Wireless Dispatch - Summer 2012


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The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the Emergency Amateur Radio Club Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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Wireless Dispatch - Summer 2012

  1. 1. The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the Emergency Amateur Radio Club Honolulu, Hawaii, USAVolume XIII, No. 3 Summer 2012F ield Day 2012 was an outstanding success! Thanks to many of youwho made it possible to put onthis event, from the 25 plus Dave WH6DSL and Jimmy WH7MW for their support and assistance to make this the best in-town field day in a while. KH6OWL brought out his satel- lite antenna and radio, making two satellite contacts, and the guys who brought out the MESH network setup that was The two HF antennas provid-members who showed up Fri- ed by Fred KH6ZX and Randy very interesting.day afternoon at 4 pm to help KH6IB worked perfectly. Con- Congratulations to everyoneset up to the 75 plus members tacts were made into Europe who tested at Field Day andand hams who just came down and across the US and Canada passed their Tech exam or up-to support us throughout the during Field day. The site graded. Great job!day Saturday, to the spouses turned out to be a good HF spot. Again, Thank you all of youwho put up with us and ran Wed like to say thank you to for supporting the club and thisaround getting things for break- Eric KH6RT for the Icom 756 event, I am always humbled byfast, lunch and dinner. HF radio and ICOM America for all of you. Let us not forget the support the use of the ICOM 9100 HF Mahalo,of the University of Hawaii, radio for field day. Stacy Wayne Left: Tony KH6TG watches as Gordon KH6GL tests out the radio. Right: Ron AH6RH with Mario KH6PRD. (photos WH7GG) More photos: Page 4
  2. 2. 2 WIRELESS DISPATCH Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 1900W EARC General Membership Meeting Fleet Reserve Association Saturday, October 6, 2012, 0900-1200W ARRL Simulated Emergency Test (SET) More info: http://www.qsl.net/ah6rh/am- radio/in-hawaii.html Tuesday, October 16, 2012, 1900W EARC General Membership Meeting (Annual meeting) Elections of 2013 Board of DirectorsAbout the Wireless Dispatch Editor: Keith Higa, WH7GGEMERGENCY AMATEUR The Wireless Dispatch is theRADIO CLUB official newsletter of the EARC. It is published bi-monthly andThe Emergency 2012 Club Officers: sent to all members in good President: standing with the EARC. TheAmateur Radio Club Wayne Greenleaf, KH6MEI newsletter is also available (EARC) is an online on the EARC’s website at ARRL affiliated Vice President: www.earchi.org. club based in Chris Colquhoun, NH7QH Articles and photos are al- Honolulu, ways welcome from members Secretary: and others on club events and Hawaii, Gloria Hall, KH6GLO timely issues in ham radio. Arti- committed to cles may be edited for length or preparing Treasurer: grammar. All articles reflect the Steve Hall, NH7ZD views of the respective authors, Hawaii’s radio and not necessarily those of the amateurs for Directors: editor or Board of Directors.emergency and public Tom Geier, KH6BLA Correspondence regarding Jim Connell, KH6JKG the Wireless Dispatch may beservice communications. Darrell Omuro, KH6XL submitted to the editor at Alex Andrade, KH6IR wh7gg@arrl.net Eric Ty, KH6RT
  3. 3. Summer/Fall 2012 3 EARC Nightly Net Our flagship net, every night at 1930W on the 146.88/444.500 Diamond Head Oahu DEM Net repeater. This is a directed net designed primarily as a training net for public service communications, led by our Designed as a training ground for Oahu friendly NCS team. Remember to use DEM RACES, this net provides in-depth standard ITU phonetics when checking training on emergency communications. in. New hams (and new NCSs) always All Oahu hams welcome to participate. welcome! Fourth Wednesday of the month, 1930W, on 146.88/444.500 (pre-empts the EARC net on that day.) Swap and Shop Maintained and compiled by Dr. Frank Young (KH6CDO), this net lists items of New Ham Net equipment that other hams are selling or seeking. If you have something to sell, contact Frank at 988-7474. Every Designed for introducing new hams to Tuesday night after the EARC net, at the hobby and into the world of 2000W, on 146.88/444.500. emergency communications. NCS is Kevin Bogan (AH6QO), ARES Section Emergency Coordinator. Every Thursday, 1800W, on the statewide RACES system (147.06 (+) with PL 103.5 on Oahu).
