Jodo Mission Bulletin - September 2011


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The monthly Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin for September 2011.

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Jodo Mission Bulletin - September 2011

  1. 1. JODO MISSION OF HAWAII BULLETIN - SEPTEMBER 2011(#1178-0911)Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 Address Service Requested September 11—Keiro Kai and Grandparents’ DayThe Intermediate YBA and Sunday School will honor our Keiro members (all those 80years old and older) on Sunday, September 11, at 10 a.m. Please join us if you are ableto come. Also, younger generation, please bring your parents, grandparents, aunties, un-cles who are 80 years and older to joint this event! It will be a special treat for them!Also at 10 a.m. we will also have the Higan Service (see page 3 for further info).
  2. 2. Honen Shonin’s 800th Grand Memorial Service Kyoto Above photo is the beautiful front gate of Chion’in Tem- ple in Kyoto, Japan, headquarters for Jodo Shu. The 800th Grand Memorial Service scheduled for this past April was postponed due tothe earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan. Bishop Gensho Hara has received a new invitation to attend the 800th Grand Memo-rial Service during the Yoshimizuko Convention on September 28, 2011in Kyoto, Japan.The welcome reception sponsored by Chion’in Temple’s Yoshimizuko group will be heldon the evening of September 27, 2011. Anyone interested in attending, please contact Rev. Narashiba at 949-3995. Hawaii State Grand Memorial Service Sponsored by Kyoku (Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions) It has been 800 years since the passing of our founder Honen Shonin, who taught us the way of O-Nembutsu—by calling Amida Buddha’s Holy Name. Please remember in January of this year Bishop Gensho Hara wrote in his New Year’s message that Jodo Shu temples in Japan and around the world will hold special commemorative services, observances, and projects in honor of our founder. The Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions (Kyoku) is sponsoring the Hawaii State Grand Memorial Service on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. at Betsuin, with lunch to follow. Please join us for this Grand Memorial Service. Everyone is cordially invited.. Page 2
  3. 3. AUTUMN O-Higan Chutoba Form (彼岸会中塔婆申し込み用紙)Your Name(お名前) : Phone(電話):Name of Deceased (亡くなった方のお名前): 1. 2. 3. 4One Chutoba is $7 X Total of Chutoba = Total $(中塔婆1本7ドル) (本数) (合計)Please make checks payable to “Jodo Mission of Hawaii”. DEADLINE: Sunday, September 4, 2011FOR OFFICE USE ONLYOrder accepted by Date accepted / / (In person/ Mail / By phone)Received by Date paid / / 2011 (Cash / Check #___________) Write O-HIGAN SERVICE The word “Higan” literally means “the other shore” in Japanese. One shore represents the world we are in, and the other shore “Higan” represents Amida Buddha’s Pure Land. The river represents the bad mind we all possess. The concept is that we practice the teaching to reach the other shore across the river. We have two Higan seasons in a year. One in spring, the other in autumn, as Higan is held during the week of the spring and autumn equinox. Shan Tao, one of the highest ranking priests of Jodo Buddhism in China said that the sun sets due west during the equinox thus it is a good opportunity to think about Bud- dha’s Pure Land which exists far away in the west, as well as appreciate our ances- tors who are also there. Please join us for our Higan-e service and think about Amida Buddha’s Pure Land and our ancestors. Our Higan-e Service will be held: Sunday, September 11 at 10:00 am Chutoba prayers will be conducted during this service. If you would like a Chutoba prayer for your ancestors, please fill out the form on this page and send it or drop it off at the Jodo Mission office by Sunday, September 4th. Thank you. Page 3
