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Mice expo tceb articles

  1. 1. This logo was chosen by Thailand to represent the countrys bid to host the World Expo 2020 in the historical city of Ayutthaya. It is a modernized and modified design image of a local type of Carp fish (Cyprinidae).The design embodies a re-definition of "globalization" and projects the conceptof "Balanced Life and Sustainable Living" - the theme for the AyutthayaThailand Expo 2020. Although the logo projects universality and the global dynamism of worldexpositions, the Carp fish design is also the official emblem of the Province ofAyutthya, a former Thai capital with a rich history as a trading hub. The designpresents a striking balance between the modern world, the environment, water, life and richness of the soul.The fish in the logo is swimming eastwards, taking the world towards East Asia and Thailand, which hopes to play host to the 2020 Expo. It signifiesAyutthaya‟s potentials and capabilities to welcome the world as a hospitable and productive host to the 2020 World Expo. This particular Carp is a fresh water fish living in clean and non-polluted waterways. The symbol reflects the co-existence between man and nature. In Thai the fish is called "Pien" - a word which translates literally as "unitedendeavor" and a fitting description of Thailands facilitation of the world expo.
  2. 2. Uniting with BMA to Prepare “Bangkok: Gateway to World Expo 2020 Ayutthaya”27-09-2011The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (PublicOrganization) or TCEB is moving forward to foster unityfrom the public. TCEB‟s latest event: the „World Expo2020: Believe in Thailand‟ is being organised jointly withthe Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) and majorshopping centres: Siam Paragon, Siam Center and SiamDiscovery. The event will debut a multimedia exhibition,featuring the motto “We want Expo". At the event, tobe held at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon, the first 100,000 “I Want Expo” cardswill be posted to inspire all Thais to join hands with a common goal. Moreover,TCEB has joined force with Bangkok Metropolitan Authority to positionBangkok, where is provided a direct link with Ayutthaya, as the „Gateway toWorld Expo 2020 Ayutthaya‟.Mr. Akapol Sorasuchart, the President of TCEB, revealed that "As part of ourefforts to publicise Thailand‟s bid to host the World Expo 2020, our aim is toeducate the public and inspire all Thai people to join together in supporting thebid. This is why we have organised this „World Expo 2020: Believe in Thailand‟.During mid-August, we launched a vibrant EXPO troop through 6 of Bangkok‟skey business districts, and received tremendous feedback, with over 100,000people signing "I Want EXPO” cards to show their interest and support.With this effort, TCEB therefore quickly expand our joint network ofcooperation partners in order to reach out to all of Thailand‟s people. TCEB andBMA will jointly undertake a series of public relations activities to this WorldExpo 2020 Ayutthaya. This is in order to promote Thailand‟s potential to aglobal as well as a national audience. As the nation‟s current capital city, theBangkok event will reflect on the spirit of Ayutthaya as the nation‟s historiccapital, and the city‟s role as the „Gateway to the World Expo 2020‟. A modernroad and mass transit infrastructure will allow quick and convenient travel
  3. 3. between Bangkok and the World Expo 2020 venue in Ayutthaya" added MrAkapol.Bangkok Governor, M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra disclosed, "In partnership withTCEB, this will extend the network of cooperation among public sector agencies.BMA pledges our full support for Thailand‟s bid to host World Expo 2020. Weare providing public relations support to raise awareness and promote publicparticipation through all our 50 district offices throughout the city. We arealso facilitating TCEB‟s campaign activities in Bangkok, and BMA also forms partof the broader public relations network which is working to build publicengagement and support for the bid to host World Expo 2020.“So far, BMA will continuously develop collaboration with TCEB in supportingthe bid to host World Expo 2020. We expect that this cooperation will utterlypave the way to the achievement of Thailand,” added the Bangkok Governor.The opening of "World Expo 2020: Believe in Thailand" will be taken place from2-4 September at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon Shopping Centre. The eventfeatures many educational and fun activities, including a glimpse of Thailand‟sinvolvement in World Expo events. Since 1862 during the reign of King Rama IV,Thailand has so far attended 30 World Expo events. Visitors can also see forthe very first time the Sala Thai pavilions as they were built in past WorldExpos. Audiences will be delighted by the state-of-the art multimediapresentations as well as the much-loved „Intrajit‟ giant robot, which was ahighly popular attraction at the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Indrajitreturns to Thailand to share all kinds of knowledge about the World Expo.Visitors will also get a preview of Thailand‟s participation in next year‟s WorldExpo 2012, which will take place in the city of Yeosu, Republic of South Korea.Also, this event will unveil the Kinaree or „Nong Naree‟ mascot, which will beused in presenting Thailand‟s bid to host World Expo 2020 in Ayuthaya. Apartfrom this, there will be many other activities, including the „Nong Tai RobotDance‟, photo-stickers with Nong-Tai, quiz games and many great prizes."The „World Expo 2020: Believe in Thailand‟ event is evidently an imperativeevent to build awareness among Thai people, and also to unite everyone from allwalks of life in supporting our bid to host World Expo 2020. We expect about
  4. 4. 200,000 visitors to the event, which through the mass media and socialnetworking will also reach out to more than 3 million people throughout thecountry. I believe that the success of this event is largely due to the excellentcooperation we have enjoyed among all government agencies and the privatesector," Mr Akapol concluded.