  4. 4. 4 WIRELESS DISPATCHMore photos from Field Day Top left: John KH6HAM logs while Louise WH6DPE works the mic. Top right: The testing session at Field Day. Among those visible are Tom KH6BLA, Ryan KH6WEB, and Ralph WH7PD. Middle left: John KH6HAM adjusts the radio. Middle right: A close-up of the turnbuckle keeping the antenna secure Left: Stacy KH6OWL makes a satellite contact while Ed KH6GMB looks on. (photos from Ryan KH6WEB)
  5. 5. Summer/Fall 2012 5 From the ARRL Letter. Copyright 2012 American Amateur Radio Relay LeagueHams Heed the Call to Help As Isaac Makes Landfall,Downgraded to Tropical Storm Seven years to the day that Hurricane Katrina smashed into New Orleans, Hurricane Isaac came call-ing. But instead of making landfall right at New Orleans like Katrina (a Category 3 storm) did on August28, 2005, Isaac veered slightly to the west of the city. Through it all, hams at WX4NHC -- the AmateurRadio station at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida -- and those supporting the Hur-ricane Watch Net and the VoIP Hurricane Net, along with various nets within the ARRLs Delta Division,relayed reports to their served agencies on Isaacs progress and the damage the storm created in itswake. "Even though Isaac has made landfall and is currently tracking slowly up Central Louisiana to Arkan-sas, hams in the Delta Division are not done," explained ARRL Delta Division Director David Norris,K5UZ. "We had quite a few nets running as Isaac came ashore, and some are still going on, relaying dam-age reports and assisting with health-and-welfare traffic. As the American Red Cross and other servedagencies venture out in the field within the next few days to assess the damage created by Isaac, hamsin the Delta Division are ready to assist these teams with whatever communications support is neces-sary. Just because Isaac itself is over, we know that storms like this can bring tornadoes, power outagesand other weather events in their wake, and we are prepared to continue to provide any support that isneeded." Read more at: http://www.arrl.org/news/hams-heed-the-call-to-help-as-isaac-makes-landfall-downgraded-to-tropical-stormFCC Releases Congressionally Mandated Study on Amateur Radio On August 20 -- in response to a Spring 2012 Congressional directive -- the Federal CommunicationsCommission released its findings on the Uses and Capabilities of Amateur Radio Service Communica-tions in Emergencies and Disaster Relief: Report to Congress Pursuant to Section 6414 of the Middle ClassTax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012. This report contains the FCC’s “ review of the importance of emergency Amateur Radio Service com-munications relating to disasters, severe weather and other threats to lives and property in the UnitedStates; and recommendations for enhancements in the voluntary deployment of Amateur Radio opera-tors in disaster and emergency communications and disaster relief efforts; and recommendations forimproved integration of Amateur Radio operators in the planning and furtherance of initiatives of thefederal government.” It also required “that the study identify impediments to enhanced Amateur RadioService communications and provide recommendations regarding the removal of such impediments.” “There are many positive things included in the FCC report to Congress,” said ARRL Regulatory Infor-mation Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND. “We are pleased that the Commission highlighted the existingAmateur Radio infrastructure to provide disaster and time-critical communications. They also recog-nized the flexibility of the Amateur Service in working with federal, state, local and tribal emergencyservice agencies to supplement existing communications. The affirmation of the value that Amateur Ra-dio brings to the communities across the country is underscored by the suggestion that ‘DHS work withstate, local, and tribal authorities so they may develop disaster area access or credentialing policies fortrained amateur operators, including a means for documenting their qualifications…’” Read more: http://www.arrl.org/news/fcc-releases-congressionally-mandated-study-on-amateur-radio
  6. 6. 6 WIRELESS DISPATCHBringing hams into the futureHawaii’s two best-known tech geeks join the world of amateur radioB urt Lum (WH6DZJ) and Ryan Ozawa (KH6WEB)aren’t intimidated in the least radio and its proven, time- tested protocols. “For me,” says Burt, “if I wantby today’s technology. In fact, to learn how to better use socialthey live and breathe it. Theyve media and the Internet forusually been the first people in emergency management, it isHawaii to discover the latest best to start with the originalsocial network, the latest cool emergency communicators,iPhone app, or the latest local ham radio and the Emergencystartup company with a chance Amateur Radio Club. What bet-to make it big. Together, they ter way to learn than to jump inhost a talk show on Hawaii Pub- with both feet.”lic Radio called Bytemarks Cafe It led both Burt and Ryan toon which they spotlight the lat- seek Ron’s help to study for, Ryan Ozawa (KH6WEB, left) andest and greatest things happen- and eventually succeed in get- Burt Lum (WH6DZJ) in the Hawaiiing in the Hawaii technology ting, their Technician licenses. Public Radio studios. (photo cour-scene, and actively promote tesy WH6DZJ) Burt and Ryan are both show-innovation and networking