  4. 4. Bits of Knowledge of Buddhism Vol.10 “Who is O-Jizo-sama?” (Sept 2011) By Rev. Yasushiro Watanabe第10回「お地蔵さまの由来」(2011年9月) 浄土宗別院の正門のすぐそばに地蔵菩薩像が立っています。地蔵菩薩はもっとも人気のある菩薩さまで,本当にたくさんの石像がお寺や路傍に造られました。そのお姿は私たちの生活の中にとけ込んでいて,私たちは親しみを込めて「お地蔵さん」「お地蔵さま」とお呼びしています。 地蔵菩薩は大地の守り神が起源とされます。お地蔵さまは,お釈迦さまが亡くなられてから弥勒菩薩が次のブッダとしてこの世に現れるまでの間,現世の全ての生き物を教え導く菩薩さまとして信仰されました。その姿は,頭を丸く剃り質素な衣を着ていてお坊さんと同じです。お顔はいつも微笑みをたたえています。一般的には,左手には宝珠をとり右手には錫杖を携えています。これらの像形は,お地蔵さまが,世界の隅々を歩き回り,私たちの苦悩を癒し幸福をもたらして下さることを示しています。経典には,地蔵菩薩が,地獄・餓鬼・畜生・修羅・人・天の六道に姿を表し,悩み苦しむ衆生を救済しようと発願されたとあります。さらに,一切の衆生を救いとるまでは,自身は涅槃に入らないと宣言されました。つまり,お地蔵さまは,生きとし生けるものを救いたいという慈悲ゆえに,六道輪廻の世界にとどまり救済活動に自らの身を捧げているのです。 お地蔵さまは,この世だけでなく過去に亡くなられた人間や動物の罪障をも消滅させて,平安へと導く菩薩さまとして篤く信じられています。もっとも救われがたい存在にこそ優先的に救いの手を差し伸べる慈悲深いお方です。宮沢賢治の「雨ニモマケズ」に歌われるような無私の精神をもった,仏教徒にとって最高のお手本の一人といえるでしょう。 You can see a statue of Ksitigarbha (Jizo)by the gate of Jodo Mission. He is one of themost popular Bodhisattvas, and the number ofhis statues is the largest in Japan. Most peoplefeel a closeness to Jizo, fondly calling him “O-Jizo-san” or “O-Jizo-sama.” Who is Jizo? Why isO-Jizo-sama so popular? Originally, Jizo is believed to be theguardian of the earth. He protects all beings inthe world from the time Sakyamuni Buddhapassed away until Maitreya (Miroku) will ap-pear to become the next Buddha. Jizo has beenworshiped as a great leader for Buddhists dur-ing Buddha’s absence. Most Jizo figures havePage 4
  5. 5. Bits of Knowledge (cont’d): a bald head and wear plain garments just like a Buddhist monk. They al- ways smile gently. They often hold a jewel in their left hand and a long staff in their right hand. These characteristics show that Jizo walks any- where and fulfills people’s wishes with great compassion. In the Sutra, Jizo made an original vow to save all living things. Jizo also vowed not to become a Buddha until his work of salvation is done. That is to say, he has voluntarily stayed in the cycle of rebirth and worked hard to save all beings in the six destinies. O-Jizo-sama protects the weak and gives prior salvation to them. In everything, he counts himself last and puts others before him. The compassionate Jizo is a good example for Buddhist ministers and mem- bers. ZEN BUDDHISMJoin us on Friday, September 23rd for "An Evening Talk withJohn Stevens." Many Zen Buddhist priests and practitioners wereskilled at both the martial arts and the fine arts. One of those finearts is calligraphy and Zen painting. This month, weve invitedJohn Stevens to give a presentation on calligraphy and how thephilosophy of Zen influences the art of shodo or the way of thebrush.John Stevens lived in Japan for 35 years. He was a professor ofBuddhist Studies and Aikido Instructor at Tohoku Fukushi Univer-sity in Sendai. He has written dozens of books on various aspectsof Asian culture, including the classic “Sacred Calligraphy of theEast”. He has been curator of three major exhibitions of Zen art: “Zenga: Brushstrokes ofEnlightenment” (USA), “Zen Mind, Zen Brush” (Australia), and “Zenga from the Kaeru-anCollection” (Berlin). Professor Stevens is considered the leading authority on Zen painting andcalligraphy in the world.We will meet in Ikoi Hall at 6:00pm. Join us for refreshments and discussion prior to the pres-entation. We will start the presentation at 6:30pm.This is part of our Buddhism 2.0 series where we explore Buddhism and its relevance to ourmodern times. EVENT: An Evening Talk with John Stevens DATE: Friday, September 23, 2011 TIME: 6:00 p.m. PLACE: Jodo Mission of Hawaii (Ikoi Hall) Page 5
