Jodo Mission Bulletin - October 2013


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The October 2013 edition of the Jodo Mission of Hawaii bulletin.

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Jodo Mission Bulletin - October 2013

  1. 1. Bazaar Bazaar will be held on Sunday, October 27, 2013 (8:00am –1:00pm) Bazaar preparation: Your help is needed on Sunday, October 20, at 10:30 am to bring out all the stored Bazaar items to the Social Hall. Throughout the year people drop off items to be sold at the Annual Bazaar and these items are stored. Now we need to take out these stored items. Lunch will be provided. Also, during the week from Monday, October 21 to Saturday, October 26, beginning at 9:00 a.m. each day, help is needed to sort, organize and price the many donated items in preparation of the Bazaar. Donations of useable clothing, household items, plants, baked goods, craft items, etc. are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Please feel free to drop non-perishable items off anytime during our office hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 am—5 pm Sunday & holidays: 8 am—3 pm No furniture or bulky items will be accepted. All items must be dropped-off at the Temple. Address Service Requested Jodo Mission of Hawaii 1429 Makiki St. Honolulu HI 96814 (#1203-1013) Jodo Mission of Hawaii Bulletin - OCTOBER 2013
  2. 2. Sermon on Sunday, September 1, 2013 By Rev. Kanjun Nakano Today I will talk about the future of the Betsuin. It is also about the future of Jodo Mission. The number of members is decreasing every year. Especially, we have very few young people. For example, when we set up the O-Toba and Bon Dance, we need much help. But we are running short. If it is left as it is, we may have to stop these activities. Maybe, the Sunday service will also stop if no one attends. How can we attract more people to our temple? Here is a story of a priest who spread Buddhism in Paris, France. He was a Zen priest. He could speak little French. At first, people thought that he was a very strange man because all he did was to sit silently all day. Day after day, he only sat in meditation. However, before long, many people became his disciples though he did not speak a word of French. In Japan, there is a proverb which says, “Children do not follow what the parents say, but imitate what the parents do.” This is the very example of such imitation. The Zen priest’s actions led many people to understand Buddhism. There are several ways that we learn religion: to visit a church or temple, to listen to the sermon of a priest, or to read a book. But, remember to watch a believer praying. Our faith’s way is the Onembutsu. When someone watches us saying the Onembutsu, this is the person’s first experience of it. There is no explanation with words. What does your family see when you say Onembutsu? Please remember to recite the Onembutsu at home. It is the first way to spread our faith. Follow-up to Sermon Town Hall Discussion This is a good subject to discuss: WHAT IS TO HAPPEN TO THE FUTURE OF JODO MISSION OF HAWAII? This is a subject that has been discussed so many, many times and we need to discuss it more. This town hall discussion should include the Bishop, ministers, Board of Directors and temple members. We cannot only leave this up to the Bishop or the ministers or the Board of Directors—we must all take part in this discussion. Religion should be an important part of our lives and not only at time of death. Please contact the temple at 949-3995 to be included in this town hall discussion. Page 2
  3. 3. SUNDAY SCHOOL AND KEIRO KAI Our Sunday School presented each Keiro member (80 years old and older) a box of chocolate candies. The oldest members were Tamayo Nakamura (101 3rd from left) and Yoshiko Kitagawa (94 second from left). Everyone of our keiro members have worked so hard for the temple and each of them have so many, many memories of good times and fellowship which they all enjoy. As you look at their smiling faces you can see even with their aches and pains, recoveries from surgeries, they are all so very, very happy to be here today for this celebration. This is their day! OMEDETO GOZAIMASU! One special person we must recognize is Takako Nakayama who went to pick up Tamayo Nakamura and Muriel Shimoda and brought them to the temple so they could enjoy this day with all the other keiro members. Both Mrs. Nakamura and Mrs. Shimoda were so happy to be here. ARIGATO Mrs. Nakayama! The Intermediate YBA treated our Keiro members and other Sunday Service members with a delicious Hawaiian buffet. Page 3
  4. 4. Announcements HELP NEEDED For Nokutsudo/Columbarium Our Nokutsudo or Columbarium has grown and is still growing. We need more help with cleanup. What type of help is needed you might ask? Clean up would include throwing out old flowers, carefully washing vases and putting them back onto the shelf, changing water in vases if flowers are still good, etc. It does not mean this is for only women to do. Men are most welcome to help. We really need your help because we are having too much flowers to take care in Nokotsudo every week. If you are able to help, please contact the temple office at 949-3995 with possible times you are able to help. If you can come even just once a month, it will be a big help. If you can only help sometimes, that would be most appreciated. Please contact the office. Any help is most appreciated. . Thank you. A R I G AT O ! To Nobotsudo Visitors: Though the number of our volunteers are limited, we are trying to keep our columbarium as clean as possible. We really appreciate it if you limit the amount of flowers you bring to the niche, and use the vases provided by the temple instead of bringing your own vases. Thank you. Jodo Shu Dignataries Coming to Hawaii Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions Convention Sept 20-22, 2013 The Chief Minister of Jodo Shu International and Social Affairs Department, Bishop Yugen Miyabayashi (who is the son of Archbishop Shogen Miyabayashi of Komyoji Temple in Kamakura) and Rev. Dosho Takeda of Taisho University will be visiting Honolulu on the evening of October 23 and leaving Honolulu early evening of October 24. They will be visiting Jodo Mission of Hawaii as well as Haleiwa Jodo Mission. (cont’d from page 5) Prior to coming to Honolulu, they will be going to Hawaii Island, Maui and Kauai Page 4 A new song entitled “Inochi no Riy[u] The Reason for Life” composed by Sada Masashi for the 800th Anniversary of Honen Shonen’s passing. It is a beautiful song and as you can see everyone is studying to learn the words to the music.
