Unit 3 task 3 table 2 irene


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Unit 3 task 3 table 2 irene

  1. 1. Unit 3 Task 3 Table 2 Describe in detail the different recruitment methods used by the organisations within the Creative Media Industry. Recruitment Methods Detailed Description Advantages of this recruitment method Disadvantage of this recruitment method Provide real examples National Press Job roles available and in normal newspapers such as a local newspaper like the Camden journal and The Sun. A wide range of people can apply as these are national press goes out to a wide range of audiences so it makes it more available to look for a job. Anyone can apply for this job and it’s not specifically out there for people that want this job. Camden news journal. The Sun. Metro and other national newspaper. Trade Press A trade magazine, or trade rag, also called a professional magazine, is a magazine published with the intention of target marketing to a specific industry or type of trade. People with that specific industry or type of trade can look at the jobs available for them and be more specific with what they want. Other people that might not know about the magazine itself as it’s only aimed at a specific target so many other people won’t be able to see the available vacancies. Xbox game live there’s ones with games for consumers. There’s ones for specific areas such as games like MVC. Word of mouth When you hear from your friend or acquaintance or they tell you that they know a job available or they have one for you. The advantages of this recruitment method is you can hear as soon from your friend and can be helpful rather than searching for yourself and find something you probably wouldn’t find. Disadvantage is that your friend might tell you to late and the job vacancies might have been already taken or they don’t know enough details to tell you about the recruitment which you might need. Friend, family, acquaintance, college and work. Personal contacts If you know people personal and have contacts you can make to get yourself a job. Advantage is having as many contacts as possible means knowing loads of people which makes it easy to get a job or knowing people. Disadvantage sometimes having contacts means that they might not have the vacancies available for you or recruit you as they will feel it’s unfair for other people that might want the job. Friend, boss, family and people you have met before.
  2. 2. Internet Job vacancies that’s available on the internet such a jobs websites and people sending emails back to cv’s handed in. Millions of people go on the internet everyday so this means many people can see the jobs that are available as many are on the internet job sites today. Some people still don’t know how to use a computer or internet so these people won’t be able to see the jobs available and they would have to do the old fashioned way. Monster, Reed, Rapido and Womenlikeus. Internal promotion Promotions that are given by your boss or your manager at the workplace you’re already working at. Shows that the hard work you do and the experiences are shown and the promotion you get is for your own benefits. Disadvantage most people only will get it if they have been working at a work place for a long time and done hard work so other people that are new to the industry won’t likely to get the promotion. At your own workplace.