, Rhea Jangit & Sis. Herolyn Villo.Please pray for more GOD’s chosen Volunteer Bible workers to join RiverView SDA Church.Holy Spirit to be upon Bro. Jowel Mercado & Philen as they Harvest Souls from Tibiao & IPIJ.
  38. 38. RAC Bible WorkersLet’s pray for:• Church lots for:– Concepcion, Talisay City, Negros Occidental.– Sooc Mandurriao, Molo, Tabuc Suba, Jaro Iloilo City, Tambara Talisay City Negros Occ• The Holy Spirit to be with the group/family in-charge of the Sabbath worship services at IPIJ (Iloilo Provincial Integrated Jail) today.
  39. 39. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• We are to trust in His promises. When we come to Him in faith, every petition enters the heart of God. When we have asked for His blessing, we should believe that we receive it, and thank Him that we have received it. Then we are to go about our duties, assured that the blessing will be realized when we need it most. When we have learned to do this, we shall know that our prayers are answered. God will do for us "exceeding abundantly," "according to the riches of His glory," and "the working of His mighty power." Eph. 3:20, 16; 1:19.
  40. 40. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease Pray for HCBN / GMI family more people to support, participate & open more ministries locally & internationally. Sale of Doods’ house so they can come home to join the ministries. 90+ indigent Patients of Sis. Herolyn Villo & Bro. Charles in Brgy. Tambara, Talisay City Negros Occ. and are now studying the Scriptures and stopped drinking softdrinks the plans to support the Ministries sale of properties for the use of ministries.
  41. 41. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease Pray for our Brethren in China: Release of 5 more brethren still in prison in China. Sebastian & Yuni Teh – to come to RiverView to start Medical Missionary Training So they can get back their passports, get released from house arrest, and their Bank Accounts freed up so they can come to help at HCBN.
  42. 42. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration WVC•Please Pray for:_ Court cases vs the previous leadership to be quashed,and no more future court cases._ Unity of WVC will be restored thru Blessings of more: Tithes & Offerings, Soul Winning &, Church Planting_ Deaf Ministry will be restored in the WVC ASAP!
  43. 43. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease Pray for:•Ms. Florida M. Arcobillas - healing from Cancer• Mr. Virgilio Lagamayo - healing from ColonCancer.• Cesar Robit Jr. - safety as a seaman for theduration of this contract.•Dad of Dr Joel Sabangnan needing medicalattention.
  44. 44. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease Pray for:• Sis Sal-ing of Bgy Bito-on (89 yrs old)• Bro. Beltran Garcia - recovery from strokeTeachers board examinees:• Sis Noraline Disomimba
  45. 45. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• Please Pray for:- Dennis Go – for God’s guidance on new venture.- Continued Peace in the home of Rogen & Jane & Safety during travels.Healing for:- Lorgina Doctora - chemo treatments- Sebastian Tan - 10 yr old having brain tumor removed & needs chemo treatments and funds for hospitalization- Tan Chin Heng - preparations for transfer to Manila- George Turiaga Lim - release from habits
  46. 46. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPraise God for:• Sons & staff of Sheikh Moshen Labban will continue to do AMR work in Sydney and Istanbul after the passing of the Sheikh.Please Continue to pray for:• Owen & Accmed Labban to overcome smoking.• God to intervene to push thru with the talks at Sydney & meetings at Istanbul!
  47. 47. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• Cornea transplant of Bro. Joefer Soliman.• Baby for Jen & Vernie• Alice Hazel Primero Sandig – healing from Aneurysm• Nanay “Suting Fernandez” vs. spinal tumor.• Healing for: - Boy Penasales- Sis Nemia Laroscain- Sis Fely Zerrudo
  48. 48. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease continue to Pray for:• Mom of Jerry Karundeng for God’s will on hercondition.• Mom of Handel Smith (of HCBN Korea) for God’swill on her cancer.•Guidance & Protection of the Holy Spirit over JulietAlvarez.
