Jodo Mission Bulletin - June 2013


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The monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii for June 2013.

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Jodo Mission Bulletin - June 2013

  1. 1. June 30: DEADLINE: Chutoba & Chochin OrdersJune 30: O-Toba Set Up & General Cleaning - YOUR HELP IS NEEDEDJuly 12-14: O-Bon ServicesAug.16-17: Bon DanceFriday, July 1210:00 am (Hatsubon only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSaturday, July 1310:00 am (Hatsubon only)2:00 pm & 7:00 pmSunday, July 1410:00 amO-Bon Service ScheduleImportant DatesSEE Page 9 for Chutoba and Chochin order forms >>>>(#1199-0613)JodoMissionofHawaii1429MakikiStreetHonoluluHI96814AddressServiceRequestedJodoMissionofHawaiiBulletin-JUNE2013
  2. 2. Page 2O-Bon Service ScheduleO-Bon Services will be held as follows:Friday, July 12 – 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only)2:00 pm & 7:00pmSaturday, July 13 – 10:00 am (Hatsubon Families Only)2:00 pm & 7:00pmSunday, July 14 – 10:00 amSign up for O-Bon Service will begin 1 hour before 2 pm and 7 pm services. Thisis on a first come first serve basis. NO phone orders will be taken.Closing Service will be on Sunday, July 14 at 10:00am. After Closing Service,cleanup will begin.Parking Attendants Needed: We are in need of at least 6 parking attendants foreach 2 pm and 7 pm services. Please call Jodo Mission at 949-3995 if you are ableto help direct cars to parking spaces. We appreciate your help.O-Toba Service Appointments: If you wish to have prayers offered in front of yourO-Toba, appointments will be accepted from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Wednesday,July 3 to 10 a.m. on Sunday, July 14, 2013.Announcements*******************************************************************Parking Lot Repaving: From July 22 to August 1, therewill be no services held at Jodo Mission due to therepaving of our parking lot.As you can see, we have done a lot of patch work hereand there to cover holes due to rain. We are finallygoing to repave our entire parking lot. Anyoneneeding to have memorial services held during thisperiod will be asked to schedule them either beforeor after these dates.We apologize for this inconvenience but we dowant to complete this job before our next big event which is the BonDance in August and before more rain comes in winter. Thank you verymuch for your patience!
  3. 3. ② ① ③④⑤ ⑥⑦⑧⑨⑩ ⑪⑫⑪⑬ ⑬Introduction of Sho-ryo Dana in O-BonButsudan1) Incense: Purify the area of Sho-ryo Dana with the smoke of in-cense2) Flower: Flower is a symbol ofpurity. There are numerous flow-ers in the Pure Land.3) Water: Water is a symbol of of-fering. The offered water iscalled “AKA” that is translatedfrom a Sanskrit word “Argha”,the most valuable thing.4) Candle: A candle light is show-ing us the light of wisdom andcompassion of Amida Buddha.5), 6) Cucumber and Eggplantwith sticks: With a Cucumber,make a horse (using sticks) foryour ancestors to return homeearly. Make a Cow with an Eggplant (using sticks) for them toreturn to the Pure Land slowly.7) Mizu-noko: The fresh cut egg-plant and cucumber with washedrice. Offering food in prayer tohelp everyone from hunger in anyrealms. (Optional)8) Some rice in a bowl of Waterand a leaf of Lythrum ancepts:This expands food limitlessly.(Optional)9) Nishime without meat: A tradi-tional Japanese food used as mon-asterial food called Sho-jinRyo-ri.10) Somen noodle: Somen noodle isa symbolic food for longevity.11) Fruits and vegetables: Offergifts of nature to Buddha andancestors.12) Mochi or any favorite food: Offer gifts of natureto Buddha and ancestors.13) Bamboo grass: Protection to keep away the badspirits from the Sho-ryo Dana.Page 3
  4. 4. Getting Ready for O-Bon: In the May issue of our Bulletin, weasked if you would share some of your family’s tradition regardingofferings at your O-Toba.Most people offer flowers, fruits and vegetables,candies and drinks. Each O-Toba has about a 6 inch by 6 inchspace for you to work with; otherwise you are into someone else’sspace. The photo at left shows someone with flowers and fruitsand as you can see there is not a lot of space.Marie Otani was gracious enough to share some of her family’s customs:While the O-Tobas are up during the O-Bon season, it is important and customaryto attend to the O-Tobas, similar to caring for gravesites or niches.Over the many O-Bon seasons that our family has observed at Jodo Mission, wehave developed our style of caring for our