Jodo Mission of Hawaii Newsletter - October 2011


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The monthly bulletin of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii for October 2011.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Newsletter - October 2011

  1. 1. JODO MISSION OF HAWAII BULLETIN - OCTOBER 2011 (#1179-1011) Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 Address Service Requested Bazaar Bazaar will be held on Sunday, October 23, 2011 (8:00am –2:00pm) Bazaar preparation: Your help is needed on Sunday, October 16,at 10:30 am to bring out all the stored Bazaar items to the Social Hall. Through-out the year people drop off items to be sold at the Annual Bazaar and theseitems are stored. Now we need to take out these stored items. Lunch will be pro-vided. Also, during the week from Monday, October 17 to Saturday, October 22, beginningat 9:00 a.m. each day, help is needed to sort, organize and price the many donateditems in preparation of the Bazaar. Donations of useable clothing, household items, plants, baked goods, craft items,etc. are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please feel free to drop non-perishableitems off anytime during our office hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 am—5 pm Sunday & holidays: 8 am—3 pm No furniture or bulky items will be accepted. All items must be dropped-off at the Temple.
  2. 2. The 800th Grand Memorial Service of Our Founder Honen Shonin On Sunday, September 18, 2011, the Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions held the 800th Grand Memorial Service in honor of our founder Honen Shonin. The 800th Grand Memorial Service was conducted by Grand Officiant Bishop Gensho Hara and Co-Officiated by Rev. Yubun Narashiba and Rev. Wajira Wansa. Other ministers who participated were Rev. Kosen Ishikawa, Rev. Shoryu Akiya, Rev. Junshin Miya- zaki, Rev. John Hara, Rev. Kanjun Nakano, Rev. Yasu- hiro Watanabe, Rev. Ryokan Nakamura (Retired). Also attending was Rev. Shinri Maya Hara. All ministers participating were from 13 Jodo Shu temples in Hawaii. To see all ministers at the altar is a magnificent sight to see. This was such a memorable event! It was sobeautiful to watch as Rev. John Hara led the proces-sion of Bishop Gensho Hara, Rev. Yubun Narashibaand Rev. Wajira Wansa all dressed in their very for-mal attire and standing in front of the Amida Bud-dha and Honen Shonin. Before the chanting began, everyone sang“Shuka Tsukikage”, Jodo Shu song which is a poem Another English version of “Shukawritten by Honen Shonin: Tsukikage” was performed by the Tsu ki ka ge no, i ta ra nu sa to wa Malama Children’s choir as the trans- na ke re do mo, na ga mu ru hi to no lated version was little difficult for ko ko ro ni zo__ su___ mu. children. Though the moon so bright Beau-ti-ful bright moon whitens worlds ex– panse, on-ly Is al-ways shi-ning peo-ple They who earnest gaze, All ov-er the world Touched through- out, with—in, When I look up at the moon Are em-braced by ser-e-ni-ty. The li-ght shines m-y hear-t.Page 2
  3. 3. Group photo of those who attended the 800th Grand Memorial Service for our Founder Honen Shonin on September 18, 2011 at Betsuin.Musical Tribute to Honen Shonin: Koto instructor Mr. Darin Miyashiro performed his version of “Shuka Tsukikage” onthe koto. After, he played his koto for the Malama Children’s Choir’s new English versionof “Shuka Tsukikage”.Memorial Lecture: In Gratitude to Honen Shonin: Introducing GenchiShonin’s Standing Amida Buddha Rev. Shinri Maya Hara presented a very interesting lecture on “In Gratitude to HonenShonin: Introducing Genchi Shonins Standing Amida Buddha.” The image that she focusedon was Amida Buddha from a recent exhibition at the Kyoto National Museum in honor ofSt. Honen. The image was commissioned by one of Honen’s disciples, Genchi Shonin.Within the image several documents were found including a registry of 46,000 signatures ofdevotees of Honen’s Nembutsu teaching (during this period sometimes valuable documentswere hidden inside images protecting the documents from any destructive persons). Thisimage was made to honor and show gratitude for Honen on the 1 year anniversary of hispassing. Before Honen’s passing, Genchi had requested from his teacher a final testament whichwe now know as the Ichimai Kishomon or One Sheet Document in which Honen empha-sized to “simply recite the Nembutsu” [“NAMU AMIDA BUTSU’]. Rev. Shinri empha-sized the importance of this document and how it is relevant in our present day and that thepractice is both universal and inclusive of everyone. As Genchi Shonin was, we are gratefulfor the simplicity and compassion of Honen’s teaching. Luncheon in appreciation to St. Honen was held at the end of this beautiful day ofreligious ceremony and musical celebration for the 800th Grand Memorial Service Page 3