  49. 49. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• Claro, Cressida, EJ & family to come to the Lord!• Mom Cressida’s rehab work needed for her left leg• Safe Return of Methuselah & Cousin of Dr. Elvin Chong.• Sale of Jolen’s house in Mindanao
  50. 50. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• Gino Miasco - to receive Bible studies• God’s plan & protection for Jane & Alimar Macarampat.• Vice Mayor Pelver Medina & Family of Tibiao to continue studying the Scripture• SB Alvarez & Family of Tibiao who are studying the Bible• Family of Archt Larry Flores to open up to SDA message.
  51. 51. Requests for God’s Guidance, Protection, Healing & Restoration• Maricar - vs Lupus• Sarah Samut vs Seizures• Mikah to be ready for a successful operation forher hernia.• Engr. Roselyn Villo & Family to have BibleStudies.• Bro Romy Pediongco to let go of the things thatprevent him from going back to church.
  52. 52. Requests for Protection, Healing & RestorationPlease Pray for:•Belle Santa Romana - from kidneycomplications.•Tito Bill Hormillosa – in the USA needing tochange lifestyle•Max Sentina – vs Insomnia and Alcohol•Erma Guarin – vs Anemia•Pr Ranny - full recovery from mc accidentfor comfort of the Villanueva family at the passing of
  53. 53. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration• Bible study group on “FACEBOOK”.• More friends we can add to FACEBOOK Biblestudy.• Praise God for Bible Studies on Facebookfor:Tito Espanola Hervacio (USA), Ruel Pamplona(Canada) & the rest of the 1380+ group memberson-line.
  54. 54. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration
  55. 55. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration Please Pray for: • Rene Magcanam to respond to natural healing.• Lina Braun - vs Breast Cancer• Carolina Soriano - vs Cerebral PalsyPraise God for: • Safe Return of Atty. Judith from the USA. • sparing us from typhoon”Gener”.
  56. 56. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration•Please Pray for:Family of Edmundo to come toJesus soon.•Grandmother of Edmundo needing Oxygen forbreathing.•Mother of Bebeleth Parrenas vs Vertigo.•Rebeaming of Satellite Dish of all CaTV companies toKoreaSat 5 to obtain HCBN.
  57. 57. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration / IPIJ• Please Pray for: Bibles studies for Bro. Lego &fianceé, & his withdrawal from coffee.•Court approval of beach baptism for Bro. Lego.•Bible studies for Jail guard Pagtanan & family.
  58. 58. Requests for Protection, Healing & Restoration / IPIJ• Please Pray for: Permits for Visits of BibleWorkers to continue.•Sabbath Services to continue .•healing of Jose Badanoy•release of Sis Jenilee Sapa & Bro Gorgonio Jonora•On-going Amazing Facts Revelation Seminar at IPIJ.
  59. 59. MINISTRY AFFILIATES JESUS For Asia– Praise God for:• Volunteers, Supporters & Sponsors of JESUS for Asia, especially for the funds needed for the Bible Workers in Iloilo & India.- Please Pray for Jon to finish EDIT of the Film entitled “I Want This City” ASAP.
  60. 60. MINISTRY AFFILIATES JESUS For AsiaPlease pray: That the Holy Spirit will attend each andevery copy of “Adventist World” ( for June &July 2012) that goes into 360,000 homes ( inNAD) and that it makes an impression on theirhearts and minds?Not only to donate to Gods cause but also thattheir hearts will be stirred to greater goodworks and devotion to the Savior.
  61. 61. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Alumni & Friends of WVA– Praise God for:• For help Sir Doding is doing for HCBN- Please Pray for: • the conviction of the participants of the Revelation Sem for the ELITE and continuation of this program. • Janet a participant of Elite Rev Sem attending SDA Sabbath Worship services.
  62. 62. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Strawberry Meadow Assoc.”Please Pray for:• DIDDE press guidance and provision for shipment to Iloilo• Use of “Allah’s Healing Way” by SSD health dept.• Stephen Dickies’ Preparations & Enlightenment for talks in Australia, Singapore, Philippines (2012), Turkey, South Africa, Etc.• A date & venue when Stephen Dickie will meet with Dr. Walter Veith & Pr. Lowell.
