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Website review bart

  1. 1. Website Review In this report I will discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses of my site. The difference there is between my PowerPoint and the actual website. I will also talk about why I chose my colours and the colour scheme and how it was suited to my hero. Last but not least I will also talk about the general overview of the website. Strengths: One of my strengths is the consistency of my website. Each page has the same layout and it suits my chosen hero. The banner was edited in Photoshop to give it extra detail to make it stand out. Another one of my strengths is how my buttons and action linked pictures/boxes will allocate the user to the desired section. For example when you press the IMAGE box on the media page it will take you to the portfolio of Deadpool images and the same rule applies to the VIDEOS box. I also believe that the colour scheme chosen is best suitable as it is the colour scheme of my hero; the text is all white representing his eyes and the red colour in general applies to his awhole outfit/suit with the black trimming. The text is at a reasonable size and it is sans serif making it easier to read for my target audience. Home BiographyMedia ComicsCollectibles
  2. 2. Weaknesses: One of my biggest weaknesses I that the Background is rendered at 3500x3500 Pixels in dimension which makes loading the site take a while and whenever I edit the site on Dreamweaver it also causes lag and delay. To be able to solve this I had decreased the size of the Background. The buttons which were meant to have a rollover image displayed while the mouse hovers over it is not active on 3 out of the 5 buttons. Another weakness is that there is not enough content on the site but most of it being linked to other sites such as or which leaves my site empty where I could have resolved this by adding a few comics on the site with details on how much it was, a description and a picture for each of the products. What I could have improved: When I was making my background on Photoshop I should have gotten the dimensions from Dreamweaver so I could make the exact size. Initially I made the Photoshop page 3500x3500 in pixels which was far too big and caused lag every time I loaded Dreamweaver with it. Another part of my site that I could have improved was that only the first and last button altered rather than all the buttons which made it look unprofessional.
  3. 3. My mouse is on the comic’s button and it doesn’t change to the Mouse over image version of that button like the biography one. General Overview: When I finished my website I tested that all the links, hyperlinks and hot spots worked and I was satisfied with the result. I also made sure to check that none of the linked pages had been down or offline. The banner was my favourite part of the website as it stands out and it had been made originally by me. In Conclusion if I were to rate the site out of 10 id give it a 6 as it was quite sloppy and done in a little amount of time with the better parts of the website such as the banner, the background and the content but not the actual UI such as buttons and links etc.