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  1. 1. In 1930 the milk was free, it came in a glass bottle In 1944 every and some bread child got freefor a snack. Now education to theit comes in plastic age of 15. It was cartons. raised to 16 in 1973 In 1980 schools were In 1990 most much like now children were but fewer clubs cheeky. .
  2. 2. In 1970’s felt In 1950’s the pens were main dinnerintroduced into was rive and schools beans In 1980’s In 1980s there was no children were homework, but aloud to write spellings and in pen in the times tables.... last year of school.
  3. 3. 1980’s the whiteboard Lines were awas introduced punishment in to schools the 1980’s. In 1950 they was now In 1980s cloths homework was allot like BUT 20 todays apart spellings and from shirt and times tabels tie
  4. 4. I asked my Gran (62) about school when she was a child.School was from 9 am to 4pm. Detention was from 4pm to 4.30pm acane across the palm of your hand a slipper across your bum. Theyused a straightPen with ,bottle of ink are a fountain pen. Books were Janet and john (biff and kipper). We had 20 spellings a week and table tests. If we gotthem wrong we would be called dunce and told to stand in the corner.I had to have learnt my tables by the age of nine.When I first started school in 1952, we used chalk and small blackboards. We weren’t allowed paper until we were older, we had queuefor a tea spoon of cold liver oil every day . Small children had to restafter dinner. We lay on small camp beds
  5. 5. Classrooms were colder, windows were higher so you could look out.Each child had a desk with a lid . Inside they kept books and fountain penand bottle of ink.On the desk lid there was an ink well and a groove for the pen. Deskswere sloped to help writing.teachers were strict and the punishment was common including cane,detention, dunce cap, harness and had to WrightThe teacher tort all subjects including singing ,PE and pottery.Most of the UK punishment was hash but USA was hasher.In war times they had a radio to listening for import news.In 1990 they had to share a computer.The dentists whod come and the optician to check up the children.In 1970s the main food was breed, cereal and sausages.
  6. 6. .1944 Butlers Education Act creates the "tripartite", hierarchical system ofgrammar, technical and secondary modern schools.Selection is decided by an exam taken at the age of 11. Meanwhile, the schoolleaving age is raised to 15.1951 General Certificate of Education (GCE) O-levels and A-levels areintroduced, replacing the School Certificate and the Higher School Certificate.1964 Harold Wilsons newly-elected Labour government promises to set upcomprehensive schools, combining pupils of all ability levels.1973 School leaving age raised to 16.1988The National Curriculum, stipulating subjects to be studied until the age of 16,is also introduced.1995 The government introduces National Curriculum Tests, often called Sats,for all children aged seven, 11 and 14 ( tests for seven year olds were firsttried in 1991).1997 The National Literacy Strategy, aimed at raising standards to those of theUKs main competitors, is introduced for primary schools in England.
  7. 7. These are some picturesshowing differencesbetween then and now.
  8. 8. A teacher in 1930 This is a class room 1930s . Notice the bare wooden floors, desks and lack of displays.
  9. 9. This is a class room 1940s.Children are sat in rows, allfacing the same direction.Today we do a lot moregroup work and we sit ingroups. This a class room 1950s. Desks were made out of wood and had grooves for pencils/ pens.
  10. 10. This is a class room1960sThis is a class room1970s
  11. 11. This is a class room from 1980sThis is a class room from1990s
  12. 12. This class room 2000.Technology includinglaptops, InteractiveWhiteboards areintroduced along with theInternet.Today – wirelesstechnology, I Pads, Ipods are becomingpopular. A focus on skillsand independentlearning.Where will education bein the future
  13. 13. 1940sAteacher A teache r 1960sA Ateacher teacher1950s 1970s A teacher 1980s
  14. 14. A Teacher A teacher 1990s 1930 A A uniforms uniforms 1930s 1940s A uniforms 1960sAuniforms1950
  15. 15. A A uniforms uniforms 1970 1980s A uniforms 2000A uniforms1990s A cane A ruler 1930s
  16. 16. Thank you for watching BY JOSHUA.S