  5. 5. Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions September 20-22, 2013 Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions (also known as “Kyoku”) held its 39th Biennual Convention in Honolulu at Betsuin on September 20 to 22, 2013. The Hawaii Council of Jodo Missions is comprised of designated laypersons from each of the 13 Jodo Shu temples in Hawaii and its official function is to promote Jodo Buddhism in Hawaii as well as serve as the liaison body for the various Jodo Missions in the State of Hawaii. The HCJM meets every two years with executive meetings called by its President in between. President Mark Nakamura conducted the HCJM meeting including reports given by various committees and organizations. The most interesting was the report by the committee on “Future of our Smaller Temples” by Jan Nakamura and how Hakalau Jodo Mission has worked with their small group of Fujinkai ladies and the community, who assist in transporting those members who cannot come to the temple and offer them lunch and sometimes entertainment and these members are so appreciative to have someone come to pick them up so they can have fellowship with others. So little by little they are making progress at Hakalau Jodo Mission. The HCJM elected a new President. His name is Leonard Chow of Hilo Meishoin. The HCJM also re-elected Bishop Gensho Hara for another two-year term as Bishop. CONGRATULATIONS! Re-elected Bishop Gensho Hara. Newly Elected HCJM Board: President : Leonard Chow [2nd from left], 1st Vice President: Robert Miyake; 2nd Vice President: Ian Kitajima; Secretary: Eleanor Miyake; Assistant Secretary: Jane Nakamura; Treasurer: Herbert Fujikawa; Assistant Treasurer: Clifford Miyamoto; Auditors Donald Fujii and Alvin Akimoto (Clifton Hayashi stood in for Alvin) ARIGATO to Outgoing Officers: President Mark Nakamura (served 10 years as President); Treasurer Akiko Nishiyama (served for 16-18 years as Treasurer; Robert Miyake was secretary and is now 1st Vice President. Bishop Gensho Hara. Page 5
  6. 6. What is “Perpetual Memorial Service?” (Eitaikyo) This record of a perpetual memorial service and is called Eitaikyo in Japanese. When the date of death occurs for a person listed on this record, the ministers pray for that individual during the morning service. The prayers will continue each year for as long as Jodo Mission exists. Anyone can be included in it. You may put your own name on the list, too. This also helps when it is difficult to have memorial services. We also welcome you to attend the morning service at 8:30am. How to apply Stop by the office, and fill out the application form. Each name costs $200. After the application is accepted, the name will be listed on the record. Jodo Mission Office Hours: Monday to Saturday 8am—5pm Sunday & Holidays 8am—3pm Phone: 949-3995 Website: Obituaries The Jodo Mission of Hawaii extends its sincere condolences to the family members and loved ones of the following members who have recently left this world for the Pure Land. Kenneth Kazuo Nakamoto Hoichi Ogawa Wayne Yasuo Murakawa Yoshiko Narahara Robert Taro Ashimine Golden Chain I am a link in Amida Buddha’s golden chain of love that stretches around the world. I will try to keep my link bright and strong. I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing and protect all who are weaker than myself. I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words, and to do pure and beautiful deeds, knowing that what I do now depends my happiness and misery. May every link in Amida Buddha’s golden chain of love be bright and strong and may we all attain perfect peace. Rev. Yubun Narashiba Head Minister Page 6 Rev. Kanjun Nakano 62 98 91 83 101 Rev. Yasuhiro Watanabe Rev. Dwight Nakamura Retired Minister