  5. 5. Although the countries bidding to host the World Expo 2020 have grown fromtwo to five, the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) is confidentthat Ayutthaya remains the top choice.The decision will be made by the Bureauof International Expositions (BIE) in November 2013.The initial candidates were Turkeys Izmir and Thailands Ayutthaya. NowRussias Yekaterinburg, Brazils Sao Paolo and the United Arab Emirates Dubaihave presented themselves as potential organizers.Russias fourth-largest city Yekaterinburg has offered the theme of "GlobalMind: Uniting all Humanity in a Single Conversation", anticipating 30 millionvisitors during the event, expected to held from May 15 to October 30, 2020.The largest city in Brazil promises to stage the biggest event ever - biggerthan Chinas Shanghai World Expo 2010 - with 18 million visitors from May 15to November 14. Sao Paolos theme is "Power of Diversity, Harmony forGrowth".Dubai introduced itself to the BIE general assembly last month as the city witha world-class aviation hub, claiming that 90 per cent of total connecting flightsgo via Dubai International Airport. Its theme is "Connecting Minds: Creatingthe Future".Turkeys Izmir hopes to win the chance to welcome 39 million visitors duringthe show from April 30 to October 31 under the "New Route for a BetterWorld: Health for All" concept.
  6. 6. TCEB president Akkapol Sorasuchart said yesterday that he strongly believedthat Thailand still stands a chance of clinching the bid with its strong themeand positioning as the centre of the ASEAN region.In November 21-22,2008 TCEB attended the BIE general assembly in Paris.Before the 158 BIE member countries, the bureau portrayed the unity andresolve of the Thai people to restore the ancient city of Ayutthaya, which hasbeen proposed as the venue for this world event.The TCEB also proposed themes for side-events under the overall concept of"Redefine Globalisation: Balanced Life, Sustainable Living", and highlightedprogress in the awareness-building campaign for Thailands bid. The bureauexpects to welcome 37 million visitors during the event.The four side themes are "Revive Local Wisdom for Global Wellness", "ReuniteConnections for Seamless Harmony", "Reinvent Creativity for All Living Beings"and "Reform Lifes Value for Utmost Happiness".During the meeting, Thailand also updated the delegates on its public-awareness effort, including a national logo and mascot competition, and the"World Expo 2020: Believe in Thailand" event held in Bangkok recently. Duringthat event, 100,000 signatures of Thais were collected as a sign of support forthe countrys bid to host World Expo 2020.Watchiranont ThongtepThe Nation
  7. 7. TCEB prepares Bt300 million budget request for the bid to host World Expo 202008-01-2012President of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), AkapolSorasuchart, said the bureau is preparing to work in cooperation with theMinistry of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish a budget toprepare for bidding for the World Expo 2020. The initial proposal will be forBt300 million.He said, "the next year will be an important period, especially from October toNovember 2012 when TCEB will seek the support of international memberstogether with the two government agencies. Besides, it is the time to createawareness, contribution and participation among the people of Thailand. Wehave set goals that the bidding for the Ayutthaya World Expo 2020 should beaccepted by more than 80% of the Thai people. Its also time to prepareAyutthayas world expo site for the first survey visit by the expo committee inFebruary next year.Ayutthaya, the proposed city for Thailands World Expo 2020 bid, was hit byflooding for two months and is now the focus of a massive recovery campaign torebuild the provinces economy and infrastructure."To promote the image of Ayutthaya after the flood crisis, TCEB will utilisetwo approches to exphasize the strengths of the province. First is therecognition of Ayutthaya as an historical UNESCO World Heritage site and thesecond is Ayutthaya as a hub of industrial production," said Akapol.
