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Minecraft project

  1. 1. A Survival Guide: PT1 The Mobs
  2. 2. MinecraftIn Minecraft you have many different possibilities to accomplish. You can build or craft or mine or kill monsters. You will do all of this while playing. You will learn more about Minecraft soon.
  3. 3. Game modes• Creative- Build Whatever you want with unlimited blocks and flying.• Survival-Survive by your self with hunger, health and mobs and breaking blocks and respawning.• Hardcore-Survival with one life and no respawn forcing the player to delete the world on death
  4. 4. Mobs• Mobs means Mobiles.• They are creatures that spawn around the world at night if you are on easy or higher.• Passive mobs will spawn at day time on flat grass.
  5. 5. Passive mobs
  6. 6. Pig• The pig is a mob that can be ridden if your put a saddle on it. When you kill it it will give you 1-3 pieces of raw pork. It looks like the picture on the slide before this one.
  7. 7. Cow• The cow is a passive mob that drops 1-3 pieces of raw beef on death and 1-2 pieces of leather on death. You can milk them with a bucket.
  8. 8. Chicken• The chicken is a mob that takes no fall damage when falls of a cliff as it will open its wings and go slow when falling. It drops 1-2 pieces of raw chicken and 1-3 feathers and will lay an egg every 5-10 minutes.
  9. 9. Ocelot• The Ocelot is a mob that can be tamed with raw fish. They only spawn in Jungle Biomes. When tamed they will turn into 1 of 3 different types of cat.
  10. 10. Wolf• The wolf is a mob that can be tamed with bones. Once tamed it will get a collar what is red, but can be dyed with any colour dye. If not tamed when you hit it any more wolves in the area will also attack you.
  11. 11. Hostile mobs
  12. 12. Creepers• Creepers are mobs that spawn on easy or higher and in dark places. They are called creepers as most of the time they will creep up on you and hiss for about 2 seconds then blow up.
  13. 13. Charged Creepers• Charged creepers spawn when lightning strikes within 1-4 blocks of a normal creeper. Charged creepers will do twice as much damage, and half as much countdown time.
  14. 14. Wither Skeleton• The wither skeleton is a skeleton that spawns in the nether and has a sword. It takes three hits to kill you. This mob is not in the game but is coming out in the next update.
  15. 15. Zombies• Zombies only method of attack is charging at the player so using a ranged weapon is appropriate.
  16. 16. Skeletons• Skeletons are mobs that spawn in the real world with a bow and arrow.
  17. 17. Ghast• The Ghast is a mob that spawns in the nether, flies shoots explosive fireballs.
  18. 18. Spider Jockey• The Spider Jockey is a rare mob that spawns when a skeleton spawns near a spider. The mob is two mobs in one (If you kill the skeleton the spider remains)
  19. 19. Bosses
  20. 20. Ender Dragon• This Boss will only spawn once in the end.• It gains health by ender crystals.
  21. 21. Wither• The wither is a mob that goes round killing passive mobs and is made with 4 soul sand and 3 wither skeleton skulls.
  22. 22. The end• More parts: Natural Structures, Gear and Tools, Mining and Natural materials, building. More soon.