Unit 5 criteria 4 irene


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Unit 5 criteria 4 irene

  1. 1. Unit 5 criteria 4| Evaluation of my music video. Introduction: In this project I set out to make a music video for the drum and bass song Waiting all night by Rudimental making a little story behind it for my audiences to watch. My target audience is for young women or anyone that likes drum and bass songs and likes to dance. The music video conventions that I wanted to use were lip-syncing, narratives, performances, shot types, facial expressions, editing in time to the music, fading visuals, cross cutting and filters and colour correction these are important because these conventions are a important role to making a music video, without these I wouldn’t be able to make my music video as best I could and as professional looking as can be. Review the preproduction process: In order to create an effective music video I conducted various research and planning tasks such as watching 4 other music videos people have done before looking and what codes and conventions they used in the music video in a PowerPoint by doing this I learnt how to make a good and professional looking music video and what not to do. I’ve also researched on different shot types and continuity editing and making each one into a video showing what I learnt and reflect on. Also I collected quite a few songs and analyzed all of them, whilst I was analyzing them I learnt that most songs have a meaning behind them or a story behind them and that’s why most music video’s links to the lyrics showing that when I analyze my chosen song for my music video I should do a story behind it. The last research I done was star construction of how most singers/performers represents themselves and what media interactive sites they use. I undertook various preproduction tasks to help with the filming of my music video such as different locations as I wanted different scenes for my music video making it more interesting. A narrative is a story and my story was about a girl or boy having a crush on someone waiting for them to tell that they want them. As the days go on they try to go to sleep and forget about everything but they get a call from one of their friend asking to come out to a rave or party so she goes to a friend house getting ready and having a laugh. Then they go out and just have fun and dance having a good time. At the end she goes to bed and looks at her phone waiting, falls to sleep and it all repeats again. I also researched about costumes idea and I found a casual wear, raving clothes and pajamas. Another preproduction task was the
  2. 2. different shot types I would like to use into my music video. I’ve even done a PowerPoint talking about the song I have chosen and what I planned to do for my music video such as narratives, costumes, location, shot types and visual style that I presented to my peers and teacher for my class. Another task I undertook was a storyboard to show what I like about my music video by doing a little comic strip and then making it into a video. But at the end of preproduction task my group had a discussion and decided to go for Siham’s idea and done a final idea PowerPoint. Lastly the preproduction task that was important to start the music video of was a release form, risk assessment form, final idea, film schedule and annotation of the song. The things that went well were analyzing songs, locations and the storyboard. These were effective because analyzing the songs helped me to find out the meaning of the lyrics giving it out a story to the music video that performers do to there songs, locations helping me to find the right scenes needed for the music video and to fit the genre of it and lastly the storyboard by making me do pictures and help me plan out a structure of how my music video will look like and making it into a video on final cut pro helped me showing how I was going to edit my music video. In the research and planning I could have improved on the way I wanted my music video to be and be more like the finished product I have produced and mostly the costumes idea I should have looked at more and had other choices. Review the production process: What went well in the production process of my music video was the filming of the performer and the different locations we allocated at. The way the performer acted and lip-synced to the song making it look realistic and actually like it was her singing. The teamwork me and my group had was strong as we always met up together to discuss for our music video and when we was meeting for our film schedule. Lastly what went well in our production process was the different shots we captured, we done tracking when we followed the performer as she was walking along, doing close ups while filming and trying to be smooth as possible capturing all her emotions she was giving to the song, we made sure we captured loads of footages so we was able to use as many footage as possible and have many options to use. What didn’t go well was the time management we had as we started to edit much later then we expected because of us still filming and getting all the performances and narratives we wanted, some of the lightning in the footage weren’t that good as we filmed some at night and never had extra equipment like lightning and in our editing so I had to use colour motion to colour correct one footage I was using in my video. My production log went well as every time I edited my video I done a production log straight after of what I done and why and mostly when I edited I synced all the
  3. 3. performances and went over and over again to make sure it was good and looked like a professional music video and was aimed for my target audience. Review the finished product: Compared to my original ideas, the music video changed as my idea was to do with a boy and girl but we couldn’t find anyone that would do it so we all decided to do Siham’s idea even from the storyboard we weren’t able to shoot in some of the locations we wanted as there was problems like filming in a pub and most pubs wouldn’t let us so we had to keep everything limited with our locations. After we all filmed and got all the footage we wanted we had to start editing on our own. My finished product would also appeal to our target audience because it relates to all young women as most girls falls in love waiting for that someone all night and day and leads to disappointment. The conventions I used in my music video were lip syncing this was a important part of my editing I was doing at the beginning because without it first I wouldn’t have a music video and would be hard to edit it through it and add my narratives to it. Other conventions I used are narratives that link to the lyrics, the performances are the performer singing to the camera, cross cutting is like fading visuals and shows other footages and lastly varied costumes an locations using iconography to link to the drum and bass genre of the Waiting up all night by rudimental. Technical qualities: It does look like the genre as its modern and upbeat as our performer is stylish and young and the music video goes with the song as the beat drops you see strong emotions and it’s faster. Shot types are effective as you can see her face and all the emotions she gives to the song showing her singing meaning to her is a lot. Every time the beat drops she’s mostly dancing and more active rather then just singing to the camera. The feedback I mostly received were by my teacher is good, but the colour correction is a bit bright and needs a bit of adjusting and by one of my peers were its good I like the way you can see her facial expressions giving out loads of emotions and every time the beat drops she dances and it shows a good story.