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Muic assignment

  1. 1. Assignment 1 INDIVDUAL Student Essay1) The goal is to identify either:A. Ideas or visions on how different aspects of the meetings industry could evolve overthe next 10 years.ORB. Case examples from around the world of how business events, meeting venues andmeeting destinations are innovating to prepare for the future.Share Your Vision of the Future for the Meetings IndustryThe IMEX Group and Fast Future Research are looking for input from students for theupcoming Power of 10 Study. We want to know how current students believe themeetings industry will develop and what it will look like in 10 years time. This is youropportunity to contribute to our vision of the future. We are very interested in newvisions of the future in terms of meeting technology, venue innovation, destinationmarketing and strategy, business models, event marketing and participant engagement.2. What Could I Receive?1. 10 points toward your final grade2. Globally, Two winning submissions will be selected and the winners will have theirwork published on the IMEX website as well as in the IMEX Daily Paper. The winnerswill also be invited to participate in the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum inFrankfurt (including flights and accommodation) and present their case study during thisevent. The best 10 entries will also be published as part of the Power of 10 researchreport.3) Closing date and word lengthThe essays must be presented in English, should be a minimum of 750 words and amaximum of 1500 words in length.4) Essays should address one of the following:Ideas or visions – e.g. how different aspects of the meetings industry could evolve overthe next 10 years. This could be event formats, use of technology, venue design,business models, event marketing or participant engagement. These ideas or visions mustshow clear evidence of research on the trends, ideas and developments that couldinfluence the next ten years. E.g. don’t simply write about the use of social media inmarketing – this is happening right now – we want imaginative, research driven views ofhow the sector could evolve over the next 10 years.Examples of Event Innovation – E.g. case examples of innovation in event design,participant engagement, marketing, business and financial models, use of technology orsocial media or other types of innovation in the design and delivery of events.
  2. 2. Examples of Venue Innovation – E.g. genuine forward-looking case examples of howvenues are innovating in terms of their strategies for the future, the design of theirfacilities, flexibility in using their space, research, financing and revenue models, use oftechnology and social media, marketing, service delivery and partnerships.Examples of Destination Innovation – E.g. case examples of how destinations areinnovating in terms of strategies for the future, marketing, event support, measurementof economic impact, use of technology and social media, support for their local meetingsindustry, partnership working and research.5) Submissions MUST provide a clear and concise presentation, including:• A 50 word summary (conclusion)• A short description of the issue being addressed by your idea or the case studyevent, venue or destination – including - where relevant – the history, size, targetaudience, key challenges and future objectives• A detailed description of the ideas or actual innovation – the reasons for doing it, theobjectives and how you would implement it / for case studies - what they did or aredoing• The expected or actual results and benefits – including - where possible and relevant(e.g. for case studies) - customer perceptions of the innovation• Images and diagrams where appropriate• Reference sources used.Any submissions that exceed the world length or do not follow this exact format will bereturned without being reviewed. Entries will be judged on the quality of the idea orthe extent of the case study innovation, the actual or likely benefits and the clarity ofpresentation of the overall idea or case study.6) Important information that MUST be included:The front page of the submission must include only the following information1. The title of the idea or case study :2. The entrant’s name, date of birth, address, email and telephone number.3. Include the following; Exhibition Management, Mahidol University InternationalCollege, Instructor Scott M Smith (