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Hub and Spokes - Member Service Centralization with MemberSuite


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The presentation overview's ACUHO-I's approach to centralizing member services with the MemberSuite association management system (AMS) software and how strategically integrating the system at the core of the business is beneficial. Presented by Shaun Holloway, Josh Slaven, and Laura VanTress at the MemberSuite MeetUp15 customer event in November 2015.

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Hub and Spokes - Member Service Centralization with MemberSuite

  1. 1. MEETUP15 Hub and Spokes Member service centralization with MemberSuite ACUHO-I Shaun Holloway Josh Slaven Laura VanTress
  2. 2. • IT Strategic Approach • The Member Experience • Custom Development • Creative Module Use • Pains Eliminated • Benefits Realized • What’s Next? MEETUP15 Agenda
  3. 3. IT Strategic Approach Connection Commitment TRANSACTIONAL STRATEGIC HIGH LOW ACTIVE MEMBER CONNECTED MEMBER PARTNER I belong I learn I apply I engage I advocate
  4. 4. IT Strategic Approach OPERATIONAL STRATEGIES SYSTEMS AND FRAMEWORKS THE SHIFT OPERATIONAL BENEFITS Current State Future State Engage in Collaborative and Innovative Learning Environments • LMS • CMS • AMS • Conferencing • Social / Mobile • Community Inflexible, disparate channels and management consoles Scalable and self-fulfilling • Create/support new revenue streams • Raise existing revenue streams • Increased member satisfaction • Enhanced reputation and experience Establish a Robust and Centralized Infrastructure • Agile Scrum • Project Management • .NET • SSO, Integrations • Windows, AD • xMS, SAAS Many systems loosely joined or independent Few centralized systems connected in the enterprise • Save money on system support • Improved resource management • Increase throughput/production • Provide foundation for growth Empower Ownership and Outstanding Customer Service • Training and Skills • Knowledgebase • Self-service • Governance • Process Management • Accessibility Service provider Service management • Improve system utilization • Enhance productivity and performance • Save money on support time • Increased confidence Enhance Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence • xMS • Data visualization • Advanced Reports • Analytics • KPIs • SAAS Manual, separate databases and reports Standardized, mostly automated and integrated data and report analytics • Enhance data integrity and accessibility • Data-driven decision making • Increased value proposition • Raise customer service efficiencies
  5. 5. Then & Now Divergent and Disconnected IT Systems AMS FMS CMS WEB LMS LibMS
  6. 6. Then & Now AMS/FMS CMS/ Comm LMS/ LibMS Member Service Ecosystem IT System Convergence and Interconnectedness Divergent and Disconnected IT Systems AMS FMS CMS WEB LMS LibMS
  7. 7. The Member Experience
  8. 8. Integration Map AMS Community Library LMS CMS Web Widgets Custom Apps Google APIs IDP IDP AMS is the core. The Identity Service Provider (IDP) behaves like a shell.
  10. 10. MEETUP15 Instructure’s Canvas AMS LMS IDP
  11. 11. MEETUP15 Lucidea’s InMagic AMS Library IDP
  12. 12. MEETUP15 Higher Logic AMS Community IDP
  13. 13. MEETUP15 Content Automation AMS Web Widgets IDP
  14. 14. MEETUP15 ACUHO-I Developed AMS Custom Apps IDP
  15. 15. MEETUP15 Google Maps AMS Google API IDP
  16. 16. Integration Map AMS Community Library LMS CMS Web Widgets Custom Apps Google APIs IDP IDP AMS is the core. The database of record to manage the business.
  17. 17. MEETUP15 Custom Development • Enables AMS to adapt to business needs and member expectations • Encourages centralization • How can we do it in the AMS? • ACUHO-I has more than 40 • Central to data integrations and decision-making
  18. 18. MEETUP15 Creative Module Use • Expanding a module’s purpose can creatively serve needs • Think about business process and the intended outcome • Example: Competitions • Applications and external reviewers
  19. 19. MEETUP15 Pains Eliminated • Many manual processes • Wasted time and errors in data entry • Wondering about which system should be used • Shadow databases reduced
  20. 20. MEETUP15 Primary Benefits Realized • Member self-service, i.e. integrations • Enhance brand reputation • Consistent user experience • Enable automated content, i.e. web • Save time and support
  21. 21. MEETUP15 What’s Next? • Data-driven Decisions • Enhanced reporting, validation, and visualization • Business Intelligence • Integration of data from various systems • Information accessibility and transparency • Measure Enterprise Engagement • Track volunteer opportunities
  22. 22. Questions! We know you have them. ACUHO-I Shaun Holloway Josh Slaven Laura VanTress MEETUP15