  4. 4. THANK YOU and MAHALO TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN KYOKU CONVENTION HELD SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2011 Kyoku or Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions, also known as HCJM, held its 38th Bien-nial Convention in Honolulu at Betsuin during September16, 17, and 18, 2011. Conventionmeeting was conducted by its President Mark Nakamura of Hilo Meishoin. The HawaiiCouncil of Jodo Missions governs all 13 Jodo Missions in the State of Hawaii. Represen-tatives of all 13 Jodo Missions were invited including all ministers of all 13 Jodo Missions. Bishop Gensho Hara was reelected for another two-year term as Bishop for the HawaiiCouncil of Jodo Missions. Bishop Hara expressed his sincere appreciation for all the dona-tions collected for the Japan disasters and sent to Japan for Jodo Shu temples. Bishop isalso the link to Japan headquarters Chion’in. He attends various conferences in Japan aswell as here in the State of Hawaii. Ministers’ assignments are made by the Bishop. Heattends various Centennial celebrations, i.e. Hawi Jodo Mission in October 2009, KahuluiJodo Mission in November 2009, Hilo Meishoin in June 2010, Koloa Jodo Mission in Feb-ruary 2011 and other ceremonial events as well as conducts services at his own temple inLahaina. Mark Nakamura was re-elected for the fourth time as President of the Hawaii Councilof Jodo Missions. Mark communicates well with members as well as ministers of our JodoMissions. He and Bishop Hara traveled to many of the Jodo Missions representing the Ha-waii Council of Jodo Missions, i.e. the Welcome/Aloha Banquet for the 450 Japan Yoshi-mizuko Group. Mark also attends various functions on the Big Island like the recent JointOhigan Service held at Hilo Meishoin Temple and included Hilo Meishoin, Kuristown andHakalau, etc. Other officers of the HCJM who also were re-elected were: 1st Vice President Leo-nard Chow of Hilo, 2nd Vice President Ian Kitajima of Honolulu, Secretary Robert Miyakeof Hilo, Assistant Secretary Masue Ando of Hilo, Treasurer Akiko Nishiyama of Honolulu,Assistant Treasurer David Miyamoto of Honolulu, Auditor Clifton Hayashi of Kapaa andAuditor Walter Yoshida of Wailuku. Bishop Hara announced the following Sanmu appointments: Oahu—Rev. YubunNarashiba, Hawaii—Rev. Wajira Wansa, Maui—Rev. John Hara, Kauai—Rev. KosenIshikawa. Installation of Officers was conducted by Bishop Gensho Hara on September 17, 2011.Page 4
  5. 5. THANK YOU and MAHALO TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED IN KYOKUCONVENTION HELD 9/16 TO 9/18/11 (cont’d)Kyoku Convention: It takes a lot of planning, coordination, manpower, attendees, goodprogram, fellowship for a Convention of any kind to be successful. Bishop Hara andKyoku President Mark Nakamura both congratulated the Co-Chairs for this event, AkikoNishiyama and David Miyamoto for their time and outstanding effort in putting thisHCJM 38th Biennial Convention together. It also takes a lot of volunteers. Jodo Shu ministers and members from the Big Island, Maui and Kauai came toHonolulu for this Convention. Haleiwa members Kenneth Masatsugu, Marianne Ono,Glenn Matsumoto helped out by coming early in the morning around 6:00 a.m. or earlierto help with breakfast. Kenneth makes wonderful scrambled eggs and Glenn makes greatcoffee in the huge coffee urns. Aki Nishiyama, Doris and Teruto Soma, Yukari Narashiba,Kay and Masa Oshiro, Marsha Oshiro, Herbert Fujikawa, Peggy and Clifford Miyamoto,and Sally Hayashi were also helping in the kitchen throughout the Convention. Kenneth and Glenn would watch the time and when it was time to go pickup outsideisland people from the hotel, they would leave. Other drivers shuttling people from/to thehotel included Clifford Miyamoto, Donald Koga and JoAnn Matsuo. Some outside islandpeople rented cars so they also carpooled. Later in the day there were more drivers: IanKitajima, Teruto Soma and Jon Karamatsu also helped shuttling. After breakfast, the meeting would begin.Above, Aki Nishiyama, Masue Ando, MarkNakamura listen as Bishop Hara speaks. Jan Nakamura of Hamakua gave a pres- Reports given by Marianne Ono Marianne Ono and Teruto entation on “Future of our Smaller Tem- (above) and Ian Soma grilling ples.” Kitajima (below) chicken over the hibachi. Photo is a little hazy as Ladies in the there was a lot kitchen of smoke! Food was ONO! But sometimes, too many choices to make can be Page 5 difficult!