  8. 8. He added that last week more than 100 people from the MICE industryattended a voluntary event in Ayutthaya, showing the strong will of Thai peopleto restore Ayutthaya and promote the city to host the World Expo 2020. Thiscooperation also included donations of necessities to Wat KasatthathiratWorawiharn and the Bang Sai Royal Arts and Crafts Kindergarten.Due to the disastrous floods, the government cut budgets by 20%, including theWorld Expo campaign budget, to divert funds for flood rehabilitation and tohost the Rotary Club meeting 2012. As a result, the government cannot allocatea proposed budget for the World Expo 2020 Ayutthaya promotion campaign.Akapol added that the budget cuts "have forced us to cut back on road showsto Europe and North America, but trips to Russia, China, Japan, South Koreaand Indonesia are still on track."The final decision will be made by World Expositions in November 2013, whichis authorised to host exhibitions for member countries of the Bureau ofInternational Exhibitions.
  9. 9. REDEFINE GLOBALISATION : BALANCED LIFE, SUSTAINABLE LIVINGWith our designated theme and the dedication of both the public and privatesectors of Thailand, we believe that we can provide a platform for discussion, astage to share ideas and a place to celebrate the beauty, diversity and wisdomof every nation in the world. We believe that the Thailand Expo 2020 will be anExpo that is second to none.The world is a big jigsaw puzzle made up of pieces put together, different intheir shapes and sizes. Each piece plays a unique role in completing the pictureand each has a place in that picture. All the pieces of this puzzle are not thesameGlobalisation, however, has created a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. It has assumed thatevery piece of this global puzzle is the sameshape, the same size - interchangeable. It hasassumed that any solution should be able tosolve any problem anywhere in the world, thatsuccess in one place is the same as success inanother, that happiness can be achieved inexactly the same way anywhere in the world.This one-size-fits-all attitude has created gaps in the world: income gaps, socialgaps, economic gaps, technological gaps, wellness gaps. The rich continue to getricher while the poor continue to get poorer. Developed countries continue toinnovate and grow while developing countries find themselves hindered by thevery tools meant to aid them. Happiness seems more elusive than ever. Theworld has lost its balance. We understand that one size doesn‟t fit all. Weunderstand that all pieces of the puzzle are not the same. Instead of ignoringthese differences, the world needs to celebrate them. Each country has its ownunique contribution - its own values and its own traditional wisdom - that canhelp to solve the world‟s problems.
  10. 10. Globalisation has made us overlook our differences.This one-size-fits-all attitude has created gaps in the world: income gaps, socialgaps, economic gaps, technological gaps, wellness gaps. The rich continue to getricher while the poor continue to get poorer. Developed countries continue toinnovate and grow while developing countries find themselves hindered by thevery tools meant to aid them. Happiness seems more elusive than ever. Theworld has lost its balance. We understand that one size doesn‟t fit all. Weunderstand that all pieces of the puzzle are not the same. Instead of ignoringthese differences, the world needs to celebrate them. Each country has its ownunique contribution - its own values and its own traditional wisdom - that canhelp to solve the world‟s problems.Let‟s redefine globalisation to bridge the global gaps.Change from a finance-led globalisation which focuses on just one thing todevelopment-led globalisation that sees the value in all things, that understandsthe variety, that celebrates diversity. Let‟s correct the imbalance; bringtogether and showcase all the traditional wisdoms of the world and share themwith others; create a dialogue so that, together, we can find solutions to ourproblems. Together, we can create a balanced and sustainable world. Together,we can make a difference. BALANCED LIFE, SUSTAINABLE LIVING"Balanced Life, Sustainable Living" is the main theme based on a philosophy ofliving that highlights Thailand and its cultural wisdom. Its perspectiveemphasizes the harmony between people, culture, technologies and the naturalenvironment as the main interest to manage the positive growth of allnations. It also gives the world an opportunity to see the future throughThailands eyes.The theme embraces balanced and sustainable ways of life in which eachparticipating country will present its own interpretation in relation to theirtraditions and culture to the world.Many countries in the world already have the knowledge in science, technology,finance, resources and skills to achieve the goal. Under such the "mindful"
  11. 11. theme, its a rare opportunity for so many participating nations to get togetherand share their visions for the future of living without causing further harm tocultures, climate and ecosystems.The expo will become a tool in driving innovation towards sustainability andinspiring our thinking and decisions for the future.With the dedication of both the public and private sectors of Thailand, webelieve that EXPO2020 Ayutthaya - Thailand can provide a platform fordialogue, to share ideas on the path of sustainability as well as for celebratingthe beauty, diversity and wisdom of every nation in the world .We will see each participating country engaged in this challenge, movingforward together as one to foster concerted global action at EXPO 2020Ayutthaya - Thailand. Such an innovative theme will help put the world on tracktowards sustainable and balanced living for the future of all people in theworld.We believe that EXPO2020 Ayutthaya - Thailand will be a world exposition thatis second to none.“Together, we can create a balanced and sustainable world. Together, we canmake a difference.”
