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Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - January 2012

  1. 1. JODO MISSION OF HAWAII BULLETIN - JANUARY 2012(#1182-0112) Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 Address Service Requested A Happy New Year! *** New Year’s Greetings *** Gensho Hara, Bishop A Happy and Peaceful Year to you all! May the CompassionateLight of Amida Buddha shine upon you and your family throughout2012. Last year marked the 800th Grand Memorial of our founder, HonenShonin. Despite the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactorcrisis in Japan and natural disasters throughout the world, Jodo Shu tem-ples observed Saint Honen’s memorial with the utmost reverence. In Ha-waii, the Grand Memorial service was held on September 18, 2011, on theoccasion of the Kyokukai Convention, at the Betsuin. Honen Shonin stressed the belief in Amida Buddha’s original vow (hongan) and to call uponAmida Buddha’s sacred name wholeheartedly to secure salvation in this world and the world tocome. In an age of social and political turmoil and chaos, Master Honen encouraged all people to livetheir lives following the path of Nembutsu, calling Amida Buddha’s holy name—Namu AmidaButsu. “Namu” means “I take refuge in” or “to throw oneself to”, “Amida” stems from the SanskritAmitayus (Eternal Life) and Amitabha (Infinite Light). So that Amida Buddha is also called MuryojuButsu, the Buddha of Eternal Light, or Muryoko Butsu, the Buddha of Infinite Light. “Life” symbol-izes compassion and “Light” symbolizes the wisdom that shines upon our ignorant minds. “Butsu”
  2. 2. New Year’s GreetingsCont’dGreetings from Bishop Hara:means Buddha, the Enlightened One, the Awakened One. Just as Master Honen did, we too are livingin a time of turmoil, our temples, our society, and our world at large face many challenges, let us putour belief in the Nembutsu and work together for the future of Jodo Shu and our community. Our Kyoku functions this year are as follows: * Aloha State Meisho Sr. YBA Convention on June 8–10, 2012 in Honolulu; * Laypersons/Rengo Fujinkai Biennial Convention on September 21–23, 2012 on Kauai; * Kyoku Executive Board Meeting on September 21–23, 2012 on Kauai. Our ministers are working to publish a ministers’ handbook and sermon book. The new editionof our Otsutome prayer book will be published. Three of our Hawaii temples will commemorate theircentennial celebrations this year—Lahaina Jodo Mission will celebrate their centennial on October 20to 21, Haleiwa Jodo Mission on November 10, and Kapaa Jodo Mission in spring 2013. As we look at our calendar this year, our temples and Kyoku have another busy year ahead.There is a Buddhist saying, “If one blossoms, flowers of the whole world blossom.” For our temple,each of you is a flower that makes your temple blossom beautifully and harmoniously. In welcomingthe Year of the Dragon, let us ask for Amida Buddha’s guidance for a bright and prosperous year. Letus devote ourselves to our temples and communities and live our lives happily and fruitfully. With Gassho, Gensho Hara, Bishop Message from Kyodan Board President Aloha, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2011. Let’s make 2012 even better! As Buddhists, it is our desire to spread positivity to every person we come into con- tact with, through love and compassion. We can achieve this with a smile, a kind gesture, and thoughtful words. When things don’t go well, try to resolve them constructively and with a positive state of mind. While this may be difficult at times, it is important to keep things in perspective: We are so lucky to be alive, in