  6. 6. BON DANCE (August 19-20, 2011)THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Bon Dance held onAugust 19-20, 2011. There were so many, many people helping behind the scenes and wereally appreciate all your hard work. It is with everyone’s help that we can continue to dothis event. Without someone arranging with the bon dancers, getting the yagura up, arrang-ing for the stairway to get on top of the yagura, someone setting up chairs so people could sitdown, someone getting the omamoris, also someone selling omamoris, bon dance towels,hapi coats, kimonos, parking attendants, making and selling andagis (Okinawan donuts),someone making and settling musubis, spam musubis, someone making and selling chichidango, someone ordering and selling saimin, someone making and selling sushi, yaki soba,someone making and settling hot dogs, chili and rice, someone making and selling jook,someone making sure that all the trash cans were not overflowing with trash, someone an-swering the many questions people called about, including “how do I get to Jodo Mission?”or “where can I park?” Thank you also to the many, many dancers who came, even though it rained, drizzled andsometimes poured. We could not do it without you. We hope everyone had time to catch up with old friends, made new friends, got togetherwith your relatives!! Below, please find photos of some of those who participated in our Bon Dance. Right photo: Ladies selling plate lunches, musubis, chili and hot dogs >>>>>>> Waffle Dog Sellers Saimin Crew Ladies helping theFujinkai Choba—Omamori & Bon Craft Sellers Dance Towel Sales Shave Ice Sellers Lorraine Obayashi has Ladies in the her wallet out to purchase kitchen something. Page 6
  7. 7. BON DANCE (August 19-20, 2011) Dancers of all ages Hapi Coats for sale. What is a bon dance without shave ice, andagi or BBQ sticks? Yum, yum, yum! Even in the rain, dancers danced; watchers watched under umbrellas. One dancer suggested that the second night we should put a round onion and chili pepper under the yagura and then the rain would go away which we did!! And it still rained. Maybe we should have put more chili pepper. We also had 2 teru teru bozu and it still rained! The lion is here! Catch a fish Catch a “live” fish Spin the WheelTeru teru bozu: is a little tradi- Teru teru bozu dolls from Wikipediational hand-made doll made ofwhite paper or cloth that the Japa- Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozunese farmers began hanging outside Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure Do make tomorrow a sunny daytheir windows by a string. This Itsuka no yume no sora no yo ni Like the sky in a dream sometimeamulet is supposed to have magical Haretara kin no suzu ageyo If its sunny, I’ll give you a goldenpowers to bring good weather and to bell.stop or prevent a rainy day. Page 7
  8. 8. Teru teru bozu (cont’d) Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure Old news letter publications: Storage space Watashi no negai wo kiita nara for our old Bulletins is limited. Before we throw Amai o-sake wo tanto nomasho them away, if anyone is interested in any back Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu issue, please stop by Do make tomorrow a sunny day the Betsuin office If you make my wish come true and pick up what- We’ll drink lots of sweet rice wine. ever you would like. Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu It would be sad to Ashita tenki ni shite o-kure throw them away if Sorede mo kumotte naitetara someone wants Sonata no kubi wo chon to kiru them. Thank you. Teru-teru-bozu, teru bozu Do make tomorrow a sunny day But if the clouds are crying (it’s raining) Then I shall snip your head off *********************************************************** Sunday School We welcome children to join our Sunday Collecting Donations for Bazaar School. Let’s enjoy studying Onembutsu by doing various activities. Our Bazaar will be held on Sunday, 9/4 following Children’s Choir at 10:45 am October 23. If you have any donations, 9/11 @ 10 am: Sunday School will participate please bring them to the Temple! Please in Keiro Kai and Grandparents Day separate your donations by categories (clothing, kitchen utensils and kitchen ♪ ♪ Jodo Mission of Hawaii ♪ ♪ ware, toys, trinkets, books) and please Children’s Choir “Malama” mark the categories. Jodo Mission will こども合唱団マラマ not pick up your donations. Thank you for your understanding. September 4: at 10:45 a.m. (practice) September 11: Children’s Choir “Malama” will participate in Keiro Kai and Grandparents’ Day. Old Mayonnaise Jars Needed for Bazaar Fujinkai Meeting (Women’s Association) Please bring your 32 oz. glass Sewing Circle mayonnaise jars to the Temple 9/4/11 8:30 am so we can fill them with Sushi No Sewing Circle in Vinegar. Sushi vinegar is very popular YBA Meeting September and in order to have it available as a Ba- 9/25/11 zaar item, we will need your help in ob- 8:30 am taining as many 32 oz. glass mayonnaise jars as possible.Page 8
  9. 9. Miso RamenIngredients:1/2 tsp sesame oil 2 c water1/2 round onion, sliced 2 cubes chicken bouillon1 clove garlic, sliced 2 T awase miso1/2 lb. ground chicken 8 oz. ramen noodles (frozen)1/2 bag bean sprouts green onions, chopped (for garnish)Directions:1. Measure and add 1/2 tsp. sesame oil into a sauce pan.2. Heat pan and add the ground chicken. Stir to separate.3. Add slices of garlic, continuing to stir contents.4. Add 2 cups of water when chicken begins to cook through.5. Add 2 cubes of chicken bouillon cubes and stir to dissolve.6. Bring the mixture to a boil, then add the onions.7. As onions cook and turn translucent, reduce the heat to medium and add two tablespoons of miso. Stir to dissolve.8. Add ramen and turn up the heat to bring mixture to another boil. Stir to separate noodles.9. When mixture settles to a simmer, add 1/2 pkg. of bean sprouts and cook for another minute.Serving:Place noodles, soup, and vegetables into serving bowls. Garnish withgreen onions. Recipe by Rev. Narashiba; Photos by Rev. Watanabe Page 9
  10. 10. What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial ser- Obituariesvice and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sin-the date of death occurs for a person listed cere condolences to the family members andon this record, the ministers pray for that indi- loved ones of the following members who havevidual during the morning service. The recently left this world for the Pure Land.prayers will continue each year for as long asJodo Mission exists. Shari Fujie Fujisato 55 Anyone can be included in it. You may put Cordelia “Koko” Reiko Ushiroda 67your own name on the list, too. This also Nancy Ohara 75helps when it is difficult to have memorial ser- Shigeno Hirata 98vices. We also welcome you to attend the Fumiko Iwamoto 90morning service at 8:30am. Grace Kiyoko Sadaoka 87 Russell Hideo Uehara 64 Reiko Nakamura 75 How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the applica-tion form. Each name costs $200. After theapplication is accepted, the name will belisted on the record. Apology for August Eitaikyo List We apologize for not listing the follow- Jodo Mission Office Hours: ing deceased person in the August Bul- Monday to Saturday letin: 8am—5pm 8/19 Haruo Okuhara Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Rev. Dwight Rev. Yubun Narashiba Rev. Kanjun Nakano Rev. Yasuhiro Resident Minister Nakamura Head Minister Watanabe Retired Minister Resident Minister Page 10