  63. 63. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Strawberry Meadow Assoc.”Please pray for:• Mary Ann McNeilus, MD. with other speakers from USA on Health to join Elder Stephen Dickie when he comes to the Philippines next time.• Translation & Printing of “Allah’s Healing Way“ to Muslim languages by Sir Torts & Co., to Hiligaynon by Vita Jamandre, to Pilipino by Dr. Doris Mendoza.
  64. 64. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Strawberry Meadow Assoc.”Please pray for Stephen Dickie’s:• Coming speaking engagement in Sydney, Australia and Istanbul as well.• AMR Work to be opened in South Africa 2012.• AMR Work to be opened in Turkey 2012.• Safe travels as he pushes the AMR work.• Get a quotation of Allah’s Healing Way in
  65. 65. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Strawberry Meadow Assoc.”Please pray for:• Desalinators from Australia & USA for the Islands with SULAD missionaries.• Acceptance of Donors to visit the AMR work in Mindanao.• More funds for the SULADS.
  66. 66. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Wildwood/ L.I.G.H.T.Please pray for:• Wildwood/LIGHT to be back for recordings at HCBN on a regular basis.• Wildwood/LIGHT Centers in the Visayas (Guimaras) & Mindanao.• Financial Help from OCI for training center in Guimaras to start 2013.• Bakers & vegan cooks to come & help HCBN.
  67. 67. MINISTRY AFFILIATES UCHEE PINESPlease pray for:• Realization of Uchee Pines team & wellness center site in Guimaras.Praise God for:• God’s guidance & provision to return & start in the Philippines. (session/country store/resto/treatment rooms/wellness center campus).• More programs for broadcast at HCBN by Uchee Pines staff.
  68. 68. MINISTRY AFFILIATES The Countrylife Bakery & Health FoodsPlease pray for:• Unity of the management, senior staff & workers of “Countrylife Bakery” and adhesion to the Principles of the SDA church.• Ovens needed and work for the MVC & Iloilo Bakery.Praise God for: Assistance with the farms, gardens, bakery, & wellness project at Guimaras island.
  69. 69. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Everlasting Gospel Publishing Assoc.Praise God for:• Willingness to support Media Projects of HCBN Korea.• Safety of Bro. Samuel & family during travels abroad.• Supply of SDA Books to HCBN for the Philippines.
  70. 70. MINISTRY AFFILIATES South Philippine Union Conference Zamboanga Peninsula Mission• Finish Building of a Multi-purpose Hall at Ipil, Sibugay• Plans for a new ZPM Headquarters in Ipil Sibugay• Lot for the ZPM Sanitarium & Hospital in Zamboanga City• Dormitory Building for the Academy of ZPM.• Unity of the Bongao church.
  71. 71. MINISTRY AFFILIATES South Philippine Union Conference Zamboanga Peninsula Mission• Production of daily TV & Radio programs for ZPM & the 700 Islands of Tawi-Tawi• AMR Tracts from Pr Rudy Harnisch to be used in ZPM ASAP.• AMR lectures of Bro. Stephen Dickie for reproduction & use of ZPM workers & church members.• Livelihood programs by Doc Anne on seaweeds.• More FM Transmitters for Zamboanga Mission.• Repair of antenna of FM Station of ZPM ASAP!
  72. 72. Let’s pray for our other MINISTRY AFFILIATES PAMAS / PALAWAN ADVENTIST HOSPITAL / ADVENTIST FRONTIER MISSIONSPlease Pray for:• Volunteers, Danny Henson, Dwayne & Wendy Harris, Etc. as they minister in Palawan, Luzon and Mindanao.• The Medical Aviation planned for Luzon & Mindanao• 200 Watt FM transmitter for Puerto Princesa City Palawan.
  73. 73. Let’s pray for our other MINISTRY AFFILIATES PAMAS / PALAWAN ADVENTIST HOSPITAL / ADVENTIST FRONTIER MISSIONSPraise God for:• Aircraft that has arrived in the Philipppines.• Safety of Dwayne & Wendy from USA to Philippines.Please Pray for:• more aircraft• replacement Helicopter for Palawan
  74. 74. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Drs Teody & Najla FloresPraise God for:– Financial & Logistic support they are providing for the travels of HCBN volunteers.– Medical-Dental Missions they will be performing.– Guidance as they lead the MAMC Church.– Programs they do that can be supported by HCBN.Dr. Doris A. Mendoza• healthy lifestyle lectures to priests and nuns
  75. 75. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “OHI” Operation Hope InternationalPraise God for:– - more souls who accepted baptism at Boracay last Sabbath! Please Pray for:• Travels of Bro Joefer Soliman who will assist harvests in boracay.• a good harvest of souls.• nuture of new members.• charcoal ministry• Tono, Tibiao, Antique as target area for 2013.