a place that provides us with many privileges, to have family and friends who love us, and to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. When we remind ourselves of what really matters, we no longer have ‘problems,’ but merely challenges for us to overcome constructively. Every night, let’s ask ourselves if we left a positive or negative impact on the people we inter- acted with that day. By thinking this way, and striving for 100% positive impact on everyone we meet, we can all help to better the world. I wish you all happiness, good health, and prosperity! With Warmest Aloha, Jon Riki Karamatsu President, Jodo Mission of HawaiiPage 2
  3. 3. January 1, 2012Dear Members of Jodo Mission of Hawaii, Shinnen Omedeto Gozaimasu! Hon Nen Mo Yoroshiku Onegai Moshi Agemasu! Please accept our best wishes for the New Year and we gratefully appreciate yoursupport and cooperation during the past years. As we begin the New Year of 2012, wehumbly ask for your kokua and continuous support and cooperation to sustain the templein the face of inflating operational costs. Your membership dues allow Jodo Mission to exist and remain a positive influence inthe community. Our Board of Directors works totally on a volunteer basis. Our ministersare working hard to provide spiritual leadership through services, personal counseling, andother activities including delivering sermons, conducting weddings and memorial services,various blessings (baby, home, car, boat, office, get well, birthday), visiting care homesand hospitals, and giving religious instructions. They are on call 24 hours a day. Your dues pay for our mailings, the costs of ourfunctions, building maintenance and operations. By maintaining a strong membership,Jodo Mission is able to continue to provide peace of mind to our members and respond tothe needs of the community. We are continually active in propagating the Pure Land Buddhism and public servicesin the community. The Board of Directors wishes to hear your questions and concernsand urges you to join or renew your membership so that we may remain a viable and posi-tive force in the community. Our annual membership dues (Gojikai-hi) is $60 per year, or $5 per month. Upon re-ceipt of this letter, would you kindly send your membership dues made payable to JodoMission of Hawaii, and mail it to 1429 Makiki Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814. If your2012 dues have already been paid, please accept our apology and appreciation for yoursupport and please ignore this letter. We thank you for your timely payments and donations. We also invite you to partici-pate in our various activities, Sunday Services, O-Bon, Bon Dance, O-Higan, Hanamatsurior Buddha Day, Jodo-e or Bodhi Day, Fujinkai, Senior, Intermediate, or Junior Y.B.A.,Sunday School, Children’s Malama Choir, and many other wonderful activities.. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call Jodo Mission at 949-3995. In Gassho, Page 3
  4. 4. Bits of Knowledge of Buddhism Vol. 14 The Three Jewels (Jan. 2012) By Rev. Yasushiro Watanabe第14回 三宝(2012年01月) 「三宝」,すなわち仏法僧に帰依することは,仏教徒の基本的な務めです。仏さま,仏さまの教え,それを護る人々を大切にすることで,私たちは仏教への理解と信仰を深め,悟りの世界を求める心を新たにします。 仏(ブッダ):生きとし生けるものは須らく仏性をもっています。私たちが仏さまに帰依することは,私たちすべてが仏となる可能性があることを信ずることです。法(ダルマ):仏さまの教えを説く書物を読むことも大切ですが,その教えは私たちの生活において実践されて初めて意味をもちます。八正道を実践し,お念仏を称えることで,日々の生活に仏法が宿ります。僧(サンガ):僧伽とは,男女の出家修行者,男女の在家信者からなる共同体です。信者の支援がなければ,出家者は安住して修行にいそしむことができません。また,共同体がなければ,私たちは仏さまの教えを実践することができません。みんなが同じ目的のために協力する共同体は尊いものです。私たちの僧伽が喜びと幸せに満ちているとき,そこは何ものにも代えがたい清らかな空間となります。 三宝はお互いに結ばれています。あなたが,共同体の友人に手を差し伸べることは,仏さまを大切にすることと同等です。仏さまの教えは,私たちが活動を通して守り実践していくものです。このように仏法僧は分かちがたいものです。