in ing great enthusiasm in theirthe Hawaii economic, scientific, tion, having gotten his Radio new ham identities. Even be-cultural, and social scene. Telephone 3rd class operating fore he got his call, Ryan (who So what would make these permit when he was at Stanford maintains his own Hawaii Blogtwo tech evangelists, who are pursing an electrical engineer- at www.hawaiiweblog.com) setall about the latest, greatest, ing degree— “back in the dark up a couple of new outlets: amost innovative things, decide ages,” as he says. new blog, hawaiiham.com, cov-to take a few steps back on the It was in the 1990s while ering the world of ham radiotechnological scale and get working at Hawaiian Telephone here in Hawaii, and a newtheir ham radio licenses? (now Hawaiian Telcom) that he group on Facebook called the For Ryan, the simplicity of met a couple of hams, notably Hawaii Ham Radio Group. Theham radio holds an attraction Ron Hashiro (AH6RH) and Facebook group, in particular,to him. “As much as I love the Billy Gomban (KH6JPL). At now has about 68 members andlatest and greatest gadget or the time, however, Morse code counting.website,” he says, “Im in awe of was still a requirement to get a And who may be the next tofundamental, timeless technol- Technician license. Using a be licensed? Maybe Ryan’sogies that have been connecting scanner, though, he was able to daughter Katie, or his two sonsand helping people long before monitor the VHF and UHF Zac and Alex?the first dial tone or IRC chat bands, including the principal For Katie’s part, she’s joinedroom. Amateur radio was the ham radio repeaters here. her dad’s Facebook group andoriginal globe-spanning social Recently, Burt became inter- will be coming to Field Daynetwork, and today is still as ested in the possibilities of us- with him, so anything is possi-important as ever... especially ing social media for news and ble. “She’s a possible recruit forin an emergency or when the reporting emergencies, and in sure,” says Ryan.Internet goes down.” particular getting reliable infor- For his part, Burt is no mation in an emergency—stranger to radio communica- which led him back to amateur
  7. 7. Summer/Fall 2012 7 Membership Application FormTime to renew your membership, or to become a new member? Here’s the perfect opportunity to doeither. Just fill out this form and turn it in, along with your annual dues (see form for amount due) at thenext general membership meeting OR mail it in to us at the address shown at the bottom of the form.You can also apply for or renew membership online at http://www.earchi.org. Follow the link forthe Online Membership application form.Membership has its privileges! Here are just a few: free subscription to the Wireless Dispatch free EARC-sponsored test sessions for first-time hams and upgraders alike prize at the end of the year for the member that recruits the most new members an opportunity to do community service through club-sponsored events (i.e., the Great Aloha Run) a network of incredibly helpful, friendly, knowledgeable people who share your enthusiasm for amateur radioAnd that’s just the beginning. As a member, you’ll have opportunities to present your ideas, as well.So fill out the form below, and get started!——————————————————————————————————————————————NEW MEMBERS JOINING IN: JAN-MAR $20.00, APR-JUN $15.00, JUL-SEP $10.00, OCT-DEC $5.00.Renewals: $20.00 for the calendar year. New Member Renewal  Address Change (if this only, do not include payment)CALL SIGN ___________ LICENSE CLASS ____________ LICENSE EXP DATE __________NAME _________________________________________________________________________ Last, First MI(Family: Name _______________ Call ___________ Name _____________ Call __________)ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________CITY ________________________________ STATE ______ ZIP _____________- __________HOME PHONE: (_____ ) _________________ WORK: (_____) _________________PAGER: (_____ ) _________________ FAX: (_____) _________________E-MAIL ADDRESS _____________________________________ I would like to subscribe to the EARC e-mail listserv (no spam, just news!). I am willing to read the Wireless Dispatch online instead of receiving a paper copy (saves the club $$).If you wish to submit this form by mail, please remit it, as well as a check for the amount specified to the EARC tothe following address: Emergency Amateur Radio Club P.O. Box 30315 Honolulu, HI 96820-0315
  8. 8. Welcome to the EARC’s newestmembers: Ken Cannon, AH6NN  Chris Garrett, KK4GFT James DeTour, AH6OY  Trenton Bronson, N2OBM Richard Flagg, AH6NM  Ronald Takaki, NH6AG Stephen Hazam, K1HZM  Jonalynn Sing Funakura, WH6DZK to KH6WEB Dean Kozel, KB5HVJ NH6UO Ryan Ozawa Christopher Wall, KC8LAS  William Hope, WH6DQW WH7BTE to KH6GLO Sonny Makalena, KG4HZF  Larry Nihipali, WH6DWN Gloria Hall Charles Schenck, KH6CS  Mack Humphery, WH6DWX WH6DUL to KH6PRD William Osborn, KH6KV  David Bilek, WH6DYG Mario Alvarez Stephen Kawamae, KH6SK  Stewart Miura, WH6DZF WH6GD to KH6XJ Allen LeVie, KH7AL  Burt Lum, WH6DZJ Eugene Dashiell Sam Cadelinia, KH7IE  Ryan Ozawa, WH6DZK WH6DWT to KH6SK to KH6WG Ronald Wallenhorst, KH7UT  Edward Haddock, WH7TT Stephen Kawamae Robert Collester, KJ4HUH  Walter Hayward, WH7WP WH6DUQ to WH6SKY Marc Nuzzo WH6DTR to KH6TG Tony Gannon WH6DTE to KH6WB Andy Andrade WIRELESS DISPATCH Emergency Amateur Radio Club P.O. Box 30315 Honolulu, HI 96820-0315