  7. 7. EITAIKYO (Perpetual Memorial Service) for October 1 Yuriko Hirono Sunao kurakake Kiso Fujimoto Marla M. Horiuchi Takeo Ishida Tomoaki Ito Shizuku Hashimoto Sumi Akashi 2 Takeo Taniguchi Henry Yoshiichi Uyehara Yasumoto Kawahara Mildred Mitsue Yanagihara 19 Harriet Hatsuko Umeda The Kawahara Family Saito Yoshimi Ohara 11 Shizuo Fujikami Shizue Omura Tsukie Iwamoto The Fujikami Family Akira Hashimoto Shizuyo Kimura 20 Masaichi Ishizaki Taniguchi Family The Kimura Family Mino Kamisato Katsuko Tsuji Takeo Nakata Shuichi Yamamura Shuichi Yamamura Ayako Nakamura Iso Ikuta Wayne Shoji Nakata 3 Tome Yanagihara 12 Mitsuo Hisamura The Yanagihara Family Aoki Family 21 Aiko Okamoto Masa Ueda The Okamoto & 13 Ishimoto’s Child Bishop Bino Mamiya Nakamoto Family Tanezo Fujimoto Shizuyo Fukada The Ishimoto & Akimoto Kana Kimura Family Yoshiko Imaguchi 22 Kei Sawamura 4 Tsune Matsumori The Imaguchi Family Kiyomi Fujimoto The Matsumori Family Seizo Hayashi Jerry Suyeichi Iwamoto Senichi Iwaki Masanobu Asai The Iwaki Family 23 Shigezaburo Kanayama Robert Yanagihara 14 Yukichi Sakuda The Kanayama Family The Sakuda Family Noboru Kuriyama 5 Toshiro Ashinaka Tsunejiro Imaguchi The Kuriyama Family The Morita & Ashinaka The Imaguchi Family Kosai Nakamura Family Shozaemon Yoshida Shotaro Ueda Daughter of K. Nakamura Kiyoto Horiuchi The Ueda Family Rinji Inouye Kokichi Okimura Eleanor Sato Hideo Imamoto The Okimura Family Katherine Hatsuko Masato Kamisato 24 Yoshiichi Yamada Shibuya Tsune Nomiyama The Yamada Family Teruko Sumimoto Kitaro Yamato 6 Masu Tanimura Shimo Hirouji The Yamato Family The Tanimura Family Edward Shoichi Miru Umemoto Kazuhiro Kawabuchi Matsumoto Harue Nakagawa 25 Mamoru Fukuda 7 Itsue Hirohama The Fykuda Family The Hirohama & Kawasugi 15 Arata Nishimoto (2) Asataro Yamamoto Family The Yamamoto Family The Nishimoto Family Wakamaru Masaki Fukashi Yamamoto Hatsuji Yamamoto Mamu Teraoka Kiku Yanagihara Komao Harada Masumi Yano Masa Ikuta Yamada 8 Junichi Nanba Roy Nobuharu Mukaisu The Nanba Family 26 Kikuji Okada Sato Morikawa 16 Ichijiro Aoki Yaichi Maruich The Morikawa Family The Aoki & Okubo Family Taro Taira Yonesuke Yonemoto Iwakichi Matsumori Kiyoko Aoki The Yonemoto Family The Matsumori Family Judy Ukiko Tanaka Setsuko Tanaka Nobuichi Nobuji The Tanaka Family 27 Fumio Yanagihara Yoshio Tsuda Nobue Noyama Kazue Uyehara The Yanagihara Family Gunichi Wakazuru Nobuo Amakawa Mamoru Furuya 17 Tome Nagata Mamoru Hayashi Marsha Yoshioka Take Kimura 9 Shinzo Kawamoto Toichi Toyofuku 18 Takeichi Shintaku Masa Furukawa 10 Asa Isobe Tokuichi Iwasaki The Isobe Family Masaru Hashimoto 28 Hideo Inouye 29 Takayuki Kameoka The Kameoka Family Take Hinotsume Haruyo Hashimoto 30 Fuji Yamada The Yamada Family Sue Matsuo The Matsuo Family Chiyoko Ogata 31 Rikizo Fukuda The Fukuda Family Tora Okawa The Shigeoka &Okawa Family Kuni Yamamoto The Yamamoto Family Yasuko Mitsuyasu
  8. 8. 8am to 1 pm BAZAAR NO SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 BAZAAR SET UP Lunch 10:00 Sunday Service 10:00 Family Service 10:45 am Sunday School 11:45 Board Meeting 10:00 Sunday Service 8:30 Fujinkai Meeting 28 21 14 7 Mon 29 22 15 8 1 BAZAAR Tue NO MALAMA CHILDREN’S CHOIR in October 24 17 910 3 Thu 25 18 11 4 Fri 26 19 8:30 Sewing Class 12 5 30 NO MEETING in Oct YBA Meeting Sept 6 at 8:30 a.m. (Women’s association) Fujinkai Meeting 31 Sat Phone: 949-3995 Jodo Mission of Hawaii Oct 13 at 10:45 am Sunday School Oct 12 at 8:00 a.m. Sewing Circle P R E P A R A T I O N: All week until Bazaar Day 10/28/12 23 16 9 2 Wed October 2013 Nov 10 at 10:00 a.m. O-Juya Service (Bodhi Day Service) Dec 1 at 8:00 am General Clean-up—We need your help! Dec. 28 Mochitsuki Day COMING EVENTS: 27 20 13 6 Sun 8:30am Morning Service Everyday