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF HOSTING A WORLD EXPOSITIONWorld Expositions are the biggest fairs ever held anywhere with an enormouscapacity to create benefits. They attract large numbers of participants duringtheir six-month duration, showcasing the worlds latest innovations andbreakthroughs in various fields and contributing immeasurably to nationaleconomies. Staging an Expo therefore reaps a number of benefits for the hostcountry, and thats why so many nations around the world, including Thailand,are competing for the privilege.Hosting the World Expo 2020 will bring economic development to Thailand,which will also be manifested in growth of national revenueStatistics show that the numbers of visitors to World Expos between 1970 and2010 has been on the rise. The Shanghai World Expo, which drew 72 millionvisitors, surpassed the record number of 64 million visitors at the 1970 fair inOsaka, Japan. Such a huge figure exceeds the number of visitors to any otherworld event, including the Olympics.Generally, the performance at the World Expos has been positive. Theinfluence of a World Expo on the major economic indicators of the hostcountry, including Gross Domestic Product (GDP), grows in the years precedingthe expo itself.The event can help promote development of the international economy andpromote increases in Foreign DirectInvestment (FDI) to the host country.The revenue gained from theinvestment in terms of theinfrastructure and amenitiesrequirements of the event as well asother investments, also spurs economicgrowth in the host country.The scale of the effort required to host the World Expo demands efficientmanagement which will lead to innovation and greater collaboration amongprivate and public organizations.
  13. 13. Another great benefit to the local economy is the creation of jobs. WorldExpos are massive events requiring considerable labour input over a broad rangeof skills. Human resource development and training is a priority to serve thedemands and deadlines of each project. During the preparatory period as wellas throughout the six-month fair, the unemployment rate in the host countryusually decreases by a significant amount. In Beijing and Shanghai, for example,the recent World Expo resulted in job creation and employment for more than100,000 people. In the case of Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, 40,000 volunteersparticipated during the Expo and around 1,000 additional jobs were created.The global media exposure that is attendant with a World Expo also helpsshowcase the identity and strengths of the host country in the eyes of theworld. The end result is a boost to the country‟s tourism sector with newopportunities for trade and investment. Besides, cultural exchanges andfriendly cooperation between countries are further benefits that are toovaluable to quantify or attach monetary value to.
  14. 14. TCEB continues backing Kingdom as exhibition hub29-12-2011Since 2010, the TCEB has implemented the project to elevate the standards offairs, enhance technology development and networking, and increase transactionvalues through trade shows. It is one of the bureaus commitments to reinforceThailands position as a hub of international trade fairs.The project is integrated with the "Believe in Thailand" marketing campaign andhighlights the five national-agenda industries - the agricultural and foodindustry, gifts and furniture, renewable energy, industrial machinery, andpackaging.To help drive those key industries, in 2011 the TCEB lent full support to fivetrade shows through the "Better the Best" project - ProPak Asia, BIG+BIH(Bangkok International Gift and Houseware fairs), Metalex, Renewable Energy,and VIV Asia. These events generated revenue of Bt470 billion.TCEB president Akapol Sorasuchart said yesterday that it would increase thesupport for this project and Thailands shows in 2012 and contribute evenhigher income to the country.Supawan Teerarat, director for exhibitions, said the close cooperation betweenorganizers and the TCEB was one of the factors behind the trade showsachieving their goals, with increases in exhibitors and international visitors,especially from Asean+6 countries.It is a strategic step to gear up Thailand for the Asean Economic Communityand open up business opportunities for exhibitors.Next year, the TCEB will focus on four trade shows - VIV Asia for agricultureand food, Renewable Energy, Metalex for industrial machinery, and ProPak Asiafor packaging.The bureau believes that Thailands strategic location and readiness areattractive to investors, which will strengthen Bangkoks role as an exhibitioncity in the region.