  6. 6. Bits of Knowledge of Buddhism Vol. 11 “O-Jizo-sama and children” (Oct. 2011) By Rev. Yasushiro Watanabe第11回「お地蔵さまと子供たち」(2011年10月) 地蔵盆は一連のお盆の行事の締めくくりです。京都では,地蔵盆は子供たちのお祭りとして有名です。子供の健康と幸福を願って,色とりどりの提灯が飾られます。今回はお地蔵さまと子供たちのお話です。 地蔵菩薩の石像には一目で分かる特徴があります。お地蔵さまは,赤い頭巾をかぶり,よだれかけをかけています。これらは子供を亡くした親御さんが着せてあげたもので,お地蔵さまは子供たちをお浄土へ導く存在として大切にされました。仏教と縁がなく不慮の事故で亡くなった人は,地獄に堕ちてしまうといわれます。なかでも,子供の命は功徳を積むにはあまりにも短いものです。「地蔵和讃」では,賽の河原で子供が鬼にいじめられる様子が描かれます。子供たちは三途の川を渡れず苦しみ続けますが,ここで地蔵菩薩が現われて,鬼から子供を守って救い出します。こうして子供たちは救済され,極楽浄土へと導かれるのです。 かつて子供の死亡率は高く,幼くしてわが子を亡くす人も少なくありませんでした。亡児の冥福を祈る親にとって,地蔵菩薩は最後の頼りの綱となり,その悲しみを癒しました。地蔵菩薩の大いなる慈悲は,不幸にも命を落とした愛しい人々を苦しみから救い出し,遺された人々の無限の信仰をあつめました。お寺の境内をはじめ至るところに,子供の無事な成長を願って,お地蔵さまが建てられました。そして今もなお,多くの人々に愛されています。写真は浄土宗大本山の増上寺(東京都港区)の「千躰子育地蔵尊」です。Vol. 11 “O-Jizo-sama and Children” (Oct. 2011) The Jizo Bon ceremony is the finale of the Bon season. In Kyoto, Jizo Bon is wellknown as the festival for children. People display lanterns (chochin) to wish for children’shealth and happiness. Why is Jizo Bon for children? O-Jizo-sama is distinct from other Buddhist saints. Many stone Jizo statues wear ared baby cap and bib, offered by members, because they believe Jizo helps deceased chil-dren go to the Pure Land. Jizo is known as the guardian of children because people believethe following story: When a person has no relation to Buddha’s teaching and dies suddenly,he/she will not be saved and will go to hell. Among them, a baby’s life is too short to dogood deeds as a Buddhist. When babies pass away, they remain in an intermediate statebecause evil ogres interfere with their progress to a final destiny. That is why people believethat deceased children cannot move on to the better condition of Perfect Peace. Here Jizoappears before suffering children and protects them from the ogres. Then Jizo leads thechildren to the Pure Land. Children’s mortality rates used to be high, and it was common to lose children. Jizois believed to be the last resort to save children. The great compassion of Jizo comforts Page 6
  7. 7. Bits of Knowledg of Buddhism (Cont’d)parents’ deep grief and people have true faith in Jizo. He can help and save the unfortu-nate people who may have fallen into hell, or the worst destiny. Thus, Jizo has been wor-shiped by people who have lost their loved ones. In Japan, many, many O-Jizo-samastatues have been built as guardian deities at the temples and at the boundaries of thetowns. People offer items such as caps, bibs, flowers and even toys. I would like to thankJodo-shu staff for sending this picture of O-Jizo-sama to share with you. It was taken atZojoji Temple in Tokyo. Page 7
  8. 8. Announcements ♪ ♪ Jodo Mission of Hawaii ♪ ♪ Sunday School Children’s Choir “Malama” We welcome children to join our こども合唱団マラマ Sunday School. Let’s enjoy studying Onembetsu by doing various activities. October 30: at 10:45 a.m. October 30 at 11:30 a.m. Sewing Circle Fujinkai Meeting YBA Meeting October 8 (Women’s Association) 10/30 8:30 am 8:30—11:00 a.m. 10/2 8:30 am Any interested person is welcome to participate SUNDAY SCHOOL/MALAMA CHILDREN’S CHOIR AND KEIRO KAIOur Sunday School and Malama Children’s Choir honored our Keiro members (all those 80 yearsand older) with two Special Songs 1) Kisha Poppo and 2) Kutsu ga naru, led by Rev. Nakano.Kyodan President Jon Riki Karamatsu and Sophie Narashiba presented each Keiro member with acontainer of Sekihan prepared by Fujinkai ladies. Yoshiko Kitagawa (92) and Gene Ikeda (89)were the oldest members present on that day.Page 8