O-Toba. We typically attend to those tasksas soon as the O-Toba is set up, usually on the Sunday before O-Bon services start.Flowers are placed at the base of the O-Toba. The temple sets up a basin andmakes available empty glass jars near the fence facing the freeway. But during theyear, our family sets aside suitable jars and we use those instead, leaving the availablejars for others who forget or don’t have suitable containers. To keep them from tippingover with our trade winds, we tie the jars loosely to the base of the O-Toba. Tall peanutjars fit nicely in the space below the O-Toba and have an indentation in the middlewhich keeps the rope from slipping off. To help the flowers stay fresher longer, we cutthe flower stems under water.Food for the ancestors is placed on the shelf in front of the O-Toba. We typical-ly get oranges since they last longer and are resistant to the weather. To prevent theorange from rolling on the shelf, we put the orange in a paper bowl. To allow rainwater to drain, we poke holes in the base of the bowl. Then we attach the bowl to theshelf with a little tape, being careful not to block the drain holes. Blue painter’s tapeleaves little or no residue.THANK YOU Marie for sharing. Please note that everyone is welcome to usethe empty bottles provided near the water basin usually located near the fence fac-ing the freeway as Marie mentioned above.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Page 4Continued from page 7:next year, it will be the same ritual, but different. You will be older, stronger or weaker, butwiser. So we should cherish and treat each person, each daily activity and encounter withcourtesy and kindness. Maybe not so comfortable, but soon, part of us.So, today, this is the first time for me to offer amacha to Oshyakasama here with you,and to remember, “Ichi go ichi e.” COL Walter Ozawa
  5. 5. Kurtistown Jodo Mission First Step PreschoolKurtistown First Step Preschool: On April 28, 2013, Kurtistown JodoMission had a dedication of their new First Step Preschool. Rev. Bunyu Shirahata,Chairperson of Jodo Shu Preschool/Kindergarten Association in Japan sent the follow-ing message:Mr. Neil Gyotoku,Director, First Step PreschoolI would like to express my congratulations on the opening of the First Step Preschool.On behalf of Jodo Shu Preschool/Kindergarten Association, consisting of about 430schools that provide early education with the spirit of Honen-sama, I would like to of-fer a message of solidarity.I understand that church members, all the parties concerned, and Rev. Miyazaki haveovercome many hardships in order to open the First Step Preschool. This is a veryhappy occasion not only for you but for us, the Jodo Shu Preschool/KindergartenAssociation members, that your effort has borne fruit today.Hawaii and Japan are physically very far from each other; however, I am hoping tobuild good relationships under the one spirit of Honen-sama. I am praying that theFirst Step Preschool prospers as an indispensable facility for the local community andits children.In Gassho,Rev. Bunyu ShirahataChairperson of Jodo Shu Preschool/Kindergarten AssociationPage 5
  6. 6. Page 6Sewing Circle:June 8 and 22at 8:00 a.m.Any person interested iswelcome to participateSUNDAY SCHOOLNo Sunday School in June& JulyFujinkai Meeting(Women’s association)6/2/13 @ 8:30 a.m.YBA MeetingNO YBAMeeting in June♪ ♪ Jodo Mission of Hawaii ♪ ♪Children’s Choir “Malama”こども合唱団マラマNo Malama Children’s Choir in June,July and August♫ ♪ Ukulele by Stuart Nago ♫Please come and enjoyukulele music by StuartNago on Sunday, June 16at 10:00 a.m. after SundayService. He may also playhis guitar or introduce a newsong he wrote.ANNOUNCEMENTSFather’s DayJune 16th is Father’s DayWe always remember our Mothers, but dowe always remember our Fathers? What do youremember about your Father, Dad, Daddy, Otoo-san?Please come to our Father’s Day Service and honoryour father by your presence on June 16th at 10 a.m.Punahou Students came to help:Katie and Travis came one day as aservice project to help with cleaningthe temple grounds.THANK YOU Katie and Travis.Hope you come back soon!Mother’s Day PhotosAbove are Sunday School students, Takeru, Skyler, A’Marie,Himaware and Sophie with Sunday School coordinators KayOshiro and assistant Jo Ann Matsuo. Sunday School and theIntermediate YBA, consisting of the Oshiro family provideda wonderful lunch for everyone to enjoy. Red carnationswere given to all mothers. THANK YOU VERY MUCH![Apology for not having any photos of Sunday SchoolMothers.]
