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Hanamido for Buddha Day Celebration
The Hawaii Buddhist Council Buddha Day celebration will be held on Sunday, Apri...
Guest Speaker on April 13
Audrey Emiko Kitgawa, J.D.
We are happy to announce that Audrey Emiko Kitagawa, will
be flying i...
Fujinkai Ladies Enjoy Greeting Card Making
The Honolulu Jodo Shu Fujinkai ladies held their annual General Membership
Sunday Services
Importance of Coming to Sunday Services: Have you ever come to Sunday Service
and found how wonderful it i...
The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends
its sincere condolences to the family
members and loved ones of the followin...
1 Anzaemon Kajioka
The Kajioka & Morita Family
Yae Ogata
Mistuko Arakawa
Shimoyo Karamatsu
Seiichi Kimura
George Kaname Sa...
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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - April 2014


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The monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii, for April 2014.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - April 2014

  1. 1. JodoMissionofHawaii Bulletin-APRIL2014 (#1209-0414) JodoMissionofHawaii 1429MakikiSt. HonoluluHI96814 AddressServiceRequested HBC BUDDHA DAY CELEBRATION April 8th is the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha. This birthday celebration is known as "Buddha Day” and is also known as “Hanamatsuri”. The Hawaii Buddhist Council cordially invites everyone to the Buddha Day Service. This year the service will be held at our Betsuin so please come and enjoy the beautiful service. The guest speaker is Dr. George Tanabe, emeritus professor of the Depart- ment of Religion at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. WHEN: Sunday, April 6, 2014 TIME: 10:00 a.m. WHERE: Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki Street PH: 949-3995 Guest Speaker: Dr. George Tanabe Parking: Limited, carpooling encouraged
  2. 2. Page 2 Hanamido for Buddha Day Celebration The Hawaii Buddhist Council Buddha Day celebration will be held on Sunday, April 6 beginning at 10:00 a.m. at Jodo Mission of Hawaii. Pictured on the right is a Hanamido fully decorated with flowers, with Baby Buddha in the center. This represents the Lumbini Garden where Baby Buddha was born. Sweet tea or amacha is poured over the statute of Buddha. The tea symbolizes the gentle rains that fell on the day Buddha was born. At the Buddha Day celebration, please be sure to bow in front of Baby Buddha and pour some amacha over the Baby Buddha statute. Guest Speaker is Dr. George Tanabe. Dr. Tanabe most recently received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Neck Rib- bon at the Japanese Consulate in Honolulu on January 24, 2014. Pictured at the right is Dr. Tanabe and Japanese Consul General Toyoei Shigeeda. (photo from internet from News University of Hawaii Sys- tem). Many of you are familiar with the book by Dr. Tanabe and his wife Willa Jane Tanabe entitled Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawaii. Dr. Tanabe’s talks are always interesting so please come and enjoy the Buddha Day Celebration as well as hear Dr. Tanabe. Piano and Singing Concert by three women from Japan will follow Dr. Tanabe’s talk. The Hawaii Buddhist Council is comprised of the following Buddhist temples: Higashi Hongwanji Mission, Honpa Hongwanji Mission, Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Koyasan Shingon Mission, Nichiren Mission of Hawaii, Soto Mission of Hawaii and Tendai Mission of Hawaii. It is always nice to get together with fellow Buddhists! Please come and celebrate Buddha’s Birthday! Sewing Circle April 8 and 22 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Any interested person is welcome to participate. Sunday School We welcome children to join our Sunday School. Let’s enjoy studying Onembutsu by doing various activities. April 20 @ 10:45 a.m. ANNOUNCEMENTS FUJINKAI (women’s association) No meeting in April * * * * * * * * Oahu Rengo Fujinkai April 27 at Betsuin YBA No Meeting in April ♫ ♪ Ukulele by Stuart Nago ♫ Please come and enjoy ukule- le music by Stuart Nago on Sunday, April 20 at 10 a.m. after Sunday Service. He may also play his guitar.
  3. 3. Guest Speaker on April 13 Audrey Emiko Kitgawa, J.D. We are happy to announce that Audrey Emiko Kitagawa, will be flying in from New York City, and will speak at our April 13, 2014 Sunday Service, beginning at 10:00 A.M. Audrey was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is the daughter of one of our devoted Jodo Shu members, Mrs. Yoshiko Kitagawa. Many of you know Mrs. Kitagawa who is 94 years of age and young as ever. She is always at the otera greeting everyone with a smile and on days when her Fujinkai group is scheduled for refreshments, she is in the kitchen and always mak- ing sure that what is served is delicious as well as appealing in appearance. Audrey travels all over the world, but never fails to remain in touch with her dear mother despite some of the remote locations to which she travels. Mrs. Kitigawa is looking forward to her daughter’s visit in April. An attorney by profession who retired from her law career in 1996, Audrey heads the Light of Awareness International Spiritual Family, a nondenominational, ecumenical spir- itual community that honors the various pathways to God realization, and the sacred jour- ney which each person must undertake to discover his/her own inherently Divine nature. She is the Founder/President of the International Academy for Transcultural Cooperation, a Founding Trustee of the New York City Peace Museum, the former Advisor to the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict at the United Nations, and sits on various boards, councils and organizations that promote path- ways to peace. Her extensive travels have taken her to many of Buddhism’s most sacred sites, including the place of Lord Buddha’s birth (Lumbini, Nepal), enlightenment (Bodhgaya), first teaching (Sarnath), and passing (Kushinagar). With her extensive travels around the world, it is such an opportunity to have Audrey make herself available to our temple. It is also wonderful that she always makes herself available to her mother. If you ever read the article by Audrey E. Kitagawa ‘Crossing World Views, The Power of Perspective and the Hawaii Japanese American Ex- perience”, you will see how much appreciation she has for her mother. Please make every effort to come to our Sunday Service on April 13, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. to hear our guest speaker, Audrey Emiko Kitagawa. Lunch will also be hosted and served by members of the Light of Awareness International Spiritual Family in the Social Hall immediately following Audrey’s presentation. Page 3
  4. 4. Fujinkai Ladies Enjoy Greeting Card Making The Honolulu Jodo Shu Fujinkai ladies held their annual General Membership meeting on February 23, 2014, which also included their New Year’s party. For something different one of their newest member Gail Masaki was kind enough to show the ladies how wonderful it is to make your own greeting cards. Gail provided all the supplies and the ladies concentrated very hard and enjoyed themselves. They used sponges, ink pads, sticky cut-outs, and everyone had a lot of fun. This was so different from other Fujinkai New Year’s parties! The time went by so fast that there was not enough time to play BINGO. Instead various lucky numbers were called. Taisho University students (Shino Kimoto, Akiko Suzui and Fukase Kishida) also joined the ladies in card making. Sophie Narashiba and Peggy Miyamoto joined in this picture taking. Keiro ladies received a package of sekihan (mochi rice with azuki beans or “happy rice”) normally served on happy occa- sions like our New Year’s party! These ladies also worked hard earlier in the day and the day before preparing for the delicious luncheon Left photo: Jo Ann Matsuo, Setsuko Hara, Harue Maki, Tomoko Hisamoto, Edna Ajimura Right photo: Evelyn Kiyo- ta & her daughter & Marie Otani Sunday School Excursion On March 9, 2014, our Sunday School class went on a fabulous excursion, thanks to their advisor Kay Oshiro. They went to the Hilton Hawaiian Lagoon and enjoyed the outdoors riding canoes. It was a beautiful, sunny day, a good day to be out- doors! Some got sunburns but the day was a day to remember, a very fun day! Being in Hawaii, they all love the ocean. Page 4
