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Josh c transport since the 1930s!


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Josh c transport since the 1930s!

  1. 1. By Joshua . Chadwick
  2. 2. CARS IN 1930S TRAINS IN 1930S TO 1940 Go karts where invented in the 1980s and where  In the 1930 diesel trains popular in fair grounds. were invented in 1930s . In the 1930s there where only 700 cars on the road in the uk. The parking mater was invented and in the 1970s the speed camera was invented. In 1932 the speed limit was the speed you wanted to go.
  3. 3. HIGH SPEED TRAINS High speed trans services were invented . The best way to travel was the high speed trans.
  4. 4. CARS IN UK AND WORLD . Were was over 1000 cars on the rood !! .
  5. 5. 1970 BIKES 50 % of people was poor how dint have a bikes. The speed limit was 5 mp .
  6. 6. CARS The bagate Vernrone was in.