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Booktemplate Room 2

  1. 1. Our Recycling Adventure By Room 2 Have a read of our book we made from our trip to the recycling plant.
  2. 2. Before we left we had morning tea then we had a run around outside. Who can you see in the picture? Room 2 is ready to go to the Visy Recycling Plant in Onehunga. We are very excited about the trip.
  3. 3. The bus is waiting for us. We got to sit in the back seats and Room 7 sat in the front seats. Time is set off on our trip. Room 2 have made a long line. Steven, Elijah and Tupou are the leaders. Who are the back leaders?
  4. 4. This is the Visy Recycling Plant. Mary is waiting inside to talk to us about recycling. Off we go! Danielle’s Mum and Elenoa’s Dad are on the bus too. Who can you see on the bus? Off we go! Danielle’s Mum and Elenoa’s Dad are on the bus too. Who can you see on the bus?
  5. 5. Every day lots and lots of recycling trucks came to the Plant. One truck came carrying recycling from 200 trucks. We had to wait outside for the other class to come out. Then we can go inside to learn more about recycling.
  6. 6. Bottles, plastic, paper and metal can go in the recycling bin. It has a blue lid. Rubbish goes in the bin with the red lid. Children at Onehunga school put their hands up when they want to talk. Ruby is going to put up her hand.
  7. 7. Mary showed us pictures of the recycling plant. We saw the recycling being sorted into groups. We had to sort the rubbish and find the things that could be recycled. Lauren is helping to sort too. We must look after our world.
  8. 8. Elenoa and her Dad can see lots of things out of the window. They are on the way to the Visy Recycling Plant. Logan, Elijah and Steven have put their hands behind their back. They are walking to the bus. Mary-Ella and Tupou are behind them.
  9. 9. At the back of the line is Theo’s Poppa. He came to help us when we went on the visit to the recycling Plant. Victoria’s mum looks happy sitting next to Victoria. Danielle and her mum are happy too. We are nearly there.
  10. 10. Mary put pictures on the screen for us to watch. We saw plastic, glass paper and metal being recycled. We all walked quietly up the stairs to the classroom. Mary was waiting for us.
  11. 11. These things can be recycled. They go in the bin with the blue lid. Room 2 are good at recycling. This is one of the pictures we saw on the screen. There are lots and lots of plastic bottles behind the man.
  12. 12. This was an excellent trip enjoyed by Room 2. These things are not able to be recycled. They go in the red bin. Thank you
  13. 13. Created by Room 2 with a little help from their teachers