Social Media for Faculty - The Reputation Choice


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In many disciplines across higher education, faculty are unsure about whether or not to participate in social media channels. Learning these communication tools provide many benefits and do take some time and strategy to execute successfully... in teaching, research, and service.

This presentation guide is designed by Shaun Holloway for use in a workshop format but can be used to influence the decision to begin spreading the reputation of each faculty member and the institution within the communities each serve. | @ShaunHolloway

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Social Media for Faculty - The Reputation Choice

  1. 1. Social Media for Faculty The Reputation Choice @ShaunHolloway
  2. 2. Definition of Social Media • There are a lot of definitions… really. • “Social media is an ever-growing and evolving collection of online tools and toys, platforms and applications that enable all of us to interact with and share information.” ~ Ann Handley
  3. 3. • Associated Press Olympics Video “The Big Game 2.0: Are You Adapting?” Why Should We Care?
  4. 4. Digital Transformation Previous Era New Era Targets end-users Community of end-users Monologue Communication Dialogue-based Communication Awareness Priority Engagement Upgrade Push Strategy Pull Strategy Protected Communication Transparent Communication Created by Organizations Co-created with end-users Brand Management Focus Brand Stewardship Focus
  5. 5. Influence Your Reputation
  6. 6. Are You Relevant? • Manage your professional profile – You already have a presence online – Market yourself, your work, and your institution – Be self aware. “Google” yourself. • Stay current in your profession – Know the technology and channels – Engage with people where they are
  7. 7. Are You STILL Relevant? • Social media extends your professional profile – Builds credibility and creates “findability” – Can lead to collaboration, speaking, etc. • Are you and your work where people go? – Social sites are where experts are sought – Social sites are highly ranked in search – People are connected and found by way of others
  8. 8. Personal VS. Professional • “The Mindset Divide” A study by LinkedIn and TNS
  9. 9. The Choice
  10. 10. Consider Strategy Convergence Org. and/or Dept. Strategy Communications Strategy Social Media Photo and Video Email Content Technology Strategy System Web Portal Channel
  11. 11. Pyramidal Approach to Social Media • Establish… then advance Based on level of risk required and the ability to sustain a more complex tool Enter photo-sharing communities Enter video-sharing communities Establish blogs and micro-blogs Sustain social network presence Utilize audio Active Participation
  12. 12. - All areas connect to and support one another (2-way integration) - A strong core is needed to support interconnectedness Central Website and Community Video Photos Blogs Audio Social Networks YouTube Vimeo Veoh Flickr Instagram Photobucket Picasa Pinterest DailyMotion Facebook LinkedIn Forums Microblogs Interest General Utterly Blubrry Interest General Sites Company Individual Institution Organic Web & Social Media Marketing Basic Model Feeds / Widgets BookmarkingEmail / Print Interest General Box Indicates EXAMPLES of Tool and Service Providers
  13. 13. Find the “Sweet Spot” Channel AudienceContent Be selective Take your time Sweet Spot
  14. 14. 5 Second Memory Test • Look at the next slide for 5 seconds then move forward • Write down as many letters as you remember
  16. 16. Now do it again. Next slide.
  18. 18. Did you do better? Why?
  19. 19. • Is your content cutting through the clutter? • Is your message recognizable at a glance? • Use familiar language and be brief • Monitor trends and current events Live Newsfeed Notice Test
  20. 20. Social Media Landscape Grid • Consider ten social media tools • Explore how good each tool performs in each of the four categories – WORTH IT (green) – HELPFUL (yellow) – WASTE (red)
  21. 21. Social Media Landscape Grid Target Audience Communication Brand Awareness Referral Traffic Personal vs. Professional Twitter There are a number of tools to help track mentions and sentiment. Reach is broad once established Allows opportunity to engage and spread news virally. Excellent for branding and public relations management The potential is large, but over- promotion and too frequent posts can turn off followers. Find a solid balance Strong in both areas where messaging, sharing, and follower/following is a measure of influence. Facebook Great for engaging people, sharing options, and participation. Use the platform to organically grow followers and/or utilize ads to grow the follower base. Do not forget to keep content interesting Excellent way to share content from the website and drive traffic. The use of share buttons continues to increase cross- shares While primarily viewed as a personal social tool, the network is utilized to promote professional accomplishments via brand pages. Credit: Arrangement and content aided by Adobe’s Modified and enhanced by Shaun Holloway,
