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Unit 3 task 3 table 1 irene


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Unit 3 task 3 table 1 irene

  1. 1. Unit 3 Task 3 Table 1 Looking at the jobs you wrote about in task 2 you must write about the skills, education, training and personal attributes required in this job. Job areas form one sector Your job example Skills Education and Training Personal Attributes/Qualities Technical Lead programmer Advanced programming skills, understanding of all programming roles (outsourced & internal), knowledge of the health&safety procedures. physics, maths or computer science and postgraduate qualification Excellent managerial & communication skills, able to multi task, be creative and innovative, be a team player & leader and be composed under pressure. Editorial Animator Knowledge of 2D&3D traditional animation techniques, knowledge of full motion video (FMV). Need an animation-related degree, including games animation, Ba (Hons) Computer arts, BSc (Hons) Computer Games technology, MProf Games Development. Ability to work independent, be creative and imaginative, understand the production process, be able to work in a team. Administrative Secretary Answering phone calls, good at filing, good at office work, computer skills. Business a-levels, level 2 or 3 business course at a local college or just general experience in that sector. Good communication skills, friendly with people as they might see them and handle face to face. Managerial Product/Brand manager Good negotiation skills, strong presentation and As much experience in managerial will be good showing a track record of your have a good working knowledge
  2. 2. communication skills, ability to work well in a disciplinary team and managing budget skills. experience will be good as you really don’t need any qualifications. The main degree you need is marketing and business studies. of the games market, in terms of market breakdown, targeted audience and competing products. Finance Production accountant Be good at bookkeeping and accountancy skills, good organisational and communication skills. As much experience they have would be good, accountancy degree or business degree. Ability to work independent, need to maintain confidentiality, and be able to work in a fast pace environment. Creative Games designer Thorough understanding of game theory, good at storytelling and narrative skills, information design and user interface design. MComp Games Software Development, MA/MSc Interactive Product Futures, MSc Computer Games and Entertainment and BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming. Have good basic visual design and drawing skills, be able to work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams, have good written and verbal communication skills. Sales and Marketing Quality assurance technicians or testers. Good negotiation conflict skills, ability to communicate tactfully with other members. Programming knowledge and experience, a good standard of English (verbal&written), need to be competent with IT, including the use of spreadsheets and database packages. Have a passion for game playing, be analytical and methodical, be able to play games a long period and be persistent and patient