  15. 15. The TCEB plans to fortify Thailands leading position in the Asean exhibitionindustry by expanding the scope of the "Better the Best" project to specifictarget countries in Asean+6, Bimstec and CLMV.Bimstec (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and EconomicCooperation) comprises Bangladesh, India, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepaland Bhutan, while CLMV groups Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. Asean+6comprises the 10 Asean member states plus China, Japan, South Korea, India,Australia and New Zealand.
  16. 16. TCEB debuts „MICE Capabilities Development Plan 2012‟ to prepare for AEC01-02-2012The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organisation) or TCEB isaccelerating its stakeholder outreach in developing the potential of Thailand‟sMICE industry through superior integration, in the „MICE CapabilitiesDevelopment Plan 2012‟. The plan focuses on upgrading the whole system inpreparation for ASEAN‟s forthcoming economic integration through the AEC.Education, seen as critical to long-term competitiveness, is addressed in thePlan through a new initiative to develop a MICE curriculum for students. Thecourse, known as „MICE 101‟, will provide students with a comprehensiveintroduction to the diverse aspects of managing corporate meetings, incentiveactivities, international conventions and the international exhibitions ad tradeshows. The curriculum will be piloted at 4 leading Thai universities by this 2012academic year.Mr. Akapol Sorasuchart, TCEB President, revealed that “We began the task ofdesigning this course following wide stakeholder consultation and brainstormingwithin the MICE industry concerning the implications of the opening of theASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Preparing for this single ASEANmarketplace through professional development and enhancing MICE standardsis one of the industry‟s top four priorities, and one which must be urgentlyaddressed in order to meet the competitive challenges of a liberalised marketin 2015.“TCEB has therefore joined with its partners from all related sectors, includinggovernment and industry in order to bring together our respective capabilitiesto promote and strengthen the future competitiveness of Thailand‟s MICEindustry. It is of course significant to develop this potential in the run-up tothe AEC, and so TCEB will ramp up its efforts in earnest from this year on. The„MICE Capabilities Development Plan 2012‟ resulted directly from ourconsultations with industry, and focuses on building capacity and enhancing theentire industry‟s potential, encompassing the roles of the private and publicsectors as well as the education system.
  17. 17. The Plan has four main fundamental components: (1) Establishment of a MICEWorking Committee to develop the potential of Thailand‟s MICE sector; (2)Preparation and develop of a research report on the detailed implications of theformation of the AEC on the MICE sector; (3) Organising of a nationwide seriesof workshops, in cooperation with „MICE Cities‟; and (4) Focus on professionaldevelopment training to build capacity and calibre of Thailand‟s MICEprofessionals”, Mr Akapol added.The National MICE Development Working Committee includes widerepresentation from all MICE stakeholders, comprising the following: (1) TCEB;(2) the Trade Negotiation Department, Ministry of Commerce; (3) TourismDepartment, Ministry of Sports and Tourism; (4) Thai Exhibition Association(TEA); (5) the Thai Incentive and Convention Association (TICA); and (6) theThai Hotels Association (THA). The working committee will bring together alarge body of knowledge and expertise in studying the implications of the AECfor Thailand‟s MICE sector, which will serve as an invaluable database for MICEoperators in Thailand. The study report will be made available both as a hardcopy and in electronic form.In regard to organising the workshops, TCEB has joined forces with four MICECities – Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai- to conduct all scheduledworkshops during 2012. The workshop objectives are to build a widerunderstanding among entrepreneurs of the opportunities, challenges andthreats that are presented by economic integration and liberalisation throughthe AEC.Reflecting the plan‟s emphasis on human resources development, TCEB takes aholistic perspective, targeting public sector agencies, the private sector,educational institutions, teachers and students. Training courses will be given atboth national and international levels.“Moreover, TCEB also plans to offer an English for MICE Business course and aLeadership Programme targeted at MICE professionals, in order to buildcapacity and skills amongst Thai MICE professionals. The courses will beconducted throughout the year. For the international training course we arealso delighted that Thailand has extended its contract to host the UFI
  18. 18. Exhibition Management Degree (EMD) training courses; this attests toThailand‟s leadership in the region‟s MICE industry. Most recently, TCEB hassigned a cooperation agreement with the International Association ofProfessional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) to jointly plan and support trainingcourses for MICE operators in Thailand and the ASEAN region coveringorganisation of international conferences in the region. The courses aim tocontribute to the industry‟s preparations for the forthcoming establishment ofthe AEC,” Mr Akapol added.Apart from this, the „MICE 101‟ curriculum developed by TCEB in associationwith TICA and TEA will provide students with contemporary, business-relevantknowledge and skills that can prepare them for a career in the MICE industryfollowing graduation. In bringing together the combined knowledge, experienceand expertise of TCEB, TICA and TEA, including the establishment of a „MICECurriculum Development Committee‟, for students enrolled in higher educationinstitutions, we believe that the course content is fully up to date withcontemporary industry issues at local, regional and global levels. From theoutset, TCEB has already received expressions of interest from fouruniversities- Mahidol University International College, Prince of SongkhlaUniversity, Ban Somdej Chaopraya Rajabhat University and Siam University.“The course content provides an entry-level introduction and overview of theMICE industry. The course outline is divided into 3 major parts: (1) Theoverview of Thailand‟s MICE industry; (2) Event management in the MICEindustry; and (3) other important aspects in the MICE industry. Takentogether, the three parts will provide students with comprehensive industryknowledge, from basic principles, event management for corporate meetings,incentive programmes, international conventions and exhibitions, organisations,companies and key industry standards. The curriculum also covers industryethics and governance. In future, the course will be continually developed andupgraded to a full curriculum to be delivered by higher education institutionsnationwide.This multi-agency collaboration between TCEB, TICA and TEA has resulted in acomprehensive MICE 101 programme, which will really meet the needs of allplayers in the MICE industry. The course will form part of the first and second
  19. 19. year foundation course for undergraduates. The goal is to provide studentswith a thorough understanding of the MICE industry and its management, whichcan be practically applied after graduation and prepare them for a professionalcareer in the MICE industry. We anticipate the courses will be ready for launchat all four pilot universities during the 2012 academic year. For the first year,we estimate an intake of about 285 students for the four pilot universities.With wider understanding and appreciation of the course, this number willprobably rise as other universities begin to offer the programme, with up to 40universities across the country to offer the programme prior to theliberalization of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.TCEB is confident that the launch of the „MICE Capabilities Development Plan2012‟ which will be implemented throughout the run-up to 2015 will contributeto TCEB‟s efforts to develop human resources in the MICE sector and overallwill impact up to 1,000 professionals from the public and private sectors,teachers and students. We‟re therefore confident that Thailand can maintainand extend its leadership in ASEAN‟s MICE industry in a sustainable way,"cited Mr Akapol, in conclusion.Source: www.tceb.or.th
  20. 20. TCEB turns to Oceania, Asia markets01-02-2012The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau is planning to penetrate the Asiaand Oceania markets this year to offset the slowdown of MICE (meetings,incentives, conventions and exhibitions) travellers as a result of the Europeandebt crisis and the economic woes in the United States."The financial problems in those areas are the biggest concern for the MICEindustry this year," TCEB president Akapol Sorasuchart said yesterday."However, we will continue to promote the Year of MICE campaignaggressively, particularly focusing on regional markets."Akapol said the agency would join 10 international trade fairs this year inJapan, Australia, China, Germany, the US, South Korea and Spain. It willconduct roadshows in Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Russia, Britain,Germany, China and Asean countries including Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines andBurma.The TCEB is also helping to drive growth in the domestic MICE market andsupporting activities under the "MICE City" campaign.The bureau will support a number of domestic events, including Hat Yai BookWeek, the seventh December Flora Fair, Pattaya |Food and Hotelier Expo 2012and Pattaya International Livestock Show 2012.It will use key international events that have already been confirmedthroughout the year to restore confidence in Thailand among overseas businesstravellers. Those events include Amway China (18,000 delegates), HindustanUnilever (1,700 delegates), the 2012 Rotary International Convention (30,000delegates), Million Dollar Round Table (5,000 delegates), Asian Pacific DigestiveWeek (3,000 delegates), the 15th International Congress on InfectiousDiseases (3,000 delegates), and the World Tunnel Congress (2,200 delegates).Akapol added that though Thailand would host big events like the RotaryInternational Convention, MICE earnings this year would grow only slightly over2011. This is a result of the impact of the recent massive floods as well as the
  21. 21. European sovereign debt crisis, the economic slowdown in the US, and inflationin China.However, the country expects to welcome 750,000 international MICE visitorswith Bt60.1 billion in receipts as well as 1.9 million local MICE travellers withBt10 million in revenue.According to this target, average spending per head for international businesstravellers will be about Bt80,160 per trip.The TCEB also projects seeing more than a million international MICE visitorswith Bt87.3 billion in receipts within five years.