Jodo Mission Of Hawaii Bulletin November 2009


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Jodo Mission Of Hawaii Bulletin November 2009

  1. 1. JODO MISSION OF HAWAII BULLETIN November 2009 (#1157-1109) Jodo Mission of Hawaii Announcements Pages 2-5 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 Mochi Order Form Page 2 Perpetual Memorial Service Page 7 Address Correction Requested Calendar Page 8 Visit our web site: and CONGRATULATIONS 2010 Jodo Shu Calendar Long-time resident minister of the Lahaina Live the Jodo Shu style each and every Jodo Mission was elected as our Bishop during day, sharing in the love and compas- our Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions Conven- sion of Amida Buddha year round with tion on September 19, 2009. Bishop Gensho the Hara’s many years in Hawaii will provide a messages of distinguished priests. smooth cultural and religious continuity. He is highly respected throughout our Hawaii Jodo Calendar is for January through Shu community as well as Japan. His son John December 2010 is an ordained minister at the Wailuku and Kahu- Free calendar is available. lui Jodo Missions. Daughter Maya is also an or- Please order your calendar now dained minister. They have two other daughters before we run out living abroad. Supporting this religious family is the Bishop’s better half, Mrs. Setsuko Hara. Please call Jodo Mission We look forward to Bishop Hara’s wisdom of Hawaii at 949-3995 and leadership for a bright and enlightening fu- ture of Jodo Shu in Hawaii. Onegai Shimasu by November 10. Page 1
  2. 2. MOCHI (Dec. 27) ORDER FORM おもち注文表 Deadline for order is Thursday, December 10, 2009 注文締め切り12月10日 PLEASE PRINT NAME 名前 HOME PHONE NO. 電話番号 OKASANE おかさね KOMOCHI こもち TOTAL $3.25/SET 3” SIZE $3.00/POUND 合計 SETS LBS DOLLARS DOLLARS DOLLARS FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by: _______________ Date accepted: _____/_____/_2009 (In person/ Mail / Phone) Received by: _______________ Date paid: _____/_____/_2009 (Cash / Check# ) Cut MOCHI With the New Year just around the corner it is once again time to order our delecta- ble mochi. This year, we will be selling Okasane and Komochi. Please fill out the mochi order form above. The deadline to submit your mochi order form is Thursday, December 10th. Mochi is to be picked up on: Sunday, December 27, 2009 From 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm And to those who would like to learn and make mochi with us, we will be making mochi on Sunday, December 27th from 7:00 am. This is a fun and memorable experience for all, especially families (a family who makes mochi together sticks together). Please come and join us. We look forward to seeing you.
  3. 3. Thank you for your KOKUA! The 37th Biennial Convention of Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions went smoothly thanks to various volunteers. At 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 17th, Travis and Dustin Morita came out after their school to set up tables and chairs in the Social Hall. Thank you very much. On Friday, Golfers had a good time at Hickam Golf Course. We thank Clifford Miyamoto for coor- dinating the game. Also, our appreciation goes to Glenn Matsumoto as transportation chairperson, and David Miyamoto for the hotel accommodations. At night, we enjoyed delicious food. We thank Aki Nishi- yama and her helpers for preparing such gourmet treats during this convention. On Saturday, we had the exciting vote for our next Bishop. We thank Rev. Hara and Rev. Narashiba for being candidates for this election. Those who missed this excitement, please make sure you will come for the next chance in 2011. At night, everybody enjoyed Bingo and Karaoke. We thank Donald Koga for being the entertainment chairperson. We also would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all other helpers to make this conference successful. Thank you very much for your Kokua! Thank You Letters from Candidates for Minister in Hawaii From Hiroshi Marumoto: people do not know the meaning of the Sutra except a few people who study them,. I believe The experience I had in this Hawaii Seminar will it is very important to explain the meaning of stay with me for the rest of my life. The reason why Sutras. I was very happy when I saw this I participated in this seminar was because a former “Otsutome” prayer book. minister suggested that I go to Hawaii. I said “Yes” right away because I have been interested in ministe- These are my impressions of Hawaii as a rial work abroad. participant of Hawaii Seminar. Though I was disappointed with my ability with English, by I was very impressed with what I saw in Hawaii attending this seminar, my vague image of a with my own eyes! minister abroad became much clearer than be- First of all, ministers in Hawaii are very close to fore. I really recommend those who are inter- their members. Nothing is done by a minister alone. ested in the ministry abroad participate in this Everything is done together with their members, dis- seminar. cussing with each other. The scene in which minis- I would like to close by extending my heart- ters eat together with their members shows the felt appreciation to all the people who spend peaceful