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Website evaluation

  1. 1. Website Evaluation This report will be an evaluation of my work during unit 11. It will include my strengths and weaknesses throughout the unit and I will also be talking about my designs, evolution of my work, evaluating my progress and final product.
  2. 2. When designing my website, I made sure that the site would relate to the character it is based on, Batman. I used the colour scheme to create this relative feel for the user by adding colours which revolve around Batman’s suit which are mainly black and grey, this would also make the user more comfortable using this website because it gives the look and feel of Batman and shows that the website holds loads of information that is reliable. I collected this reliable information from the official DC comics’ page and applied some of it to my website. This also shows the character of Batman comics which are dark and gritty; this can make it easier for new fans of Batman to establish a better understanding of his character. This shows I have adapted the colours of Batman to my website. Designs
  3. 3. When designing the website itself, I created cliché buttons that are commonly used in websites. This has an effect on the users by making them feel this is an official website and again makes it reliable. The top half of the page will always contain the DC comics’ logo, Name of character (Batman), Batman banner and the rollover buttons which consists of pages such as Home, Bio, Order Comics, Merchandise and Media. Rollover buttons
  4. 4. I then went on to create the website by using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver. The website page was divided into three sections which are related to the rule of thirds designing convention. I did this because the concept uses the divided section to grab the eye of the user by the intersection points of the page. From the top to bottom, the page consists of the banner, buttons and then the page. Final Product 1 2 3
  5. 5. Here I will show you some examples of linking pages and using the ‘Hotspot’ button. Here I am trying to link the Home page to the bio page which enables the user to access the bio page from Home by clicking the rollover button. I created these by clicking the hotspot button and selecting the area needed for a button. After this I would then insert the link of that page.
  6. 6. In my opinion, I was successful creating the website because I had a good understanding on how to create the site. I linked all the buttons and pages I needed as if it were a real website and had more than 25 of my own created pages that are linked together using the hotspot. This shows an imitation of a real website and could be easily compared to one, therefore I think my planning and creating was a success.
  7. 7. Evolution of my work When creating the website I decided my original idea was boring and didn’t have much meaning so I used a biography page I had created and used it as a Home page to get straight to the point so users understand the beginning of Batman's creation etc. I then used my second Bio page for my biography page which had a much better description and storytelling of the Batman character.
  8. 8. I also decided to create links on the bio page for more information in the Batman universe. The names in bold are links to other pages containing more information on them. Overall, I think these decisions improved my website ideas and made them more interesting and makes more sense.
  9. 9. Evaluation of my progress My progress throughout unit 11 was good, I felt that I completed most of the work best I could by using my designs and reports which helped me with developing colour schemes, the rule of thirds and fonts for my final product. My strengths throughout the unit were designing and creating the website because I was able to adapt what I had learnt to the work and I was also familiar with the particular character I chose. My weaknesses were having difficulty understanding the protocols used in web authoring however I don’t think this effected my work.