  7. 7. Hanamatsuri Guest SpeakerCOL Walter OzawaOn April 28, 2013, COL Walter Ozawa was ourguest speaker. If you were not here to listen to histalk, you missed out on a very personable personwho met almost everyone here and a wonderfulspeaker. Some remembered him from many yearsago when he was our guest speaker.Sketch to the right is a self-portrait by COLOzawa himself. His son, Ryan Ozawa, serves onthe Jodo Mission Board of Directors.Below are portions of his talk:Today is a happy day. An omedetai day! For millions of Buddhists, we remember todayas the birthday of Oshyakasama, Siddhartha Gautama, Amida Buddha. My father was aSoto Zen priest, and so I, of course attended many Hanamatsuri services. And like you,poured amacha or sweet tea over Amida Buddha in a hanamido. And like most of you, mychildhood memories include decorating the hanamido with flowers, and listening to storiesabout when Prince Siddhartha Gautama who was born in Lumbini Garden, India, and whogrew up to become the Enlightened One, Shyakamuni Buddha.I just returned from a short visit to Fukuoka, Japan, to accompany my wife to ItoshimaCity Hall to receive a copy of her father’s koseki , or family register. He was born in Hataemachi, and my wife’s maiden name is Hatae, and while we are all familiar with her mother’sfamily since she was born in Hawaii, the Yamachika side, she did not know much about herfather. In our travels to Japan, we observed the Buddhist traditions and rituals are meldedinto the Japanese people, as if it was in their DNA. As a young boy, I remember getting upearly in the mornings when my father would read okyo and chant every morning to beginthe day. He would strike the temple bell at the same time every day. You could tell time bythe otera no kane, ringing . . . kan, kan …Rituals are important to us. For many, we are taught from a very young age to do thingsover and over until they become not just second nature, but really part of our being. Itmakes us feel safe, it comforts us, because we know that generations before us have alsodone the same, and sometimes we don’t even know why. And, because most services are inJapanese, we don’t understand. . . . .There is a saying in Japanese “Ichi go ichi e” which means “once in a lifetime” or“cherish every encounter as if it were your last.” If you are familiar with tea ceremony, youmay know this saying. Literally it means, “meeting only once.” It does not mean meetingsomeone for the first and last time, but it refers to the ideal state of mind when encounteringother people—to value every meeting as if it is a once in a lifetime meeting. Even if youmeet someone for the second or third or more time, each time will always be under a differ-ent circumstance. So, “Ichi go ichi e” is an everyday occurrence. Offering amacha orsweet tea to Amida Buddha today, the child will be the first time for today, for this year and[continued on page 4]Page 7
  8. 8. ホノルル浄土宗婦人会Honolulu Jodo Shu FujinkaiCRAFT FAIRDate: Sunday, June 23, 2013Time: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Place: Jodo Mission of Hawaii Social Hall1429 Makiki Street, Honolulu, HawaiiPH: 949-3995We plan to have a variety of sales vendors (keikifutons, pillow cases) Tupperware, jewelry, T-shirts,blouses, Thirty-one bags.Also, we plan to have a lot of food items soif you get hungry, you will be able to pur-chase something: tsukemono, sushi, popularspam musubi, baked goods, i.e. cookies, etc.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Any craft vendor interested in reserving a table may contactJodo Mission of Hawaii, Telephone: 949-3995 for an application (firstcome, first serve; deadline June 9).Page 8
