Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - January 2014


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The monthly newsletter of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii for January 2014.

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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - January 2014

  1. 1. ***New Year’s Greetings *** Gensho Hara, Bishop The Buddha’s vows are many as many as forty-eight. But the Nembutsu alone was revealed as the practice with the greatest karmic relationship. If you earnestly think of the Buddha, the Buddha in turn will think of you. If you seek the Buddha with your whole heart, the Buddha in turn will receive you. -- From the Chinese Pure Land Master Shantao’s hymns Wishing you and your family a very happy and peaceful New Year! The New Year represents new beginnings, starting life afresh with renewed enthusiasm and energy. The fresh air in the morning of the first day of the year always feels extra special to me as it is filled with anticipation of the new things the year will bring. It is also a time to set new goals. In Japan, the word, hatsu or “first, beginning,” signifies the first actions we take during the first few days of the New Year, such as hatsumoude (first shrine or temple visit), hatsuyume (first dream), or hatsugama (first tea ceremony). Speaking of new beginnings, I hope that as many of you will join in the Betsuin’s observances and functions as well as the statewide functions such as the Hakalau Jodo Mission’s 110th Anniversary Service (Feb. 15), the Youth Retreat (March), Hawaii Buddhist Council Hanamatsuri (Buddha Day; April), Hilo Meishoin’s 50th Relocation Anniversary, Aloha State Meisho YBA Convention in Hilo (June 6–8), and Laypersons’ Association/Rengo Fujinkai Joint Convention in Hilo (September 19 – 21), and Wailuku Jodo Mission’s Centennial (Oct. 25). I am also pleased to announce that the longawaited, revised Otsutome Book will be published and distributed this spring. Please remember that each and every one of you makes a difference at your temple. Let us join together to work towards a brighter future for the Betsuin and Hawaii Jodo Shu. Embraced by the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha, let us call Amida Buddha’s sacred Name, Namu Amida Butsu, daily and live our lives happily and peacefully to the fullest throughout 2014. With Gassho. Address Service Requested Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 (#1206-0114) Bulletin - JANUARY 2014 Jodo Mission of Hawaii
  2. 2. New Year’s Greetings Message from Kyodan Board President Dear Friends, Aloha! I hope you had a year filled with great memories with family and friends. Even among some of our sad and challenging experiences, we have grown stronger and more grateful of life. As practitioners of Buddhism, we are able to overcome difficult situations and appreciate everything around us. Through the teachings, we understand how our existence can play a role in spreading love and compassion. Thank you for every kind gesture you have done for others and all you have contributed to our world. When it is our time to move on to the afterlife, we will leave everlasting imprints of our love here with all those we have touched and we will continue to do the same wherever we go to next. I wish you a wonderful 2014 and may peace and joy be with you forever. Love, Jon Riki Karamatsu GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING As members of Jodo Mission of Hawaii, you are cordially welcome to attend the 2014 General Membership Meeting on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 10:30 a.m., following the Gyoki-e Service (Honen Shonin Memorial Service) in the temple. Please join us. Following the religious and business portion, please join us for a New Year’s party (see below). S hinnenka i 新年会 New Year’s Party Please join us for our New Year’s Party following the Annual General Membership meeting. All members and friends are invited. Come and meet your Board of Directors. Date: Sunday, January 26 Time: 11:30 am (after Gyoki-e service and General Membership Meeting) Place: Jodo Mission Social Hall HYAKU-SAI 百 歳 To reach 100 years old or Hyakusai is a precious age. Many of our members are in their nineties. Are there any members who will be100 years of age by January 26, 2014? Please contact Jodo Mission to let us know. We would like to recognize these Hyaku-sai members on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at our New Year’s Party which follows our 10 a.m. Sunday Service and General Membership Meeting. Thank you. Page 2