  76. 76. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease pray for:– Funds for “Worship Center” on Laa Island.– Guidance & focus for HCBN to produce AMR programs for broadcast.– Medical-Dental Missions to be performed for Moslems– Person God will send for the repair and upkeep of the pumpboat at Laa.– AMR workshop for SPUC & WVC workers 2012.
  77. 77. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease have Special prayers for:–a date of Meeting of Stephen & Pr Lowell 2012.–a breakthrough for the SDA Church to come to a united view on Principles, Stands, Approaches and Methodology on how approach and bring our Muslim Brethren to read the Bible.–the SDA church to have leaders and grassroots level “Champions” for AMR work.
  78. 78. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease pray for:– Funds for the expansion & repair of our two “SDA Worship Center” in Bohe, Indangan & Simunol Island- the cradle of Islam in the Philippines, for our Sama & Tausog Muslim SDA bretheren– Funds for full time volunteer “Lay Bible Worker” in Bohe Indangan, Simunol, Tawi-tawi who can speak both the local languages to nurture Sama & Tausug SDA Muslim brethren as well as minister to the whole Muslim community– Livelihood projects for our Simunol SDA Bretheren– Volunteers & support funds for the expansion of AMR projects
  79. 79. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease pray for:Building of School Dormitory and Medical Center in Zamboanga City to cater the needs of the Muslim populace as well as the community and the surrounding islands.Health Lectures in Muslim communities in Iligan has started.Funds needed by Heart Missionaries for FM Transmitter for Cagayan De Oro.
  80. 80. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease Pray for:•Higher tower for Zamboanga City FM Transmitter•Low Power Radio Transmitters for: 1. MIDWAYCHURCH & EAST COAST CHURCH,ZAMBOANGA c/o Bro Calvin Batislaon.•Marawi Areas to have HCBN FM!•HCBN to be made available in Siocon & 3 moremunicipalities c/o Pr Dabalos.•Dr Alejandro Panes as he leads of the SULADS•resources and land that they can use to support theSULADS thru gardening.
  81. 81. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Adventist Moslem RelationsPlease Pray for:•Asif in Pakistan•Imam allows him to read the bible to him•School head allows him to teach the Bible so they canunderstand the Quran.•Pr Rudy Harnisch & Family in Alberta as they prepare tosend a 40 foot container of swahili materials to Africa.•Pr Rudy will make a trip to Tanzania this comingJanuary 2013 for rounds of evangelistic series.•Pr Rudy to send Bibles to Nigeria.
  82. 82. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Mount of Blessings Hospital”Please pray for:• Health & Protection of Dr’s Wetz, Jeng & family• Safety of travels.• Funds for the travels of HCBN team.• Dedicated project to fund HCBN operations.• Acquisition of an MC 50U Video Production set c/o Sir Tony.• Building of an AMR Resource Center.• Building of a Worship Center for the Hospital.• Recovery of Dr. Benjamin De la Cruz.
  83. 83. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Lifestyle Philippines Wellness Center”Please Pray for:–Activation of the Printing press ASAP!–Start of Wellness center in Calinan, Davao.–Blessings as they support the work in Samal Island.–Implementation of Power Generation projects.–God’s guidance as they run a Veggie Restaurant atDavao City.
