Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management


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Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

  1. 1. Enter your name here2012-11-27 1
  2. 2. Instructions from the government The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management is the administrative authority for issues dealing with the preservation, restoration and sustainable use of lakes, streams and seas. The Agency shall, within its areas of ​responsibility, be proactive, supportive and unifying in its implementation of environmental policies and shall promote the sustainable management of fishing resources.2012-11-27 2
  3. 3. Swedens environmental objectives Zero Eutrophication Flourishing Lakes and Streams A Balanced Marine Environment, Flourishing Coastal Areas and Archipelagos2012-11-27 3
  4. 4. How to get there Management of water Management of the marine environment Management of fisheries Marine spatial planning2012-11-27 5
  5. 5. 2012-11-27 6
  6. 6. SwAM Approximately 230 employees Headquarters located in Gothenburg Fishery inspection in Simrishamn, Västra Frölunda, Kungshamn, and Karlskrona The vessel Mimer2012-11-27 7
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  8. 8. SwAM is responsible for carrying out Swedens commitments Three of Swedens 16 environmental objectives EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive EU Water Framework Directive EU Common Fisheries Policy The regional conventions OSPAR and HELCOM2012-11-27 9
  9. 9. Scientific Affairs Department Monitors the environment and collects data about fish and fishing Prepares and coordinates research needs Performs social and environmental economic analyses Disseminates information Provides support functions: IT and vessels2012-11-27 10
  10. 10. Planning Department Coordinates Swedens efforts for: ̶ three of the environmental quality objectives ̶ EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive ̶ EU Water Framework Directive ̶ EU Common Fisheries Policy ̶ OSPAR and HELCOM Marine spatial planning Aid issues, global development2012-11-27 11
  11. 11. Policy Implementation Department Protection of species and habitats Supervision of the public’s environmental and fishing interests in court Eutrophication and nitrogen deposits Maritime issues Permits and licenses Management of marine and freshwater grants2012-11-27 12
  12. 12. Inspection and Enforcement Department Fishery inspections and fishing bans Sanctions for violations in the fishing profession Instructs regulatory authorities Issues regulations Provides legal support for the entire agency2012-11-27 13
  13. 13. EU Water Framework Directive Went into force in 2000 and was adopted into Swedish law in 2004 To protect and improve the environment in lakes, streams, rivers and coastal waters Groundwater, as well as wetlands reliant on groundwater, are also covered by the Directive2012-11-27 14
  14. 14. EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive Common strategy for member states, July 2008 A goal that the status of marine ecosystems will have a rating of ”good” by 2020 This applies to all EU marine waters including economic zones SwAM is responsible for Swedens commitments2012-11-27 15
  15. 15. EU Common Fisheries Policy Common rules throughout all EU countries Decided upon together by the member states Equivalent fishery inspections Necessary to manage our stocks of fish To be reformed by 20132012-11-27 16
  16. 16. Regional environmental conventions OSPAR – aims to protect the marine environment in the North-East Atlantic ̶ 15 countries and the EU Commission HELCOM – aims to protect the marine environment of the Baltic Sea region ̶ 9 countries and the EU commission2012-11-27 17
  17. 17. HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan Ministerial decision from 2007 within the framework for HELCOM The Baltic Sea, the Oresund Channel, and the Kattegatt Proper Objective – good ecological status by 2021 National implementation plans through 2010 To be evaluated at a ministerial meeting in 20132012-11-27 18
  18. 18. Spatial planning of the territorial sea and the Swedish economic zone Planning in Depth – Marine Spatial Planning, a final report submitted to the government in December 2010 SwAM coordinates while the coastal county administrative boards assist Collaboration between municipalities and sector authorities The bill is being prepared in the Swedish government offices2012-11-27 19