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Centralized Digital Signage Innovation


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Shaun Holloway presented ACUHO-I's grant-funded innovation concept to attendees at the ASAE Big Ideas conference on March 12, 2018. Finding a better way to manage TVs and signage around a convention center and/or hotel led to thinking outside the box and leveraging Raspberry Pi's and open source technology as a proof of concept. This presentation shows the approach and road map that will help make this vision scale up and become a reality.

Published in: Technology
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Centralized Digital Signage Innovation

  1. 1. Centralized Digital Signage Management Innovation Content Leader: @shaunholloway ACUHO-I
  2. 2. Look familiar?
  3. 3. A lot of people in a hallway…
  4. 4. Staring at a screen…
  5. 5. Powered by this… Laptop connects to a cart-mounted TV and is managed awkwardly and insecurely
  6. 6. Sound familiar? • Deployed laptops to TVs • USB drives to transfer files • PPT slideshow or website needs displayed • PPT slideshow or website gets updated • Run around to load the new presentation
  7. 7. “There has to be a better way!”
  8. 8. Innovation starts with goals • Enhance the attendee experience through digital displays • Increase operational efficiency in managing content logistics • Reduce hardware use and rental costs • Demonstrate technical prowess to membership
  9. 9. From research... • Not many good solutions for low-cost, centralized digital signage that fit TVs on stands • Paid solutions are typically designed for permanent installations or 1:1 apps • Open source solutions are 1:1 and limit scaling
  10. 10. To proof-of-concept... prototype
  11. 11. Raspberry Pi Type 3B
  12. 12. Concept Raspberry Pi in the works
  13. 13. To business case and funding. • Demonstrate the concept to others • Show the benefits and impact to members • Low risk, low investement, high reward – if failure, no change to current approach • Funding – IGP application/award
  14. 14. Think Bigger and for Others Raspberry Pi low-cost, portable, versatile
  15. 15. Open Source Software Built on community-supported and scalable technology Kivy
  16. 16. Web-enabled Management Digital signage content from anywhere
  17. 17. Scaled-up Project Budget Expense Estimates Computing hardware $1,000 Raspberry Pi equipment sets for 5 displays Security and packaging $500 Safely mount, secure, and connect equipment Development software $500 Use of dev licenses and basic cloud host service for testing/staging Application development contractors $7,500 Review open source technology and perform a software security audit and penetration testing to strengthen the integrity of the service, as well as preparing documentation and training materials to share with others TOTAL $9,500
  18. 18. Tentative Project Schedule Project Created in Visual Studio 3/1 Conference Alpha test 7/13 Order equipment 3/13 Feedback and prep for Beta 9/25 Python Kivy Project 4/9 3 Conferences Beta program 10/26 Central Redis / Native Hook 4/17 Complete documentation 11/30 Software Prototype Works 4/24 Document project outcomes 12/18 Dev testing and audit 5/24 Final Project Report 4/1/19 Interim Project Report 7/6 Share system with others …
  19. 19. Thank you for your participation!