  84. 84. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Gospel Outreach”Let’s continue to pray for:• Dr. Fred Webb as he works on a TV special on SULADS to get funds for repair & operational funds for the Pumpboat from Iloilo.• Immediate Restoration of the started ministry for the deaf at WVC under the lead of Pr Rudy Baloyo.• One-day churches for the Philippines.• Students they can send to PAFCOE 2-2012
  85. 85. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “SULADS”Let’s continue to pray for:• funds for the volunteers in the Sulu Sea Islands.• Protection as they work in the MILF war zone Kauswagan, Lanao del Sur.• Princess Jasmin Moner as she studies Revelation
  86. 86. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “SULADS”Let’s continue to pray for:• Safety, health, sustenance, healing & guidance of the SULADS assigned to the SULU sea with a bigger responsibility to open up 695 more islands…• Gardening can start & continue to feed volunteers.• One day worship centers for these areas in the Philippines.
  87. 87. MINISTRY AFFILIATES “Redeem Church” c/o Oladayo Olukolade Ogunkoya Ketu, Lagos Nigeria“Hi! am head of a young house church. We are in rural Nigeria but we have open doors to witness and disciple others.”“Can you send us: - hundred of Bibles (diff translation, plain, reference, new or old. - concordance, dictionaries as also - Christian books to help build believers. THANK YOU!”
  88. 88. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Gospel Ministries Intl (GMI)Please Pray for:– The 16 Gospel Ministries International networks.– Bob Norton, a pilot of GMI in Venezuela, who went down 41 months ago with 6 other people including his wife Neiba.– Thank you for joining the prayers and fasting for immediate release, Protection of Funds, needed contact persons, God’s Plans of use, Donors & their willingness to Support GMI.
  89. 89. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Gospel Ministries Intl (GMI) Grenada Family NetworkPlease continue to Pray for John Bartels KneeNeeds of the Station: _ funds to Finish Construction at Grenada _ John to get back to oversee work
  90. 90. MEDIA INITIATIVES FBN TV NZPraise God for: Mike Dutt, Andrew Ross, Alan Tham, Maurice Dobson,Pastor Paul Gredig, Doug Hurley, Nathan Mitchell, Roy &Nikki Yeo running FBN TV NZ.a firm launch date for Firstlight TV in New Zealand! The17th September 2012 at 6pm when Firstlight TVwill be on the Freeview Terrestrial platform - Channel 26.Please pray for: Play-out system needed.
  91. 91. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Gospel Ministries Intl (GMI) FirstLight Broadcasting New ZealandPraise God:for the funds He has provided to go “On Air”Please Pray for:unity of the Board, preparation of the EPG
  92. 92. MINISTRY AFFILIATES ASAP - Adventist Southeast Asia ProjectsPlease Pray for:– the distribution of ASAP lastest DVD - “Trials to Triumph”– People who receive the DVD’s to support as well as get involved with the ASAP ministries.– Refugees to find Jesus!
  93. 93. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HCBN Networks needed…Praise God for coming HCBN Media Centers at:– Singapore– Australia– South Korea– Bangladesh– Mumbai India– Mongolia– Manila Center Church/ Makati– Africa– Japan
  94. 94. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HCBN IndonesiaPlease pray for:• More Volunteers chosen by God to be sent.• United prayer of the board will continue 8AM every Sunday.• Programs for Indonesia to be accepted by the Moslem viewers.• God’s wisdom to use the same satellite for Indonesia and Philippines, Thailand.• Possibility of uplinking for the Philippines.• Possibly uplinking eFCA.
  95. 95. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HCBN KoreaPlease Pray for:– Pioneering team to start work that needs to be done.– Guidance and resources to accomplish this task.– Establishing a non-stock, non-profit company and board of directors.– Programs & technology available.Praise God for:– HCBN Korea board & volunteers of God’s choice.– Interest of EGPA to support HCBN Korea.– Available core group of media practicing volunteers.
  96. 96. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Northern ASIA Pacific Div. (NSD)Please Pray for: .– Media Projects (health channel on TV, Cable TV, radio stations) to go “On Air” asap!– Acceptance of FaithCamps for NSD.Praise God for:– HCBN Korea to go internet streaming– Pioneer team for HCBN Korea
  97. 97. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HCBN ASIA (Mongolia)Praise God!• For Dr & Mrs Joshua Daly & son Kaleb determined & dedicated to continue work in difficult conditions.Pray that:– We will be able to produce programs in Mongolian language and put them on air ASAP!– More volunteers will answer the call.