  9. 9. Malama Children’s Choir get ready to perform. Malama Children’s Choir: Raistlih, Strider, Himawari, Taylor, Takeru, A’Marie and Sophie performed two songs for all the Keiro: Kisha Poppo and Kutsu ga naru which everyone enjoyed. So precious!! Above, the two Goeka ladies, Mrs. Kitagawa and Mrs. Yanagihara happily accepts herAbove, more happy Keiro honorees. Mrs. Hisamoto happily Sekihan from Jon Karamatsu whileMrs. Nishiyama and Mrs. Kitagawa looking accepted the Sekihan con- Rev. Narashiba happily looks on as theat more Keiro being honored. tainers (mochi rice with Keiro members are honored. azuki beans or Happy Rice) as Keiro honorees!The Junior and Intermediate YBA as well as Sunday Schoolhonored the Keiro members with a delicious Hawaiian luncheonof laulau, poi, lomi salmon, pineapple, shoyu chicken, etc.THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL LUNCH! Sunday School students passed out cookies wrapped in beautiful Hawaiian material. Page 9
  10. 10. What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) Obituaries This record of a perpetual memorial ser- The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sin-vice and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. cere condolences to the family members andWhen the date of death occurs for a person loved ones of the following members who havelisted on this record, the ministers pray for recently left this world for the Pure Land.that individual during the morning service.The prayers will continue each year for as Satsuki “Sats” Nishimura 77long as Jodo Mission exists. Namiko Teraoka 92 Anyone can be included in it. You may put Nobuo Hara 99your own name on the list, too. This also Haruo Teruya 76helps when it is difficult to have memorial Yone Okubo 89services. We also welcome you to attend the Helen Kimi Nakano 91morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the applica-tion form. Each name costs $200. After theapplication is accepted, the name will belisted on the record. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Another photo from the 800th Grand Memorial Service for Honen Phone: 949-3995 Shonin held on September 18, 2011. Rev. Yubun Narashiba Rev. Kanjun Nakano Rev. Yasuhiro Rev. Dwight Head Minister Resident Minister Watanabe Nakamura Resident Minister Retired Minister Page 10