  22. 22. Social Media Landscape Grid Target Audience Communication Brand Awareness Referral Traffic Personal vs. Professional LinkedIn Engagement is possible through groups, but moderation is needed to keep them clean. Group performance and frequency vary Effective for personal branding as well as an organization with brand pages Majority of users tend not to click- through; however, what traffic comes tends to be from relevant readers from the target audience Very strong and focused on the professional network and interests, while allowing integration with other content tools YouTube Powerful channel for quickly engaging the audience and feeding content to many vehicles Excellent tool once a catalog of video is created that collectively represents the brand and relates to the target audience Traffic primarily goes to the video, and links can be added to the description; however, embedded videos into a website help both ways Can be used for both areas; however, focus and big picture purpose is needed, not to mention some skill. Credit: Arrangement and content aided by Adobe’s Modified and enhanced by Shaun Holloway,
  23. 23. Social Media Landscape Grid Target Audience Communication Brand Awareness Referral Traffic Personal vs. Professional Flickr Properly tagged photosets and photos help communicate activity and showcase the message Participation is possible but not likely, but embedded photo slideshows help significantly Even with many views, the click- through rates to the website remain low Photo sharing is fragmented among tools and networks, but it can work well for both areas for branding and sharing. Reddit When evaluating “sub-reddits,” the feedback is valuable, but reach can vary based on relevance There is little branding opportunity, as most stories are from major news sites. Images attribution is limited If Reddit likes the brand, then traffic is good. There is balance on trying too much and not enough Difficult to establish a connected reputation in both areas and primarily caters to niche audiences. Credit: Arrangement and content aided by Adobe’s Modified and enhanced by Shaun Holloway,
  24. 24. Social Media Landscape Grid Target Audience Communication Brand Awareness Referral Traffic Personal vs. Professional Pinterest Not a great platform for engaging customers due to the nature of the collections and functions Following and sharing pins can help spread the brand’s impact and encourages others to do the same Traffic generation is big, but only the website needs pinnable images Primarily a personal photo and Internet sharing service, professionals in certain industries can succeed. Slideshare Great for organizations that utilize slide decks. Embedded presentations into website helps promotion Many ways to leverage and increase exposure. Strategically utilize the Slideshare URL to encourage traffic Very similar to YouTube in that traffic tends to stay within the network. Embedding slideshows and feeds helps As a LinkedIn company, sharing content is mainly professional with good personal site integration methods.
  25. 25. Social Media Landscape Grid Target Audience Communication Brand Awareness Referral Traffic Personal vs. Professional Google+ Communication and engagement possibilities are great, but user participation is relatively low Majority of brand searches appear in Google search results and +1’s rank highly Content can be heavily shared and influence how the content ranks. Using the +1 button helps The search ranking alone makes this a must-have network; however, it’s a mix for both areas trying to carve out its fit. Instagram Little to no communication exists within the site for engagement Excellent way to show images of offerings and promote campaigns. API can push photos to sites Very difficult. Only the creative and the super curious can accomplish Sharing photos and short videos is currently a personal endeavor but professionals in the right niche may find a way. Credit: Arrangement and content aided by Adobe’s Modified and enhanced by Shaun Holloway,
  26. 26. Are You Ready? = 5 Questions 1. What is the purpose / mission? 2. Who is going to be the champion? 3. Who is the target audience? 4. How is it going to be sustained? 5. How does it fit strategically?
  27. 27. The Choice to Influence is Yours • A Pep Talk from Kid President to You by Soul Pancake via YouTube
  28. 28. What will you choose?
  29. 29. Social Media for Faculty The Reputation Choice @ShaunHolloway Photos used throughout the presentation are intended for instructional purposes and credited to “The Matrix” Trilogy.