  9. 9. OBON CHUTOBA ORDER FORMObon Services will be held Friday, July 12thto Sunday, July 14th, at Jodo Mission of HawaiiDEADLINE: June 30, 2013YOUR NAME(お名前):___________________________________________PHONE(お電話番号):________________NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前):1._________________________________________________________2._________________________________________________________3._________________________________________________________4._________________________________________________________One Chutoba is $ 7.00 × Total of Chutoba ______ = Total $______(中塔婆 1本 7ドル) (本数) (合計)On which day are you coming?(いつお参りにこられますか?)Please circle date and time.Fri, July 12 2 pm or 7 pmSat, July 13 2 pm or 7 pmSun, July 14 10 amOrCannot attend the serviceORDER FORM FOR CHOCHIN (LANTERN、ちょうちん申し込み用紙)DEADLINE: June 30, 2013YOUR NAME (お名前):______________________________________PHONE : (お電話番号) :_________________NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前):1.____________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________3.____________________________________________________________4.____________________________________________________________LARGE(大)____×$10.00 + SMALL(小)____×$7.00 = TOTAL(合計)$______________FOR OFFICE USE ONLYOrder accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2013 ( In person / Mail / By phone )Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2013 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______( Cut )FOR OFFICE USE ONLYOrder accepted by : _______________ Date accepted : _______/______/ 2013 ( In person / Mail / By phone )Received by : _______________ Date paid : _______/______/ 2013 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______Page 9
  10. 10. ObituariesThe Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincerecondolences to the family members and loved ones ofthe following members who have recently left thisworld for the Pure Land.Fumiye Teruya 82Carole Masako Yano 68Kikue Akamine Yogi 95Jodo Mission Office Hours:Monday to Saturday8am—5pmSunday & Holidays8am—3pmPhone: 949-3995Website: www.jodo.usRev. Yubun NarashibaHead MinisterRev. Kanjun NakanoResident MinisterRev. DwightNakamuraRetired MinisterPage 10Rev. YasuhiroWatanabe2013 BON DANCE SCHEDULEOF JODO SHU TEMPLESApology for April Eitaikyo List: We apolo-gize for not listing the following death in April Bul-letin:4/30: Mitoshi TanakaIsland Temple Phone No. Dates TimesOahu Betsuin 949-3995 Aug 16 to 17 6:30 pm – 9:30 pmHaleiwa 637-4382 July 26 to 27 7/26: 8 pm – 10 pm7/27: 8 pm – 11 pmBig Island[Hawaii]KurtistownCall Rev. Miyazaki(808) 935-6996August 3 8:00 pmHilo July 12 to 13 7/12: 7:30 pm7/13: 8:00 pmHakalau August 17 8:00 pmHamakuaCall Rev. Wansa(808) 775-0965August 10 6:30 pmKohala July 13 6:30 pmHawi August 3 6:30 pmMaui Kahului Call Rev. John Hara(808) 244-0066August 10 7:00 pmWailuku June 28 7:00 pmLahaina (808) 661-4304 July 6 7:00 pmKapaa (808) 822-4319 August 2 to 3 7:30 pmKauaiKoloa (808) 742-6735 July 5 to 6 7:30 pm