  98. 98. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HCBN KK (ASIA-PACIFIC MALAYSIA)Please pray for:• God to send his selected volunteers, funds, the spiritof unity & protection of the network in its infancy.• God’s wisdom bestowed upon the Board members.• Volunteers to practice purity in their lives...•needed media volunteer that is spiritually grounded.
  99. 99. MINISTRY AFFILIATES CLC / LL7 / AGMP• Please Pray for: HOPE NORTH– Support of PAFCOE as well as AF Iloilo 2012 - 2LL7 to send students to next PAFCOE.guidance for Pr Joe Orbe.live, practice & preach the music guidelines.Philippine Copyrights for Video materials of foreign Ministries.
  100. 100. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Central Philippine Adventist CollegePlease pray for:• Theology Dept to incorporate PAFCOE classes & methods in their curriculum.• SDA Standards on music and dress will be embedded in curriculum.
  101. 101. MINISTRY AFFILIATES HOPE CHANNEL PHILIPPINESPlease pray for the:• Needed Funds to acquire frequencies for radio & TV.• Terrestrial TV Station, TV Transmitters, & CaTV Co’s to air their programs.• Talents needed• Production of programs in the Philippines.• Guidance to get “On Air” ASAP!
  102. 102. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Amazing FactsPlease Pray for:• Production of new “Bible Treasures” Kids’ Program at HCBN Iloilo 2012.• Preparation of the hearts & safe travel of Students for the 2nd PAFCOE session August 9 - December 11, 2012.Praise God for:• safe arrival of Yvonne to RiverView Church.
  103. 103. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Amazing Facts/ PAFCOEPlease pray for:•God’s choice of students He will send to PAFCOE 2012-2.•More donors to fund students who can’t afford the paytheir way for PAFCOE 2012-2.•Safe & Immediate arrival of unaccompanied Trunks ofHargreaves family to RiverView.•More support & participation from WVC & the SSD,NPUM, CPUC & SPUC.
  104. 104. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Amazing Facts/ PAFCOEPraise God:• Brethren from Manila Center Church headed by PrJoel Sarmiento plan to visit PAFCOE in action on August30 to September 2, 2012 in preparation to host PAFCOEfor 2013.• Amazing Facts has approved to continue PAFCOE andhas provided some fund for AF Iloilo.Please Continue to pray for:• PAFCOE 2014 for SPUC if God allows time tolinger.
  105. 105. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Amazing Facts/ AF ILOILO 2012-2Please Pray for:•AF Iloilo 2012-2 Venue in Molo or Bo. Obrero as well as asite to build a church to be worked by Lapuz & RiverViewwith the ultimate goal of planting a church.•RiverView to continue to be a PAFCOE site.•train more evangelists for Children.•Covered Gym of Bo. Obrero Elementary School for AF2012 -2 August 24 to October 6, 2012.
  106. 106. MINISTRY AFFILIATES RiverView Church ACSPlease pray for:• HCBN TV & FM for IPIJ.• Atty. Judith as she leads out in this effort.• “LIGHT” Medical Missionary Training at IPIJ to be adopted by BJMP Nationwide Philippines.
  107. 107. MINISTRY AFFILIATES KingsCliff SDA Church AustraliaHCBN to receive “Bible Boot Camp” videos of Pr David Asscherick from Gold Coast Australia.Activation of HCBN Australia with $120,000 video equipment & volunteers.“Bible Boot Camp” for RiverView Church w/ Pr. David Asscherick
  108. 108. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Messiah’s MansionPlease pray for:•Guidance for David & Belinda Tang as they start thisministry in ASIA.•People & resources needed to start this ministry.•Graduates from PAFCOE needed in this ministry.•Send Students to PAFCOE 2-2012.•As they continue to support HCBN with materials.
  109. 109. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Romblon MissionPlease pray for:•Guidance for Pr. Manase Sarsoza as he leads out toevangelize the 500,000 population of Romblon withPAFCOE graduates.•Participate as PAFCOE & AF host Mission.•Other projects where RiverView & HCBN can assist.•Romblon Mission to pursue the FM Transmitter project.
  110. 110. MINISTRY AFFILIATES SALT Ministries (Cambodia)Praise God for:•SALT being a light to the people and refugees ofCambodia.Please Pray for:• Needed Mechanics teacher.