  3. 3. New Year’s Greetings Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu! This means “Happy New Year!” in Japanese. It literally means “Congratulations that a new year has opened up!” Since we are humans, we made so many mistakes last year. However, finally the new year has come for us to start a new life! The door of the year 2013 is closed and now the door of 2014 is open! If you are regretting with this and that, let’s leave them behind. If you are angry with someone, let’s forgive them. Do you remember one of the most important teachings in Buddhism? No Attachment! Now, let’s start a new year! If many good things happened to you during the past year, let’s pray for more good things to happen in this year again. If you lost your beloved ones, let’s pray for them to be able to live happy and peaceful second lives in the Pure Land. New Year is a good time to make resolutions. Let’s make resolutions to live a good Buddhist life during this year by saying the following prayer: May Buddha help me to move forward, May you help me to understand Your teachings and respect them, May you help me to apply Your teachings to my daily life, May you help me to practice Buddhist customs, May you help me to share my happiness with others, and Please always be with me. Now I would like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard last year. Because of your help, the activities of the last year such as O-Bon, Bon Dance, Bazaar, Mochi Making and so on were very successful. Let me ask you for your continuous support to our temple. I also would like to thank those who worked hard to install the solar panels and to re-pave the driveway and parking lot. Now our temple is eco-friendly and more comfortable for you to visit. I am sure hard times and glad times will be ahead, but if we Newly installed Solar Panels trust in the power of Buddha and work together, our future will be very successful. Now is the time to understand the role that each one of us plays for the betterment of our community. May Buddha keep on shining upon us and may you have a very Happy New Year! In Gassho, Repaved Parking Lot and Driveway Rev. Yubun Narashiba Jodo Mission of Hawaii Head Minister Page 3
  4. 4. GYOKI-E CHUTOBA FORM 2014(御忌会中塔婆申し込み用紙) Deadline: January 12, 2014 YOUR NAME(お名前):_________________PHONE(お電話番号):________ NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前): Gyoki-e Service January 26 at 10 a.m. 1._________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________ ____ ____ I plan to attend service I do not plan to attend 4.____________________________________________________________ One Chutoba is $ 7.00 × Total of Chutoba ______ = Total $______ (中塔婆 1本 7ドル) (本数) (合計) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by: _______________ Date accepted: _______/______/ 2014 (In person / Mail / By phone) Received by: _______________ Date paid: _______/______/ 2014 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______ -------------------——---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyoki-e (Honen Shonin’s Memorial Service) Gyoki-e means the memorial service for Honen Shonin. Honen Shonin, who is a founder of Jodo Shu, passed away on January 25th, 1212. He was 80 years old. After Honen Shonin passed away, his disciples and believers started to have a memorial service for him on the 25th of every month. The biggest ceremony was held on 25th of January every year. This service was held not only locally in Kyoto but it spread all over Japan. In those days, the word “Gyoki” meant the anniversary of the deaths of the Emperors or their wives. The word “Gyoki” was such a respectable word for the Emperor's family. Page 4 Three hundred years later, after Honen Shonin passed away, the Emperor Gokashiwabara mandated Jodo Shu to call the anniversary of Honen Shonin’s death “Gyoki”. Since then, people called his annual memorial service “Gyoki”. This occasion implied that Honen Shonin was clearly accepted and revered by the Emperor and the people. Our Gyoki-e service will be held on January 26th at 10 a.m. Please join us. Chutoba is available for this Gyoki-e service. At this service you may also honor your deceased ancestors with a Chutoba prayer. See above Chutoba order form. Founder of Jodo Shu : Honen Shonin (1133-1212)