私たちは毎日の生活のあらゆる場面で,三宝の存在を実感することができるでしょう。Vol. 14 The Three Jewels (Jan. 2012) Taking refuge in the Three Jewels, or Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is a fun-damental practice in Buddhism. It is the fruit of our practice. As we continue to prac-tice, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha reveal themselves to us more fully.When we encounter these three Jewels directly and experience their capacity to bringabout happiness and peace, our faith is strengthened even further. Buddha: Everybody has the potential to come true Buddhahood. When we takerefuge in Buddha, we must also understand we ourselves have the nature of Buddha.Dharma: Dharma books and talks are valuable, but the true Dharma is appearedthrough our life and our practice. When the noble Eightfold Path and the Nembutsu arepracticed, the living Dharma is there. Sangha: Sangha is the fourfold community ofmonks, nuns, laymen, and laywomen, as well as the other elements that support ourpractice. Even if we have a deep appreciation for the practice, it can be difficult to con-tinue without the support or friends. When members of a Sangha live in harmony, theirSangha is holy. When you build a Sangha that has joy and peace, you’ll see the ele-ment of holiness there. Sangha is the door through which we enter the heart of theBuddha and the Dharma.Page 4
  5. 5. The Three Jewels are related each other. When you make peace with anothermember of your Sangha, you are looking after the Buddha. The Dharma cannot existwithout followers. Each Jewel contains the other two. This can be realized in everymoment of our life. Photo: Buddha @Lahaina JM MAHALO Thank you to those who came for general clean-up of the Temple, including the Columbarium or Nokotsudo on Decem- ber 11, 2011. Your hard work and dedica- tion to the Temple are deeply appreciated.Above are the Children’s Malama Choir singing songs in Japanese Thank you to Children’s Malama Choirand English. Below are the Sunday School and the hard working for their performance before Santa’s ap-General Cleanup workers about to have a pizza lunch! pearance at the Sunday School Christmas Party. Thank you to Sunday School for inviting everyone to their Christmas Party and sharing their visit with Santa. Page 5
  6. 6. Bits of Knowledge of Buddhism Vol.10 “Who is O-Jizo-sama?” (Reprint from Sept 2011) By Rev. Yasushiro Watanabe第10回「お地蔵さまの由来」(2011年9月) 浄土宗別院の正門のすぐそばに地蔵菩薩像が立っています。地蔵菩薩はもっとも人気のある菩薩さまで,本当にたくさんの石像がお寺や路傍に造られました。そのお姿は私たちの生活の中にとけ込んでいて,私たちは親しみを込めて「お地蔵さん」「お地蔵さま」とお呼びしています。 地蔵菩薩は大地の守り神が起源とされます。お地蔵さまは,お釈迦さまが亡くなられてから弥勒菩薩が次のブッダとしてこの世に現れるまでの間,現世の全ての生き物を教え導く菩薩さまとして信仰されました。その姿は,頭を丸く剃り質素な衣を着ていてお坊さんと同じです。お顔はいつも微笑みをたたえています。一般的には,左手には宝珠をとり右手には錫杖を携えています。これらの像形は,お地蔵さまが,世界の隅々を歩き回り,私たちの苦悩を癒し幸福をもたらして下さることを示しています。経典には,地蔵菩薩が,地獄・餓鬼・畜生・修羅・人・天の六道に姿を表し,悩み苦しむ衆生を救済しようと発願されたとあります。さらに,一切の衆生を救いとるまでは,自身は涅槃に入らないと宣言されました。つまり,お地蔵さまは,生きとし生けるものを救いたいという慈悲ゆえに,六道輪廻の世界にとどまり救済活動に自らの身を捧げているのです。 お地蔵さまは,この世だけでなく過去に亡くなられた人間や動物の罪障をも消滅させて,平安へと導く菩薩さまとして篤く信じられています。もっとも救われがたい存在にこそ優先的に救いの手を差し伸べる慈悲深いお方です。宮沢賢治の「雨ニモマケズ」に歌われるような無私の精神をもった,仏教徒にとって最高のお手本の一人といえるでしょ。Vol.10 “Who is O-Jizo-sama?” You can see a statue of Ksitigarbha (Jizo) bythe gate of Jodo Mission. He is one of the most popu-lar Bodhisattvas, and the number of his statues is thelargest in Japan. Most people feel a closeness to Jizo,fondly calling him “O-Jizo-san” or “O-Jizo-sama.”Who is Jizo? Why is O-Jizo-sama so popular? Originally, Jizo is believed to be the guardianof the earth. He protects all beings in the world fromthe time Sakyamuni Buddhapassed away until Maitreya (Miroku) will appear tobecome the next Buddha. Jizo has been worshiped asa great leader for Buddhists during Buddha’s ab-sence. Most Jizo figures have a bald head and wearplain garments just like a Buddhist monk. They al-ways smile gently. They often hold a jewel in theirleft hand and a long staff in their right hand. Thesecharacteristics show that Jizo walks anywhere andfulfills people’s wishes with great compassion. In theSutra, Jizo made an original vow to save all livingPage 6