  11. 11. EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for September1 Seijiro Mitsuyasu Mike Shigeo Hara The Iwamoto Family The Mitsuyasu Family Kiyoko Isobe Takao Nishimura 12 Junji Sano The Nishimura Family The Nishimoto Family 21 Kumanoshin Yamamoto (2) Kamado Gushikuma Sada Hayashi Yoshiko Nakahara(2) The Hayashi Family Wanda Akemi Hamada2 Kiku Sugimoto Masao Fukuzawa The Sugimoto & Samoto Family Tsuneyasu Tamanaha 22 Miyo Koyama Yutaro Karamatsu Umeyo Ohta The Koyama Family The Karamatsu Family Keikichi Mishina Kiku Kusunoki 13 Kigoro Takada The Mishina Family The Kusunoki Family The Takada Family Kame Higa Minbunosuke Sakuda Kumayo Nomura The Higa Family The Nomura Family Ruth Yoshiko Medeiros3 Eikichi Nakamoto Yoshio Kawakami Tsuchitaro Iwamoto The Okamoto & Nakamoto Family Yasuichi Moritsugu Eleanor Haruko Nose Reverend Hoyu Ohta The Henry Hijii Family The Ohta Family 23 Kiyoshi Matsushita Katsume Kuniyuki 14 Matsu Ohta The Matsushita Family Kikuzuchi Takaoka Yoshiaki Ono4 Shizuko Morita Toshio Mitani The Ono & Yamada Family Kikuno Mitsutani Yoshio Uchiumi Nobuo Yoshida 15 Umeyo Nishimura Riichi Hirouji Eisuke Tamura The Nishimura Family Ishi Yagi 24 Ryuichi Hamada5 Kikuyo Iwamoto The Yagi & Okada Family The Hamada Family Shigeki Hayashi Takeji Ohara The Sakauye Family Yuriko Naito Masaji Kawasugi Shieto Saiki Shizue Masuda Aya Asaumi6 Toramatsu Yamamoto Yuji Yokoyama Kamekichi Shigeoka Ayako Nakata 25 Haruyo Yanagihara Suteno Yoshida James Hajime Koike Kamematsu Onohara Masaichi Toishigawa Mitsuru Harada Kichigoro Ikeda 16 Shigenari Uesugi 26 The Nishimuras Baby8 Suke Muranaka 17 Okaji Hashimoto The Muranaka Family The Hashimoto Family 27 Seiichi Tanaka Higashi Tojo Fujie Nomiyama The Tanaka & Takahashi Family The Tojo Family Hakuyo Ebisuzaki (2) Toshiko Judy Yanagihara 18 Kinjuro Sugimoto The Sugimoto & Samoto Family 28 Kimi Morita9 Mitsue Shigeoka Take Kitagawa The Morita & Ashinaka Family Shunsuke Ogi The Kitagawa Family Natsue Hayashi The Ogi Family Tameo Shinntani The Hayashi Family Shigeru Taketa Kamejiro Uyeda Yone Wakayama Umeda Hoichi Fujita 29 Kiku Tanimura Masako Koyama The Fujita Family The Tanimura Family Mie Kashiwa Ryosuke Yanagisawa10 Ritsu Inada (2) Fumiko Yamane The Yanagisawa Family The Inada Family (2) Nobuko Tsuruda Ushi Shimabukuro The Morimoto Family Akio Shimabukuro Tsune Kuniyuki 19 Kichijuro Miyashige The Shimabukuro Family Shimo Hashimoto The Goto & Miyashige Family Kiyo Yamachika Sana Tamura Seitoku Higa The Yamachika & Yukie Sakaue The Weiss Family Matsushige Family The Sunagawa Family Ishi Uyenoyama11 Yorizo Yamane Fusae Ippongi Yuu Kunihisa TheYamane Family Yoshiwa Tarumoto The Harada Family 20 Shoichi Ishida Chieko Yamamura Ikuzo Kuniyuki The ishida & Aimoto Family Nobuo Tsuda The Iwamotos Baby 30 Francis Kiyoshi Furutani Page 11
  12. 12. Jodo Mission of Hawaii8:30am Morning Service September 2011 Phone: 949-3995 Everyday Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 **3:15 pm Jodo Shu Hour4 8:30 Fujinkai Meeting 5 6 7 8 9 10 10:00 Sunday Service 10:30am Maunalani 10:45 Children’s Choir Visitation Sunday School to follow11 10:00 Higan Service; 12 13 14 15 16 17 Keiro Kai & Grand 10am CCH visitation **3:15 pm Jodo Shu parents Day Service Hour Kyoku Convention —9/16 to 9/18 11:45 Board Meeting18 Kyoku Convention 19 20 21 22 23 24 9:30 Honen Shonin 6:00 Zen Buddhism 800th Grand Memorial An Evening Talk with J Service ohn Stevens25 8:30 YBA Meeting 26 27 28 29 30 10:00 Sunday ServiceEvents: **Jodo Shu Hour Radio K-ZOO (AM1210Khz, Japanese station)Sept 4 Deadline: Autumn Chutoba OrdersSept 16-18 Kyoku Convention at Betsuin Coming Events (cont’d):Oct 16 Bazaar Prep—bring out stored Bazaar items Oct 17-22 Bazaar Prep—organizing & pricing items WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP Oct 23 BAZAAR Nov 12-13 Ministers and Wives Workshop