  5. 5. Sunday Services Importance of Coming to Sunday Services: Have you ever come to Sunday Service and found how wonderful it is to start the new week off on a good start! If you haven’t, you must try it some time. You might like it! Our services are not that early. It begins every Sunday at 10 a.m. For those early risers, we do have an 8:30 a.m. morning service each day for the Eitaikyo or Perpetual Memorial Service. Page 7 of this Bulletin lists all those who are listed for Eitaikyo or Perpetual Memorial Service for the month of April and each day a min- ister will say a prayer for that particular individual. Anyone can attend this early morning service. On the first Sunday, we usually have an Obetsuji service and during the service the minister will ask everyone to hit the mokugyo (a wooden piece with a wooden stick) all together in unison making one sound and at the same time reciting the Nenbutsu (Jodo Shu is now spelling it “Nenbutsu”). Nenbutsu is reciting Buddha’s name: Namu Amida Butsu. Photo above shows our Sunday School students hitting the mokugyo at their Youth Retreat in 2012. On most second and third Sundays, the services are in English. The second Sunday is usually a Family Service Sunday and normally the Fujinkai ladies prepare some type of refreshments so everyone can enjoy fellowship. “Fellowship” is important to meet other Jodo Shu members by getting to know each other and finding that you have similar interests. This is good for your health! At our English service, we do sing a few songs, especially Vandana and Ti-Sarana (from ancient chanting), Shuka Tsukikage, which comes from our founder Honen Shonin, and other songs. Also we normally would recite the Eight-Fold Path. Sometimes we also sing Inochi no Riyu (The Reason for Life). It is a beautiful song written by Sada Masashi of Japan for Jodo Shu as part of the 800th memorial service for Honen Shonin. The fourth Sunday we usually have a Juzukuri service. Everyone gathers together holding a part of a gigantic juzu (photo below) and reciting the Nenbutsu. Such tranquility! We sometimes also have meditation. We are always looking for guest speakers so please let us know if you know of anyone. Please join us on Sundays at 10 a.m. un- less another event overrides the Sunday Service like temple cleaning or O-Toba set up day . Page 5
  6. 6. Obituaries The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere condolences to the family members and loved ones of the following members who have recently left this world for the Pure Land. Mitsue Kawamoto 99 Shigemi Ishizaki 93 Richard Nakamura 83 Walter “Tiny” Takayoshi Higuchi 78 Hiroshi Higaki 89 Calvin Sakae Murashige 90 Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Website: Rev. Yubun Narashiba Head Minister Rev. Kanjun Nakano Resident Minister Rev. Dwight Nakamura Retired Minister Page 6 What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial service and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of death occurs for a person listed on this record, the ministers pray for that individual during the morn- ing service. The prayers will continue each year for as long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to have memorial services. We also wel- come you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the application form. Each name costs $200. After the application is accepted, the name will be listed on the record. Apology for March Eitaikyo List: We apologize for incorrectly spelling the deceased person’s name in March Bulletin: 26 Kyo Ohta Rev. Dwight Nakamura: We miss your smiling face! If you have been wondering where is Rev. Naka- mura, he is fine and presently residing with his daughter Dana in North Caro- lina. Hopefully, we will see him soon! Weather in Hawaii is much warmer than North Carolina!