  7. 7. things. Jizo also vowed not to become a Buddha until his work of salvation isdone. That is to say, he has voluntarily stayed in the cycle of rebirth andworked hard to save all beings in the six destinies. O-Jizo-sama protects the weak and gives prior salvation to them. In eve-rything, he counts himself last and puts others before him. The compassionateJizo is a good example for Buddhist ministers and members. O-Jizo-Sama Blessing Through the generous dona- tion by someone who wants to be anonymous, we now have an O-Jizo-Sama in our altar. It was placed towards the back on left side as you look to the altar. On Sunday, November 27, 2011, Rev. Narashiba blessed our new O-Jizo-Sama. THANK YOU THANK YOU for our new O-Jizo-Sama! O-Jizo-Sama (statute outside as you enter the Temple grounds is pictured to the right). Please notice that the statute’s left hand is missing. Someone cut it off and now we need to have it repaired. Please see Rev. Narashiba if you want to donate to this project. Page 7
  8. 8. Shinnenkai New Year’s Party Ukulele by Stuart Nago Please join us for our New Year’s Party following the Annual General Membership meeting. All members and friends are invited. Come and meet your Board of Directors. Date: Sunday, January 22 Time: 11:00 am (after Gyoki-e service) On Sunday, December 18, Stuart Nago Place: Jodo Mission Social Hall performed a couple of songs on his ukulele after Sunday Service. Stuart will again be performing a couple of songs on his ukulele on STAND UP EIGHT Sunday, January 15 at 10:00 a.m. 1113 South King Street after Sunday Service On September 1, 2011, Rev. Narashiba gave blessing to new furniture repair store “Stand Up ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ Eight”. They refinish furniture, recycle furniture and accessories. Please come and enjoy the ukulele music. Congratulations and Best Wishes on your ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ business! Sunday School Fujinkai Jodo Mission of Hawaii(women’s association) We welcome children to join our Sun- January 15 Children’s Choir “Malama” day School. Let’s enjoy studying Onem- at 8:30 a.m. butsu by doing various activities. Ikoi Hall No Children’s Choir in January 1/8/12 Family Service Refreshments Sunday School mothers will assist with ozoni refreshments YBA 1/15/11: Sunday School plans to go on an No Meeting Sewing Circle excursion—Honolulu Academy of Arts in January No Sewing Circle in January 1/22/12 at 11 a.m.: Sunday School will join New Year’s Party Page 8
  9. 9. GYOKI-E CHUTOBA FORM 2012(御忌会中塔婆申し込み用紙) Deadline: January 10, 2012YOUR NAME(お名前):_________________PHONE(お電話番号):________NAME OF DECEASED(亡くなった方のお名前):1._________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________3.____________________________________________________________4.