  11. 11. EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for October 1 Yuriko Hirono 11 Shizuo Fujikami Iso Ikuta The Fujikami Family 2 Takeo Taniguchi Shizuyo Kimura 21 Aiko Okamoto Yasumoto Kawahara The Kimura Family The Okamoto & Nakamoto Family The Kawahara Family Takeo Nakata Shizuyo Fukada Yoshimi Ohara Ayako Nakamura Tsukie Iwamoto 22 Kei Sawamura Akira Hashimoto 12 Mitsuo Hisamura Kiyomi Fujimoto Taniguchi Family Aoki Family Katsuko Tsuji 23 Shigezaburo Kanayama Shuichi Yamamura 13 Ishimoto’s Child The Kanayama Family The Ishimoto & Akimoto Family Noboru Kuriyama 3 Tome Yanagihara Yoshiko Imaguchi The Kuriyama Family The Yanagihara Family The Imaguchi Family Kosai Nakamura Masa Ueda Seizo Hayashi Shozaemon Yoshida Bishop Bino Mamiya Masanobu Asai Kiyoto Horiuchi Tanezo Fujimoto Eleanor Sato Kana Kimura 14 Yukichi Sakuda The Sakuda Family 24 Yoshiichi Yamada 4 Tsune Matsumori Tsunejiro Imaguchi The Yamada Family The Matsumori Family The Imaguchi Family Kitaro Yamato Senichi Iwaki Shotaro Ueda The Yamato Family The Iwaki Family The Ueda Family Miru Umemoto Robert Yanagihara Kokichi Okimura The Okimura Family 25 Mamoru Fukuda 5 Toshiro Ashinaka Masato Kamisato The Fykuda Family The Morita & Ashinaka Family Tsune Nomiyama Asataro Yamamoto Daughter of K. Nakamura Teruko Sumimoto The Yamamoto Family Rinji Inouye Shimo Hirouji Hatsuji Yamamoto Hideo Imamoto Edward Shoichi Matsumoto Komao Harada Harue Nakagawa Masa Ikuta Yamada 6 Masu Tanimura The Tanimura Family 15 Arata Nishimoto (2) 26 Kikuji Okada Kazuhiro Kawabuchi The Nishimoto Family Yaichi Maruich Fukashi Yamamoto Taro Taira 7 Itsue Hirohama Kiku Yanagihara Kiyoko Aoki The Hirohama & Kawasugi Family Masumi Yano Wakamaru Masaki 27 Fumio Yanagihara Mamu Teraoka 16 Ichijiro Aoki The Yanagihara Family The Aoki & Okubo Family Nobuo Amakawa 8 Junichi Nanba Iwakichi Matsumori Mamoru Hayashi The Nanba Family The Matsumori Family Take Kimura Sato Morikawa Nobuichi Nobuji Toichi Toyofuku The Morikawa Family Yoshio Tsuda Masa Furukawa Yonesuke Yonemoto Kazue Uyehara The Yonemoto Family 28 Hideo Inouye Setsuko Tanaka 17 Tome Nagata The Tanaka Family Marsha Yoshioka 29 Takayuki Kameoka Nobue Noyama The Kameoka Family Gunichi Wakazuru 18 Takeichi Shintaku Take Hinotsume Mamoru Furuya Tokuichi Iwasaki Haruyo Hashimoto Masaru Hashimoto 9 Shinzo Kawamoto Marla M. Horiuchi 30 Fuji Yamada Tomoaki Ito The Yamada Family10 Asa Isobe Sumi Akashi Sue Matsuo The Isobe Family The Matsuo Family Kiso Fujimoto 19 Harriet Hatsuko Umeda Chiyoko Ogata Takeo Ishida Shizuku Hashimoto 20 Masaichi Ishizaki 31 Rikizo Fukuda Henry Yoshiichi Uyehara Mino Kamisato The Fukuda Family Shuichi Yamamura Tora Okawa
  12. 12. Jodo Mission of Hawaii8:30am Morning Service October 2011 Phone: 949-3995 Everyday Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 8:30 Fujinkai Meeting **3:15 pm Jodo Shu 10:00 Sunday Service Care Home visita- 8:30 Sewing Class Hour tion9 10 11 12 13 14 1510:00 Family Service11:45 Board Meeting Care Home visitation16 17 18 19 20 21 22 10:00 Sunday Service10:30 BAZAAR SET UP BAZAAR P R E P A R A T I O N: All week until Bazaar Day 10/23/11 Lunch23 24 25 26 27 28 29 NO SUNDAY SERVICE BAZAAR 30 10:00 Sunday Service 31 COMING EVENTS: 10:30 Children’s Choir 11:30 Sunday School Nov 6 at 10:00 a.m. O-Juya Service (Bodhi Day Service) Nov 12-13 Ministers & Wives Workshop Dec 4 General Clean-up—We need your help on this day!**Jodo Shu Hour Radio K-ZOO (AM1210Khz, Japanese station) Dec 11 Jodo-e Service-H.B.C. Dec 29 Mochitsuki Day