  11. 11. 1 Tatsuo Nonaka2 Takayo FukudaThe Fukuda FamilyYasuichi NakaiThe Nakai FamilyKikue TejimaThe Tejima FamilyYasu KawamuraFujio Fujita4 Rui YasumotoShizutaro KimuraFujiko TeruyaKatsu YokoyamaSusan Teruko Lubick5 Kamematsu KanoThe Kano & WatanabeFamiliesShuichi ArakawaYoshikazu EbisuzakiTamon YamaguchiJapanese Marines6 Chujiro NishimuraThe Nishimura FamilyMatsu WakagiThe Wakagi FamilyTomo Daitoku (2)The Daitoku, Fujimoto,& Kawauchi FamiliesShinichi FukudaThe Fukuda FamilyMiyoshi Takara7 Ayako MorikawaThe Morikawa FamilyTaki AsaiKichi KunihisaShina Kotake8 Soichi HiranoThe Hirano & KanekoFamiliesThe Hirota FamilySaku Yokoyama9 Sueko TanimuraThe Tanimura FamilyKenzaburo IshiiThe Ishii FamilyEmi Kawamoto10 Hosuke MiyagawaThe Miyagawa FamilyAriki FujimotoHisako MitaniMieko OnoBerthaTakako Homareda12 Bunjiro UmemotoThe Umemoto FamilyMitsuyoshi OkamuraThe Okamura Family13 Charlse HarumiTakabayashi (2)Jeane SachikoEbisuzaki14 Masuzo KonakaThe Konaka, Yano,& Hayashi FamiliesKiichi MorisakoKatsuko SakakibaraShigeki Narahara15 Yoshio MoritaThe Morita FamilyKikutaro HigashideThe Higashide& Fuyukawa FamiliesAlbert Akira Sakuda16 Onichi ChinenThe Chinen FamilyChiyo HeirakujiHarry NoboruMatsumotoIwao Oki17 Natsu KawamuraThe Kawamura FamilySenjiro OgawaIchiro NakatsukaThe Hirotsu FamilyHelen Miyoko OdaHachijiro Homareda18 Bunkichi KamimuraTama MoritaThe Morita FamilyChiyo MoriHatsuyo YoshikawaKame UyeharaThe Uyehara familyKayKimiko Yamamoto19 Kiyomatsu UenoThe Ueno FamilyShinei KanehiraThe Kanehira FamilyMitsuru OgiKenichi NaitoSam SaburoTaniguchiKikuyo MoriokaMiyoshi Akashi20 Hisataro YanagiharaThe Yanagihara FamilyNaoji YokoyamaMoushi KobashigawaKame UyeharaIchitaro MatsudaHisakichi YamamotoWade Kenji Sakai21 Sumi TakedaThe Takeda FamilyKomanoshin MasatsuguTeruo MasatsuguAyako TasakaSuzuko Shigehara22 Isuke IwasakiMurakamis BabyKazumi MizutaYoshimi MaruuchiEdward Isamu KimotoMoshi TakaraTakara’s Baby23 Isamu YonemotoThe Yonemoto FamilyYoshio HigaThe Higa FamilyYoshiko HamasakiJonosuke ArakawaKosuke TakaraKihachi Kishimoto24 Yoshito EbisuyaThe Ebisuya FamilyThe Fujii FamilyTokiko Karakake25 Hana MitsutaniThe Mitsutani FamilyNobuyuki NishidaYukio HirataAkio Nathon Tagami26 Fuji YanoThe Yano, Konaka,& Hayashi FamiliesDaizo KawamuraThe Kawamura FamilyMokunosuke TaniguchiIsamu NakanoKeigo SomaClaris SadakoYamamoto27 Ron Kiyoshi AmasakiAkira Shimoda28 Shintaro MasudaThe Masuda & AsamuraFamiliesRyoshichi HimuroThe Himuro FamilyKiyoichi Oshiro29 Kumanosuke MorikawaThe Morikawa FamilySadamu YanagiharaThe Yanagihara FamilyKinuyo KarimotoZiu TakaokaKiichi TakaokaShizuko HeirakujiGrace Kawafuchi30 Hana IshizakiTsurue NagaishiThe Nakauye FamilyJohn Yoshito NakauyeKoei TakaraGerald Kenji SatoEITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for June
  12. 12. SunMonTueWedThuFriSat12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728298:30amMorningServiceEverydayJune2013JodoMissionofHawaiiPhone:949-399510amFather’sDayService8:30amFujinkaiMeeting10amObetsujiService9:00—2:00FujinkaiCraftFairNOSUNDAYSERVICEJune30:DEADLINE:Chutoba&ChochinOrdersJune30:O-TobaSetUp&GeneralCleaningbeforeO-BonServices-YOURHELPISNEEDED.July12-14:O-BonServicesatJodoMissionofHawaiiJuly26-27HaleiwaJodoMissionBonDanceAug16-17:BonDanceatJodoMissionofHawaii8:00SewingCircleYBAConventiononMauiYBAConvention—Mauiu8:30amMorningService308:00O-TobaSetUp&GeneralCleaningDay8:00SewingCircle