____________________________________________________________One Chutoba is $ 7.00 × Total of Chutoba ______ = Total $______(中塔婆 1本 7ドル) (本数) (合計) FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Order accepted by: _______________ Date accepted: _______/______/ 2012 (In person / Mail / By phone) Received by: _______________ Date paid: _______/______/ 2012 (Cash / Check # __________ ) Write_______ -------------------——---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gyoki-e (Honen Shonin’s Memorial Service) Gyoki-e means the me- Three hundred years later,morial service for Honen Shonin. after Honen Shonin passed away,Honen Shonin, who is a founder the Emperor Gokashiwabaraof Jodo Shu, passed away on mandated Jodo Shu to call theJanuary 25th, 1212. He was 80 anniversary of Honen Shonin’syears old. death “Gyoki”. Since then, peo- After Honen Shonin ple called his annual memorialpassed away, his disciples and service “Gyoki”. This occasionbelievers started to have a memo- implied that Honen Shonin wasrial service for him on the 25th of clearly accepted and revered byevery month. The biggest cere- the Emperor and the people.mony was held on 25th of Janu- Our Gyoki-e service will beary every year. This service was held on January 22nd at 10 a.m.held not only locally in Kyoto but Please join spread all over Japan. In those Chutoba is available for thisdays, the word “Gyoki” meant Gyoki-e service. At this service Founder of Jodo Shu :the anniversary of the deaths of you may also honor your Honen Shoninthe Emperors or their wives. The deceased ancestors with a (1133-1212)word “Gyoki” was such a respect- Chutoba prayer. See aboveable word for the Emperors fam- Chutoba order form.ily. Page 9
  10. 10. What is “Perpetual Memorial Obituaries Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial service and The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extendsis called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of its sincere condolences to the familydeath occurs for a person listed on this record, the members and loved ones of the followingministers pray for that individual during the morn- members who have recently left thising service. The prayers will continue each year for world for the Pure long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put yourown name on the list, too. This also helps when it Bernie Fusae Komori 88is difficult to have memorial services. We also wel-come you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the application Hawaii Council of Jodoform. Each name costs $200. After the applicationis accepted, the name will be listed on the record. Missions Yoshimizuko of Hawaii 2012 Japan Tour April 8 to 15, 2012 Jodo Mission Office Hours: Tokyo, visit to Zojoji Temple, new song and dance to be an- Monday to Saturday nounced and a memorial service 8am—5pm for the victims of Eastern Japan. Sunday & Holidays Kamakura, visit to Komyoji Temple, Kotokuin Temple 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Anyone interested, please contact Rev. Narashiba. Rev. Yubun Narashiba Rev. Kanjun Nakano Rev. Dwight Head Minister Rev. Yasuhiro Nakamura Resident Minister Watanabe Retired Minister Page 10 Resident Minister
  11. 11. Perpetual Memorial Service (Eitaikyo) For January 20121 Sekitaro Hirohama Hatsuko Hayashi The Kimura & Muroshige Kansuke Shintani The Hirohama & Kawasugi The Hayashi Family Family Fusao Taniguchi Family Masakichi Teruya Masao Teruya Ralph Hitoshi Tanaka Kenji Fujikami Reginald Hisao Hisamura Takeo Yamane Toshito Fukuda The Hashimoto Family Uichiro Ishii Shimo Hatanaka The Ohara Family Kohei Umeda Hiroshi Furuya 30 Kumaichi Tomonari Haruko Ikuta Matsuyo Yamamoto Tsuneko Shintaku The Tomonari Family Tsugio Takamatsu Family Koichi Ronald Namihira Tsunejiro Kawasaki Tomomitsu Kawamura 12 Heiji Fukuda (1) The Kawasaki & Nakagawa The Kawamura Family Heiji Fukuda (2) 22 Masae Tanimura Family Fukuda Tokusaburo’s Father The Fukuda Family Konoshin Kimura Ine Yoshizaki Hon-yo Jo-dai Shin-ji Nagao Yamada Fukukichi Tatei The Yoshizaki Family The Fukuda Family Shokichi Harada Tomota Kakehashi The Nakamura