  5. 5. HBC Bodhi Day Guest Speaker Professor Soho Machida Professor Soho Machida of the Hiroshima University was the guest speaker at the HBC Bodhi Day Service. Bodhi Day is celebrated by Buddhists as the day Shakyamuni Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. Professor Machida who practices Zen, talked about attaining peace. If an employer and an employee have the same goal for a better company, there are no problems, everyone is in sink as to what needs to be done and there is peace. He said that it is interesting to note that the word “ARIGATO” is a very powerful word. Everyone is familiar with the word “ARIGATO” - thank you. By taking deep breaths and saying “A—-R—-I—--G—-A—T—-O”, you can release some of the negativity and attain peace. Photo above left is of Professor Machida and Bishop Hara. Photo above is Professor Machida with hi power point presentation. MAHALO Thank you everyone who came for general clean-up of the Temple, including the Columbarium or Nokotsudo on December 1, 2013. Your hard work and dedication to the Temple are deeply appreciated. Thank you to the Sunday School and Intermediate YBA for the delicious pizza luncheon and visit by Santa. What an enjoyable treat after general cleaning! FAQ: How should we discard Kagami Mochi? ANS: Because of the unique climate of Hawaii, Kagami Mochi gets moldy much faster than Japan. Therefore, it is recommended to take them down after the three holy days of the New Year (i.e. on January 4th), though it is the common practice in Japan to keep them until January 11th. After you take them down, it is the best if you eat them. However, in Hawaii, it is quite possible that the Kagami Mochi is already moldy. In that case, sprinkle a dash of salt on the Kagami Mochi to purify them just like Sumo wrestlers purify the Sumo ring with salt and put them in a paper bag or wrap them with paper such as news paper, and then throw them away. Page 5
  6. 6. Obituaries What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial service and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of death occurs for a person listed on this record, the ministers pray for that individual during the morning service. The prayers will continue each year for as long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to have memorial services. We also welcome you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the application form. Each name costs $200. After the application is accepted, the name will be listed on the record. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Website: Rev. Yubun Narashiba Head Minister Page 6 The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere condolences to the family members and loved ones of the following members who have recently left this world for the Pure Land. Avis Shigemi Kekina 66 Movie Night: ALOHA BUDDHA Aloha Buddha is a very interesting historical documentary about Buddhism in Hawaii. We presented this film in November and would like to show it again. Both young and old should enjoy this film. How the first Japanese contract laborers came to Hawaii and later the ministers, women and children and how the temples are today. We are hoping that Lorraine Minatoishi, one of the directors of the film will also be present at this January 22 showing. Please invite your friends and relatives to Aloha Buddha: Wednesday, January 22 at 6:30 pm at Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki Street, Honolulu, HI 96814 PH: 949-3995. Rev. Kanjun Nakano Resident Minister Rev. Dwight Nakamura Retired Minister
  7. 7. Perpetual Memorial Service (Eitaikyo) For January 2014 1 Sekitaro Hirohama The Hirohama & Kawasugi Family Kenji Fujikami The Hashimoto Family The Ohara Family Haruko Ikuta Tsugio Takamatsu Family Tomomitsu Kawamura The Kawamura Family Fukuda Tokusaburo’s Father Hon-yo Jo-dai Shin-ji The Fukuda Family The Nakamura Family Chukichi Asamura Toyo Asamura The Masuda & Asamura Family The Yamasaki & Hara Family The Yoshizaki Family The Matsushita Family The Aoki Family The Sakuda Family The Okamura Family Stanley Satoru Morimoto 2 Richard Hichiro Kawamoto 3 Hideo Toyoshiba Yoshitaka Wada 4 Tamaru Muraoka 5 Kiyo Fujikami The Fujikami Family Shizuyo Morisako Kasuke Yamane Jiro Nakamura Randall