  7. 7. 1 Anzaemon Kajioka The Kajioka & Morita Family Yae Ogata Mistuko Arakawa Shimoyo Karamatsu Seiichi Kimura George Kaname Sakuda 2 Ryosaku Maeda The Maeda Family Shuzaburo Kunihiro The Kunihiro Family Masao Kamihara James Isamu Tomita Hoichi Nishimura Family 3 Kinjuro Ajimura The Ajimura Family Katsuichi Takeda The Takeda Family Takeo Kuniyuki Katsusaburo Yamamoto Kikue Kubota 4 Masayo Kusunoki The Kusunoki Family Shinichi Amakawa The Amakawa Family Hitomi Miyaura 5 Tsune Isobe The Isobe Family Mamoru Najita Isematsu Takenaka Kazumitsu Kaya 7 Yasu Hirohama The Hirohama & Kawasugi Family Kikujiro Uchiumi Naomi Fuse Johnson Fay Johnson Yumi Yokoyama Isaburo Terada Toru Yamane 8 Tadaichi Aoki The Aoki Family Kojiro Okamoto The Okamoto & Nakamoto Family Shigekichi Yoshizaki The Yoshizaki Family Naotaka Hayashi Misue Imamoto Yoshio Takara Masamitsu Nakano 9 Shizuko Hironaka The Hironaka & Ishimoto Family Fumie Iwasaki Tokio Nishikawa 10 Tomi Arakawa Matsuji Yamamoto 11 Tsunekichi Matsuno The Matsuno Family Sadako Yokoyama The Yokoyama & Morita Family Teru Sakuda The Sakuda Family Sada Harada The Kohatsu Family Yoshiko Hara 12 Naka Nakamura Toshiko Umemoto 13 Yasuko Daitoku The Daitoku & Fujimoto Family Kayo Doi Tsuyo Uchiumi Zentoku Uyehara Yasu Iguchi Masashi Yamane 14 Heiji Yasumoto The Yasumoto Family Yoshi Okamura (2) Kiyoto Kawaoka 15 Toso Kamisato The Kamisato Family The Aoki Family Mikayo Higashimura Toshiro Kawabe The Kawabe Family Masakane Himuro Kenji Hayashi Toshiko Sumida Nishimoto William Hatsuichi Kishimoto 16 Bunsuke Isobe The Isobe Family Ryu Tsurusaki The Tsurusaki & Inada Family Masatoshi Umemoto Patsy Hisako Himuro Mitsuyoshi Gushikuma 17 Kenichi Namba The Namba Family Tsuneharu Imaguchi 18 Toyokichi Iguchi The Iguchi & Sasaki Family Eki Mineishi The Mineishi Family Yojiro Watanabe 19 Jun Kunihiro The Kunihiro Family Motoo Ueda The Ueda Family Maka Tamanaha The Tamanaha Family Matsutaro Shimizu Isamu Yoshioka Thomas Lai 20 Hiroshi Ohta Mantsu Takara Shozaemon Matsumoto Mildred Yukiko Ito 21 Naomi Takara Genichi Tamura Kikue Kakimoto 22 Kyoichi Koyama The Koyama Family Chieko Miyakawa Hiroshi Nakai The Nakai Family Kazu Saiki Kyoichi Koyama Francis Sadamu Furutani, Jr. 23 Bishop Sensho Fukuda Eiko Gushikuma Shigeichi Aoki Moushi Uyehara Shigeo Tom Muranaka 24 Setsuyo Misawa (2) The Misawa Family The Watanabe Family Yoshio Kunimoto 25 Michizo Imaguchi (2) The Imaguchi Family Yasuko Ueda Tsunegoro Iwamoto Soichi Sakai 26 Kikujiro Yokoyama The Yokoyama & Morita Family Makoto Takahashi Masato Ishida Tokue Uehara 27 Misae Umemoto The Umemoto Family The Ida Family The Matsushima Family Shizue Nose Robert Murakami Haruko Teruya 28 Rokusuke Yanagihara The Yanagihara Family Iwakichi Matsuda The Toichi Funamoto Family Misao Yamane Masa Okamoto Miyao Ume Kawamura 29 Mitsuyo Kamioka The Kamioka & Hanaoka Family Tatsuyo Ohara (2) The Ohara Family Tsuchi Kajioka Heijiro Asai Tsune Uesugi Koji Kamioka Manzuchi Higashi Kazuto Hamada Hatsumi Nakamura Yoshiyo Yanagihara Mitsuyo Kanai Yoshida Mitoshi Tanaka 30 Tsuru Matsuno Esa Yamane Kume Nakamoto The Nakamoto & Sakagawa Family The Matsuno Family The Yamane Family & Harada Family Shigetaka Imada Miyoko Shindo EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for April Page 7
  8. 8. SunMonTueWedThuFriSat 12345 6789101312 13141516171819 20212223242526 27282930 8:30amMorningService EverydayApril2014JodoMissionofHawaii Phone:949-39 10amHBCBuddhaDay ServiceatJodoMission GustSpeaker: Dr.GeorgeTanabe 10:00SundayService 8:30amSewingClass 8:30amSewingClass 10:00SundayService 10:45OahuRengoFujinkai Convention 10:45SundaySchool COMINGEVENTS: LeiMakingProjectonFriday,May23forPunchbowlgraves. StateYBAConventiononMauiJune6,7,8,2014 O-BonServices:July25,26,27,2014 BonDance:August15-16,2014 10:00SundayFamilyService GuestSpeaer: AudreyKitagawa 11:45BoardMeeting