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I presented to The Ohio State University Communicators group about what I'm doing at Fisher College of Business with the implementation of the new web design. The presentation overviews the strategy, process, and approach that I'm taking to succeed over the college's previous failures, while introducing the new design... it was tough to combine such two big topics.

Presentation by Shaun Holloway:

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  • Hello.Shaun H.
    I am From Colombia. I participating in a contest and its presentation I liked very much, because in my company we working with web design,& e-marketing, in the slide we talk about the reasons for have a site in the web, and how you can do it very easy, I invited, to visit my slide and if it likes, please add me to your favorites, thank you very much.

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Web Design Buy-in Process

  1. 1. fisher.osu.edu September 10, 2009 Shaun Holloway and Gail Dickson OSU Communicators Luncheon Fisher’s Web Design Evolution and Enhancements Explanation of Process
  2. 2. Overview • Recognition of need • Benchmarking • Strategy & approach • Buy-in • Communication & Implementation
  3. 3. Recognition of Need • Fisher website audit | March – October 2007 • Visual design, content, brand • All of the above are out-of-whack • Internal stakeholder review • Feedback and suggestions • Alignment with units’ goals and audience
  4. 4. Recognition of Need • Request for Proposal in 2007 • Led to vendor selection and work started • Half implemented • Flawed foundation and approach • Only made the problem worse
  5. 5. Fisher’s Website in 2008
  6. 6. What Did We Learn • TWO previous web redesigns FAILED (2002 and 2004) • ONE web redesign half-implemented (early 2008) • Start at the top • Communicate to stakeholders • Establish a vision and direction • Get support to migrate the resistors • Understand your own systems • Involve the RIGHT people
  7. 7. Benchmarking • May 2007 – December 2008 • Business schools • Universities • Other industries • Evaluation of global look and feel • Brand identity and voice
  8. 8. Benchmarking
  9. 9. Benchmarking
  10. 10. Benchmarking
  11. 11. Benchmarking
  12. 12. Benchmarking
  13. 13. What Did We Learn • Fisher is in the middle of the competition • Many much worse • Many much better • We need to fix the problem NOW • Need a balance and perspective • Achievable • Aspirational
  14. 14. • Hired 2 new key positions to the college in 2008 • Director of Web Marketing and Development • Chief Information Officer • Created new “Web Services” department • Merged web functions of two offices • Combine “tech” and “communication” functions • Leverage skill sets as a package Strategy & Approach
  15. 15. Strategy & Approach • Determined direction and conducted thorough system audit • Development of a web strategy • 3 parallel approach – design, system, social • Leverage brand and communications • Brand guidelines completed in the summer 2008 • Integrated marketing
  16. 16. Resource Attract Retain Serve Engage Sales Orientation Inform Advertising Orientation Web Strategy Model Design System Social Interface Usability Navigation Sitemap Integration Server architecture Database design Admin tools New media Visibility Connection Application Audience Content Channel This model represents multiple tracts and introduces the top layer of strategy to impact the user-centered experience and build relationships. Each arrow represents a piece of the structural foundation needed to support the core experience for web interaction and function. Parallel Development By: Shaun Holloway, 2008
  17. 17. Website Purpose • Mission to attract, retain, and serve Fisher’s current and future faculty, students, and alumni through emerging and existing Internet technologies. • Vision To build a virtual community and embraces the work of our thought leaders and establishes Fisher as a resource in the eyes of our audiences through the services and information we provide.
  18. 18. Web Design • Unified and Consistent Approach – College-wide – Email, Social Media, 3rd party apps included • Key Objectives – Advance Fisher’s brand – Enhance the user experience – Improve website management – Improve Internet marketability
  19. 19. Buy-in • Involve stakeholders at all levels • Concept reviews with own offices • Presentation of final concept to Dean’s office • Meeting with Department Chairs • Prepare presentation deck • Associate Dean’s • Key people in each office/department
  20. 20. Buy-in • Make people feel special and “in-the-know” • Inspire confidence • Keep people updated • Show visible progress
  21. 21. Implementation = Gradual • Global Elements – Summer 2009 • OSU Navigation Bar, Footer, Masthead • Sub-site evaluation process Fall 2009+ • Formal transition of remaining areas • Web Style and Communication Guidelines
  22. 22. Communication Example • Masthead Migration Phase Letter To: All Fisher College of Business Users Mentioned: Goal and planned future updates Answered: Q’s and concerns in advance
  23. 23. What are we learning • Our time “padding” in the plan was needed • Plan for a lot of resource capacity • Plan for surprises – coding, compatibility, etc • Understanding of our systems is paying off • Template and system inconsistencies on the back- end but not visible to the end-user • Setting expectations is difficult
  24. 24. Next Steps • Continue with Sub-site Evaluations • Begin auditing and migrating areas • Content – text, photos, video, audio, feeds, etc • Leverage other two web strategy approaches • Social Media and Online Marketing • CMS, security, and server architecture • Integrate and merge parallel approaches
  25. 25. fisher.osu.edu Couple Helpful Books Communicating Design by Dan Brown Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug