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Presenting Virtually - Beginner Tips for Webinars


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This presentation briefly overviews the benefits of presenting through technology. Seven high-level categories are outlined to help anyone just starting out in either learning to present or participate through webinar or distance education tools.

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Presenting Virtually - Beginner Tips for Webinars

  1. 1. Beginner Tips forWebinars and Web Conferences @ShaunHolloway
  2. 2.  Computer Internet/Wi-Fi Connection Projectors Tablets and Smartphones “Facility”  physical space of the presenter and the typical audience member Screen Resolution and Size
  3. 3.  Think engagement and value Users will multi-task… deal with it… Talk WITH them not TO them Content plan… text, photo, video, audio
  4. 4.  What motivates them… why attend Clarity of the invitation or registration What calls to action are planned Create content with “viral appeal”
  5. 5.  Only present key points Stick to the primary take-aways Don’t try to cover everything… it’s too much Cut what does not support key points
  6. 6.  Emotional impact Images and ideas, not words Illustrate a point Show a story, use examples, present graphs
  7. 7.  Don’t just present your slides Harness the power of…  chat, Q&A managers, hands-up indicators, moderators, surveys/polls, document sharing, shared desktops and whiteboards
  8. 8.  Go with the flow Don’t read the slides or a script Pay attention to the “back channel” Be prepared to respond
  9. 9.  Quality of voice Variance of voice How you “move” i.e. use the tools On video… think about your background
  10. 10. 
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  15. 15.  PowerPoint  Prezi  Dropbox SlideRocket  WebEx  MS Live Meeting AdobeConnect  GatherPlace GoToMeeting  Skype  Brainshark
  16. 16.  Use of technology in face-to-face sales calls  Phones  Smartphones  Tablets  PCs  Information exchange What do you find annoying in others’ use of technology?
  17. 17.  Research Opportunities  On individuals, i.e. for interviews and sales calls  On organizations, i.e. strategies, customer issues Online Sales and Marketing  Websites  Social Media/Network Tools  Email Marketing  Online Advertising  CRM systems and contact/lead management