and harmonious atmosphere. In Japan, I their precious time and energy for us. Thank have never seen ministers and members enjoy eating you very much. together, telling jokes, drinking beer, and talk stories. Second, I felt Jodo Shu and the other sects work Hiroshi Marumoto, Student of Bukkyo University closely with each other. Of course, Buddhist sects ************************** communicate with each other in Japan, too. How- From Rev. Yasuhiro Watanabe: ever, in Hawaii, all Buddhist sects are helping each other to make various activities successful as same I really appreciated Rev. Narashiba, Bishop Japanese Buddhists. Since I am very interested in Nakamura, and all of the members of the Tem- the teaching of other sects, I was very impressed by ple. Thanks to a hearty welcome from every- with the attitude of working together with different one, I had a valuable experience. During my sects. I want to learn more about other sects next stay in the Temple, I learned a lot through daily time. activities and memorial services. Also dinner party provided an opportunity for us to ex- Lastly, I want to mention the Sutra Chanting. change views and I was impressed that people When I read the “Otsutome” prayer book used in Ha- of different generations happily communicated waii, the daily prayers, five precepts, eight fold path, with each other. May peace be upon all of you Dhammapada and other scriptures are all translated and May our paths cross again. NAMU into English. By reading this book, even the first AMIDABUTSU. timers will be able to understand the meaning of the Chanting which they are listening to. In Japan, lay Page 3
  4. 4. Announcements NO CHICKEN SALE O-Juya Family Service Will be held on Sunday, THIS YEAR November 8 at 10:00 a.m. For those wondering why you did not Please do not forget your sweet treats receive your chicken tickets this year, it is to share with everyone. (But not leftovers because we are not having a chicken sale. from Halloween.) We have not found a good vendor for this chicken sale. Suggestions are welcome! Please send your comments to Jodo Mis- THANK YOU sion. Thank you. A big THANK YOU to Myron Mitsuyasu for donating a 2006 Volks- MAHALO NUI LOA wagen Passat 4-door sedan to the Thank you, thank you to everyone who Temple. Myron is a member of our volunteered their precious time to make Board of Directors and said he did not our annual Bazaar a great success. It was need a second car. Such a wonderful an event of dedicated members and friends gift is very much appreciated! who unselfishly came for days to prepare the merchandise for the Bazaar. The preparation involved the donations by Sunday School members and friends; the collecting/ We welcome children to join our storage of these donations, the sorting, dis- Sunday School. Let’s enjoy studying playing, pricing, selling and the overall Onembutsu by doing various activities. clean-up; the parking attendants; the plan- ning and coordination of every phase of 11/1/09 at 10:30 am the Bazaar; the pre-Bazaar preparation, i.e., the buying of foods for the pickles and Fujinkai Meeting meals for the volunteers for the whole (Women’s Association) week; and all the other incidentals that Sewing Circle come with a great project. 11/1/09 8:30 am 11/14/09 & It may have been a little overwhelming 11/28/09 YBA Meeting but the camaraderie, the fellowship, the re- 8:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. newing of old friends; the meeting of new No YBA Meeting friends, the sharing of stories and meals in November more than anything overcame all the sweat and hard work. Thank you again for your NO CLASSES IN NOVEMBER tremendous sacrifice to this Bazaar, an- other winner. ARIGATO! Saturday Class Sarana Class Page 4
  5. 5. On Sunday October 4, 2009, the YBA, Intermediate YBA and Sunday School honored our Keiro members (all those 80 years old and older) with a special pres- entation of Sekihan, handmade leis, enter- tainment and special refreshments. How nice to see the younger genera- tion honor the older generation.!! The oldest member was 97 year old Tamayo Nakamura. For those who are 80 years old and over who did not attend this service, look Sunday School Students: what you missed!! Takeru, Himowari, Sophie and Amarie singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to our Keiro For those who are younger than 80 Kai group. years old, look what we can look forward to!! Page 5
  6. 6. What is “Perpetual Memorial Obituaries Service?” (Eitaikyo) The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends A perpetual memorial service is its sincere condolences to the family called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the members and loved ones of the follow- date of death occurs for a person listed ing members who have recently left this on our record, the ministers pray for that world for the Pure Land. individual during the morning service. The prayers will continue each year for Mrs. Leah Yoko Takabayashi 67* as long as Jodo Mission exists. Mr. Royden Yet Chong Lau 62 Mr. Kazuma Takeuchi 87 Anyone can be included in it. You Mr. Francis Kiyoshi Furutani 87 may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to *We apologize for the misprint