Loreg The Loreg Family 6 Kikuyo Yamasaki Eiichi Fujita Shigeharu Ohata 7 Jiro Oyabu The Oyabu & Kondo Family Kazuko Nomiyama Tetsuko Miyamoto Kama Takara Ruth Shigeko Tarumoto 8 9 Matsujiro Otani (1) The Otani Family The Yanagihara Family Toshio Isoibe The Isobe Family Matsujiro Otani (2) Taketo Sumimoto (1) Juichi Uesugi Fusataro Higuchi Taketo Sumimoto (2) Kenji Miyakawa Nobu Kishimoto Taka Tomonari The Tomonari Family Asa Hayashi Hisako Takamura 10 Hiroko Yoza The Yoza Family Kami Higa The Higa Family Bishop Ninryo Nago The Nago & Kunimoto Family 11 Tokoe Imaguchi The Imaguchi Family Hatsuko Hayashi The Hayashi Family Masakichi Teruya Reginald Hisao Hisamura Uichiro Ishii Kohei Umeda Matsuyo Yamamoto 12 Heiji Fukuda (1) Heiji Fukuda (2) The Fukuda Family Nagao Yamada Shokichi Harada Tadashi Yanagihara 13 Bishop Jiko Kuya Shima Morita Shizue Fujita Shima Morita 14 Akitaka Chikamoto The Ohta Family Genzo Yanagihara The Yanagihara Family Tsuchiyo Kimoto Miyoko Kaya James Akira Tamura 15 Tane Nagata (1) The Nagata Family Sukeichi Kameoka The Kameoka Family Tane Nagata (2) Mildred Misako Tanimura Shizue Kimura 16 Take Shinagawa Tomojiro Fujita The Fujita Family Kenji Iwamoto Chiyoka Mizuno Seiichi Shimamoto 17 Hanayo Taniguchi Kame Okamoto Moto Kawasugi Nobuo Hayashi 18 Kiyomatsu Daitoku (1) The Daitoku Family The Kawauchi Family Katsutoshi Takada The Takada Family Kiyomatsu Daitoku (2) Itaro Kurihara The Kurihara Family Masao Ishii Shoichi Ishida 19 Tai Kawano The Kawano Family Chiyo Tomai The Tomai Family Miyo Ueno The Ueno Family 20 Shinazo Nishiguchi The Nishiguchi Family Noboru Ajimura The Ajimura Family Kiku Kimura Yuriko Nishimoto 21 Sueko Higashimura Kiku Kimura The Kimura & Muroshige Family Masao Teruya Takeo Yamane Shimo Hatanaka Hiroshi Furuya Tsuneko Shintaku Koichi Ronald Namihira 22 Masae Tanimura Konoshin Kimura Fukukichi Tatei 23 Shokichi Fukumoto The Fukumoto Family Takeo Yoshihara The Yoshihara Family The Tanaka Family Jiro Kiyama Ralph Toshiaki Hashimoto Terry Kazuo Yorimoto Sadamu Iwamoto Yooko Fujimoto 29 Tomo Isobe Hana Kinoshita The Kinoshita Family Jisaburo Kanemoto The Kanemoto & Miyamoto Family Kansuke Shintani Fusao Taniguchi Ralph Hitoshi Tanaka Toshito Fukuda 30 Kumaichi Tomonari The Tomonari Family Tsunejiro Kawasaki The Kawasaki & Nakagawa Family Ine Yoshizaki The Yoshizaki Family Tomota Kakehashi Masao Kume Akio Matsuda Kiyoshi Kamimura Barbara Okimoto 31 You Kawamura The Kawamura Family 24 Heikichi Isobe Shizuko Aoyama The Isobe Family Kaname Yamanaka Machi Yokoyama Takeo Tanaka The Yokoyama & Morita Family Shigeno Ohara Toranosuke Kinoshita Tane Kinoshita The Kinoshita Family Tsune Aoki George Masao Tanaka Helen Katsuko Ito Tetsuo Shinohara 25 Taka Fukuda The Fukuda Family Saiichi Hyodo Joseph Yoshihiko Fujihana Sadako Oki Teruko Mamiya The Sato Omura Family Takeshi Tanaka 26 Take Arita The Arita Family Haruo Nakamura The Nakamura Family Kimio Yagi The Yagi Family Sueyoshi Yanagihara Yoshi Yamamoto Chester Takeo Kaita 27 Seiichi Fujimoto The Fujimoto Family Takeshi Sato Charles Shoichi Kimura Hiroko Nakano 28 Yoshie Sato The Sato & Suzuki Family Sae Higashimura The Higashimura Family Tome Yamanaka The Yamanaka Family Chizuko Saeki Apology for December 2013 Eitaikyo List: We apologize for not listing the following deceased person in the December Bulletin: 12/11: Takeo Yokomichi
  8. 8. 10:00 Sunday Service 10:00am Family Service 11:45 am Board Meeting Deadline to Order Chutoba 10:00 Sunday Service 8:30am Fujinkai Mtg. 27 20 13 6 Mon 28 21 14 7 Tue YBA: No meeting Sewing Circle: No class F u jinka i 30 23 16 9 2 Ikoi Hall Jan. 5: 8:30 am (women’s association) 29 “Aloha Buddha” 6:30 pm Movie 22 15 8 10:00 NEW YEAR SERVICE 1 Wed 24 17 10 3 Fri 25 18 11 4 Sat Website: Phone: 949-3995 Jodo Mission of Hawaii our Sunday School. Let’s enjoy studying Onembutsu by doing various activities. Next meeting: Feb. 16 at 10:45 a.m. S und a y Sc ho o l We welcome children to join 1/12/14 Family Service Refreshments: Sunday School mothers will assist with ozoni refreshments Thu January 2014 COMING EVENTS: February 9, 2014 Nehan-e Family Service Feb. 15, 2014 Hakalau Jodo Mission 110th Anniversary Feb 23, 2014 Fujinkai New Year’s party 11:30 am New Year’s Party in Social Hall 10am Gyoki-e Service (Honen Shonin’s Memorial Service) ;General MembershipMeeting 26 19 12 5 Sun 8:30am Morning Service Everyday