  111. 111. MINISTRY AFFILIATES Maranatha SDA Church (Singapore)Praise God for:•Willingness of church family to do revival Programs.Please Pray for:• Needed Speakers:•Pr Randy Skeete•Martin Kim•David Asscherick
  112. 112. FAITHCAMP’s (FCA’s)Our standing before God depends, not upon the amount of light we have received, but upon the use we make of what we have. Thus even the heathen who choose the right as far as they can distinguish it are in a more favorable condition than are those who have had great light, and profess to serve God, but who disregard the light, and by their daily life contradict their profession.
  113. 113. FAITHCAMP ASIA (FCA)Please join our Fasting & Prayers for:– Meetings of Pr David with the GC Officers.– Praise God for the interest for FCA of Japan, Malaysia, India & Thailand.
  114. 114. FAITHCAMP ASIA (FCA)Let’s pray that:• God will heal, convict & guide the decisions of SSD, NPUC, SPUC, CPUC, SSD &, MVC leaders.• Availability & funds for speakers to be at the needed FCA’s.Praise God for:• More Coming e-FCAs with internet streaming.
  115. 115. FAITHCAMP ASIA (FCA)Please Pray for:– Organizing Committees for Singapore, Japan, Thailand, NPUC, SPUC, Bali Indonesia & North Luzon, Japan, Turkey FCA’s– Guidance & provisions for the logistics plan.– Wider acceptance of FCAs.– Funds and resources needed to organize & run CPUCYC.– Formalized & Organized Speakers Clearances procedure.
  116. 116. UPCOMING EVENTS FAITHCAMPs ASIA (FCA)• Philippines CPUC or NPUC, Oct 2012•Bali, Indonesia 2012•Manado, Indonesia 2012•Bangkok, Thailand 2012• WVC CampMeetings Oct 2012
  117. 117. UPCOMING EVENTS FAITHCAMPs ASIA / AFRICA (FCA)• South Korea 2012• Japan 2012• Tanzania 2012• Singapore 2012• Turkey 2012• India 2012
  118. 118. UPCOMING EVENTS:AMR talks at Sydney & Istanbul 2012PAFCOE 2012 -2 August to December2012AF ILOILO & Health Expo Aug 24 to Oct 6,2012Evangelistic Series Hibao-an with RandySteffens Oct 5, 2012 to Sept 3, 2012PAFCOE 2-2012 OJT Nov 9 to Dec 5,2012.
  119. 119. BIG PROJECTS PLANNED FOR THE LORD’S WORK• WSJ Campus, Wellness Center, Health Food Factories, & Lay Workers Housing.• AMR Training Center at Libungan, Cotabato• Renewable energy & gardening projects that will support media ministries.
  120. 120. BIG PROJECTS PLANNED FOR THE LORD’S WORK• Pray for forthcoming facilities such as:–HCBN Media Center Facility with Stand-by power and sustainable food production for HCBN Studio for Iloilo, KK, Singapore.–Air Con Printing press site for DIDDE Press.• UCHEE PINES Center Guimaras, Philippines w/ Volunteer core group.
  121. 121. SPECIAL PRAYERS:The outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival, reformationof GOD’s people as well as the UNITY of the churchleadership and laity, as well as enthusiasm and fire inwinning souls for “CHRIST.”The protection, good health, daily sustenance andguidance of the HOLY SPIRIT to those who are givingand receiving Bible Studies everyday.MORE UNITED PRAYERS FOR RIVERVIEW CHURCH
  122. 122. SPECIAL PRAYERS: REVIVAL & REFORMATION 777Worldwide Prayers for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit 7 days a week, every 7am & 7pm Pray for our church leaders & members to be ready for the coming Crisis.
  123. 123. SPECIAL PRAYERS• Everyone’s Realization of the urgency of JESUS’ Second Coming!• Awakening of all SDA Church members to come back to the Sabbath Afternoon Programs, Midweek & Vesper Meetings, and actively participate in the different Ministries and Evangelism initiatives of the church.• Reach the 25% of world’s population with AMR.
  124. 124. Thank You Lord!Amen, Amen & Amen!