in have memorial services. We also wel- Mrs. Takabayashi’s age at death. come you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. Lift is available How to apply When you come to the temple and/or Stop by the office, and fill out the ap- columbarium, you can use the lift. The lift plication form. Each name costs $200. is located outside, on the right side of the After the application is accepted, the temple. There is a buzzer on the wall near name will be listed on the record. the lift and stairs. Please press the buzzer and ask a minister for assistance. Wedding Service is available J odo Mission Office Hours: As a Buddhist, to pledge the Monday to Saturday eternal love between husband 8am—5pm and wife to Amida Buddha, is Sunday & Holidays very important. If you are getting 8am—3pm married or know a couple who are planning a wedding, please Telephone: 949-3995 recommend our temple for the ceremony. Please call at 949- Rev. Yubun Narashiba 3995 for an appointment. Head Minister Your Opinions Your opinions are im- Baby Blessing portant to us. Please feel We all hope our children free to send opinions to will live their lives happily. Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Let’s have them blessed by a 1429 Makiki Street. minister of Jodo Mission! Honolulu HI 96814. May Amida Buddha’s love Rev. Dwight Nakamura Your opinions will be surround them forever. Please Retired Minister treated confidentially. call at 949-3995 for an ap- pointment. Page 6
  7. 7. Perpetual Memorial Service (Eitaikyo) for November 1 Gensaku Nakagawa The Iwamoto Family The Fukuda Family The Nakagawa Family Natsu Kanemoto Mamu Iwasaki Hidetsugu Kanai The Kanemoto & Miyamoto Sadao Hedani Family 20 Naka Iwamoto Masao Takeda Otome Sugiyama The Iwamoto Family Yoshio Kanehira Totaro Nomiyama 2 Koichi Yoshiumi Toyo Terada The Yoshiumi Family 10 Yoshisuke Miyakawa Yoshi Yamanaka Koichi Nakamura The Miyakawa Family Taru Namihira Jiro Masuda Shinayo Kano Kenjiro Ishii The Kano & Watabe Family 21 Bishop Kyokujo Kubokawa Tari Sato Rev. Myoshun Hayashi The Hayashi Family 22 Wasa Hamada 3 Fuji Yoshisaki Shuichi Ota The Hamada Family The Yoshisaki Family Shina Karamatsu Tsurue Hayase 11 Tsuru Teramoto The Karamatsu Family The Teramoto Family Minnosuke Ebisugawa 4 Kiichi Saiki Tamotsu Sugiyama Mamoru Tatei Kanji Kimoto Soyo Nishida Emi Taira Yonoichi Kitagawa 23 Matsue Inoue Herbert H. Kano The Inoue Family 5 Kanichi Iwamoto Sano Matsumoto The Iwamoto Family 12 Tomohei Tejima Yutaka Matsumoto Matsutaro Tanimura The Tejima Family Yoshiichi Takemoto The Tanimura Family Sueji Yano Kinji Yamamoto Yuriko Sano Takami Aoki Yasuichi Hamasaki 13 Matsujiro Tsurusaki Katajiro Yamamoto The Tsurusaki & Inada Family 24 Tatsuo Tsuda Yonezo Kitagawa 6 Kinroku Morita 14 Shiro Fukunaga The Morita Family 25 Tadao Nakamura Jihei Shimokawa 15 Gentaro Arita Matsuyo Yamamoto The Shimokawa Family The Arita Family Tsutomu Kuniyuki Tokizo Fujita Toyomi Moritsugu Tomi Tominaga Kana Teruya 26 Asako Yamamoto Enosuke Kawasugi Kieko "Kay" Fuse 7 Taeko Mizuno Rosalie Katsuko Nishimura Miyoko Matsumura Mizuno & Ota Family Noboru Tarumoto Tadahito Sakuda 16 Tora Otani The Sakuda Family The Otani & Yanagihara Family 27 Chisaburo Azuma Shoichi Hisamura Shosaku Yagi The Azuma Family Kimiko Nobuji The Yagi & Okada Family Jane Hatsuko Higa Hatsue Gonhata Kazuo Hayashi Hisako Kurakake Aki Ikeda The Hayashi Family Kenji Sano Koichi Ono 28 Tameno Fujimoto The Ono & Yamada Family The Fujimoto Family 8 Machida's Baby Mitsuko Yanagihara Murao Hatsuo Masao Uno Fumi Miyamoto The Uno Family 29 Junichi Oki Bansuke Tomai 18 Jinkichi Tanaka Heizo Furukawa The Tomai Family The Tanaka & Noda Family Tsutomu Hanano Kimie Hashimoto 30 Tsuma Ishida Kazuo Gonhata The Ishida & Aimoto Family Kazo Kubota 19 Onsho Chinen Shizu Shigeoka The Chinen Family Usanosuke Otani 9 Iwao Iwamoto Saku Fukuda
  8. 8. Jodo Mission of Hawaii 8:30am Morning Service November Phone: 949-3995 Everyday Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 8:30 Fujinkai Meeting 2 3 4 5 6 7 10:00 Sunday Service 10:30am Maunalani **3:15 pm Jodo Shu 10::30 Sunday School Visitation Hour 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 10:00 O-Juya Family Service 8:30 Sewing Class 10am CCH visitation 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 10:00 Sunday Service **3:15 pm Jodo Shu Hour 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 10:00 Sunday Service 8:30 Sewing Class 29 30 10:00 Sunday Service HEALTH TIPS: COMING EVENT: Mochi Preparation/Mochitsuki 1) Wash your hands frequently. 12/26: 9:00 am—Mochitsuki preparation 2) Drink lots of water; eat lots of fruits and vegetables. 12/27: 7:00 am Mochitsuki; Pickup: 12 noon to 4pm 3) If you cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth, use a Kleenex and then throw it away. If you cover your mouth with your hands, please be sure to wash it right away or use a Tea Ceremony Class is canceled in October. For more hand sanitizer. info, call Jodo Mission office (949-3995) 4) Try not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth. 5) If you are sick, stay home or try not to go to crowded areas where you may make others **Jodo Shu Hour Radio K-ZOO (AM1210Khz, Japanese sta- sick. tion)