Family Tadashi Yanagihara 23 Shokichi Fukumoto Masao Kume Chukichi Asamura The Fukumoto Family Akio Matsuda Toyo Asamura 13 Bishop Jiko Kuya Takeo Yoshihara Kiyoshi Kamimura The Masuda & Asamura Family Shima Morita The Yoshihara Family Barbara Okimoto The Yamasaki & Hara Family Shizue Fujita The Tanaka Family The Yoshizaki Family Jiro Kiyama 31 You Kawamura The Matsushita Family 14 Akitaka Chikamoto Ralph Toshiaki Hashimoto The Kawamura Family The Aoki Family The Ohta Family Terry Kazuo Yorimoto Shizuko Aoyama The Sakuda Family Genzo Yanagihara Kaname Yamanaka The Okamura Family The Yanagihara Family 24 Heikichi Isobe Takeo Tanaka Stanley Satoru Morimoto Tsuchiyo Kimoto The Isobe Family Shigeno Ohara Miyoko Kaya Machi Yokoyama2 Richard Hichiro Kawamoto The Yokoyama & Morita Family 15 Tane Nagata (1) Toranosuke Kinoshita3 Hideo Toyoshiba The Nagata Family Tane Kinoshita Yoshitaka Wada Sukeichi Kameoka The Kinoshita Family The Kameoka Family Tsune Aoki5 Kiyo Fujikami Tane Nagata (2) George Masao Tanaka The Fujikami Family Mildred Misako Tanimura Helen Katsuko Ito Shizuyo Morisako Shizue Kimura Kasuke Yamane 25 Taka Fukuda Jiro Nakamura 16 Take Shinagawa The Fukuda Family Randall Loreg Tomojiro Fujita Saiichi Hyodo The Loreg Family The Fujita Family Joseph Yoshihiko Fujihana Kenji Iwamoto Sadako Oki6 Kikuyo Yamasaki Chiyoka Mizuno Teruko Mamiya Eiichi Fujita Seiichi Shimamoto The Sato Omura Family Shigeharu Ohata 17 Hanayo Taniguchi 26 Take Arita7 Jiro Oyabu Kame Okamoto The Arita Family The Oyabu & Kondo Family Moto Kawasugi Haruo Nakamura Kazuko Nomiyama Nobuo Hayashi The Nakamura Family Tetsuko Miyamoto Kimio Yagi Kama Takata 18 Kiyomatsu Daitoku (1) The Yagi Family The Daitoku Family Sueyoshi Yanagihara8 Matsujiro Otani (1) The Kawauchi Family Yoshi Yamamoto The Otani Family Katsutoshi Takada Chester Takeo Kaita The Yanagihara Family The Takada Family Toshio Isoibe Kiyomatsu Daitoku (2) 27 Seiichi Fujimoto The Isobe Family Itaro Kurihara The Fujimoto Family Matsujiro Otani (2) The Kurihara Family Takeshi Sato Taketo Sumimoto (1) Masao Ishii Charles Shoichi Kimura Juichi Uesugi Shoichi Ishida Hiroko Nakano Fusataro Higuchi Taketo Sumimoto (2) 19 Tai Kawano 28 Yoshie Sato Kenji Miyakawa The Kawano Family The Sato & Suzuki Family Chiyo Tomai Sae Higashimura9 Taka Tomonari The Tomai Family The Higashimura Family The Tomonari Family Miyo Ueno Tome Yamanaka Asa Hayashi The Ueno Family The Yamanaka Family Chizuko Saeki10 Hiroko Yoza 20 Shinazo Nishiguchi Sadamu Iwamoto The Yoza Family The Nishiguchi Family Yooko Fujimoto Kami Higa Noboru Ajimura The Higa Family The Ajimura Family 29 Tomo Isobe Bishop Ninryo Nago Kiku Kimura Hana Kinoshita The Nago & Kunimoto Family Yuriko Nishimoto The Kinoshita Family Jisaburo Kanemoto11 Tokoe Imaguchi 21 Sueko Higashimura The Kanemoto & Miyamoto The Imaguchi Family Kiku Kimura Family
  12. 12. 8:30am Morning Service January 2012 Jodo Mission of Hawaii Everyday Phone: 949-3995 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2 3 4 5 6 7 **3:15 pm Jodo Shu hour 10:00 NEW YEAR SERVICE8 9 10 11 12 13 14 10:00am Family Service Deadline to Order 11:45 am Board Meeting Chutoba15 16 17 18 19 20 21 8:30am Fujinkai Mtg. **3:15 pm Jodo Shu hour 10:00 Sunday Service22 23 24 25 26 27 28 10am Gyoki-e Service (Honen Shonin’s Memorial Service) And General Member- ship Meeting 11am New Year’s Party in Social Hall29 30 31 **Jodo Shu Hour Radio K-ZOO (AM1210Khz, Japanese station) 10:00 Sunday ServiceCOMING EVENTS: February 12, 2012 Nehan-e Family Service March 18, 2012 O-Higan Service Feb. 26, 2012 Fujinkai General Membership Meeting April 1, 2012 Otoba Order Forms and New Year’s Party